Monday, June 27, 2016

Constable Resigns, Cameron County Commissioners Court Blitzkriegs to Name Successor During Election

Constable Cesar Diaz
Adolph Hitler would admire the Cameron County Commissioners Court's blitzkrieg to quickly name a successor to Precinct 5 Constable Cesar Diaz, immediately after he resigned from office.

You see, the commissioners, slow to react to actual needs in the community, are lightning fast when politics are involved.  Tad Hasse, dammit, you were right!

Cesar Diaz, defeated by Eddie Solis 3262-3193 or 69 votes in the March primary, has now decided to resign his office.  Rather than wait for the election results between Solis and Republican Don Duncan, the commissioner's courts wants to simply appoint Solis as the constable.  

Boys, boys, boys!  If you're going to appoint an interim, wouldn't it make more ethical sense NOT to appoint one of the current candidates running for that office?  Or, are you so drunk with power that ethics fly out the proverbial window?

Zavaleta Escapes Viet Nam, Back in Saddle at Texas Southmost College

Judge Neece Swears in Zavaleta
"After graduation, the '64 classes of St. Joseph's, St. Mary's and Brownsville High School were invited to Jacob Brown Auditorium for a test with the results to be announced the next day.  After reading the names of those passing the test and eligible for Texas Southmost College, the master of ceremonies said that boys who didn't pass were likely headed for Viet Nam.," stated Dr. Tony Zavaleta, after being sworn in as TSC Trustee by Judge Ben Neece.

Nena, Visiting with Adela Garza
with Grandsons
Yes, the Viet Nam era. Nena spent one year at BHS, but actually graduated from Copperas Cove High School in 1963 as her father, Manuel Perez, was stationed at Fort Hood.  After looking briefly for a job, she joined the army, too, serving from '63 to '66.  I met Nena in '66.  I still had my deferment. 

Only a few in town will remember Bill Williams, carnival barker, world traveler, snappy dresser, but above all else, salesman.  In December '66, Bill asked me to drive him into Matamoros to purchase some cookware, but suggested a stop at the Drive Inn first for libations.  4 or 5 of us, at the bar, got involved in this huge discussion, argument about the Viet Nam War.  Bill had a tab at the Drive Inn and told the bartender to "keep them coming." Before morning, Bill was forced to empty his wallet to put "something" on the tab.  I found one nickle on the floorboard of my '59 VW, just enough to get back across the B&M Bridge.  Bill asked me a few days later:  "How were you able to drive back?"

Zavaleta, in remarks after the swearing in, lamented that, unlike some other community colleges, TSC did not, as yet, offer a bachelor's degree.

"Make no mistake, we've lost our university." he observed, referring to the bulk of UT-RGV, along with the administration, being moved to Edinburg.

The old warhorse, describing himself as "a hard worker," vows to "bring TSC back."  Actually, the test, issued years ago at Jacob Brown  Auditorium, is ongoing. 

Judge Ben Neece Swears In Dr. Tony Zavaleta As TSC Trustee

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tony Juarez Running Like Hell from Identification with Mike Hernandez III's OP 10.33

Antonio Juarez with Current Wife at Campaign Event
This has not been a particularly good year for Tony Juarez.  In the 2016 TSC elections he was trounced in his efforts to secure a seat on the Board of Trustees, Place 3.  Only one other candidate in the entire field did worse than Juarez's meager 17%. Even OP 10.33 Secretary Beatriz Hockaday, running against Trey Mendez, doubled up on Juarez.

Now, we've been told he objects to being included in our graph showing him to be one of six losing candidates backed by Mike Hernandez III's OP 10.33 and his cohort Carlos Marin.

Juarez sent word to El Rrun Rrun's John Montoya, that he considers inclusion in the graph to be "false and slanderous." Must we explain to the good doctor (Juarez is said to possess a doctorate in Educational Administration) the difference between libel and slander? 

Last August Juarez was dismissed from his job as Chief Financial Officer with the South San Antonio Independent School District because of mismanagement of $300,000 of funding that eventually had to be returned to the government.  

After his firing, Juarez evidently was charged in a car-keying incident involving the car of Bernadine Martinez.  Despite video from several angles, showing a man the police claimed was Juarez keying the car, the Bexar County District Attorney declined to pursue the case.  Damage to the vehicle was set at $1,192.08.  

No, not a good year for Juarez.

Swearing-In Ceremony for Dr. Tony Zavaleta as TSC Trustee Set for Monday

President Lily Tercero A "No-Show" for Nursing Department Mentoring from Texas A&M

Attorney Frank Perez
While TSC Attorney Frank Perez checks to see if the improperly signed contract for windstorm protection is "void or voidable," he may as well check to see if Lily Tercero's agreeing to that contract without consulting the Board of Trustees makes her contract voidable without compensation.  In other words, did she violate her contract? 

The mishandling of the insurance contract was not the only aspect of Tercero's performance disappointing members of the Board of Trustees. Tercero was given a directive to engage in a contract with Texas A&M University to salvage the nursing program.  Remember, the program had declined to the point that a mere 46% of students were passing the nursing exam.  The state ordered program suspension pending at least an 80% pass rate.

Dr. Marti Flores,
VP of Instruction
At Wednesday's board meeting, Dr. Marti Flores, Vice-President of Instruction, described a visit by Drs. Matthews and Wilkerson from A&M, who came to TSC to learn about the nursing program, offering recommendations for improvement. During Flores' presentation, Trustee Adela Garza asked Tercero a question to which she likely already knew the answer.

"Were you there for the visit of the doctors running A&M's program?" Garza asked. 

Tercero answered "No!" but proceeded to explain that she had been involved in phone conversations setting up the mentoring.

Dr. Marti Flores, Vice-President of Instruction, quickly added before being asked, that she'd also been "out of town in Harlingen that day."

TSC Board of Trustees
That left the diminutive Maria Celia de la Garza, Director of Nursing, to entertain the Texas A&M doctor team.   De la Garza mentioned that the A&M duo had recommended higher entrance standards into the program.

Agenda item #7 may also have been aimed at Tercero, "Discussion and Possible Action regarding the Child Care Development Degree Plan for the Upcoming Fall Semester.  

We will deal with the issues raised in our next installment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

TSC President Tercero Under Fire for Entering into Windstorm Protection Conatract Without Consulting TSC Board

Lily Tercero Caricature by Nena Barton
TSC President Lily Tercero did little at Wednesday's meeting of the Board of Trustees to alter the perception that she functions "unilaterally," not in tandem with the board.

After the "Call to Order," acting chairperson Trey Mendez opened discussion on windstorm insurance, a key issue for TSC considering its geographic location.  What riled several board members was President Tercero has renewed the windstorm policy without sending the item out for bids or even consulting the board.  

Tercero's action, inappropriate at best, illegal at worst, put a majority of the board in the mood of rescinding the contract with the insurer which currently runs from April 7, 2016 to April 6, 2017.

Carlos Pecero, TSC Business Services,
Finance & Administration
Young Carlos Pecero, a TSC administrator in Business Services, Finance & Administration, tried to deflect criticism of Tercero and any push to rescind the windstorm contract.  

"When it was discovered" the policy was about to lapse, there were only two weeks left in the policy, according to Pecero.  Of course, it the duty of President Tercero and her administrators to keep tract of the expiration date of insurance contracts just as every family in Brownsville must do.

Pecero hinted that rescinding the contract might lead to recovering a very small amount of the premium, "possibly only $40,000."  Two buildings, currently on the policy as qualifying for a "superior construction discount," no longer qualify for that discount and would have to be insured at a higher rate.

Tercero agreed with Pecero, saying her actions were intended "simply to protect the college."

Recently elected Trustee Ruben Herrera wanted an attorney's opinion as to if the contract was even legal.  TSC attorney Frank Perez danced around that issue, not describing the contract as illegal, but possibly "void or voidable."  He said he would have to look at the video of past meetings to give a definitive answer.  

When Ruben Herrera directly asked Tercero who authorized her to enter into contract without consulting the board, she simply replied "staff."

BTW, the annual premium for basic windstorm protection is $829,789, but, adding the excess windstorm protection for damage beyond a certain threshold, adds another $214,000, taking the premium to over $1 million annually.  A suggestion was made to allow the current contract to remain in place until December 2, 2016, just after hurricane season.  Trustee Trey Mendez suggested aiming for an August termination, not liking the thought of a company benefiting from an illegal, unlawful or voidable contract.

Rumor: Municipal Judge Ben Neece Considering Run for City Commission, District 4, in 2017

Municipal Judge Ben Neece
A man I recognized as a political advocate and downtown property manager stopped me on my way into the Los Ebanos Blvd. Post Office:  "I've got one for you," he called out.
"Ben Neece is going to run for City Commissioner, District 4, against John Villarreal," he continued.

"I don't know about John.  We've had all these meetings about improving downtown and John says he just doesn't have the time for it because of the family business.  If he doesn't have the time for it, why did he run?" the informant continued.

City Commissioner John Villarreal
We've since learned that Neece is indeed "considering" such a run once he retires in August from his long-tenured service as Brownsville Municipal Judge.  No announcement.  No campaign treasurer in place just yet.  Merely "considering."

Indeed, Ben Neece, if elected, would immediately change the dynamics of the young, inexperienced city commission with background in running a downtown business and keen interest in preservation and renovation the city's historic center.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes, the Anti-Conspiracy Theory Conspiracist

Brownsville Blogger Robert(Bobby)Wightman-Cervantes
I lifted this from the Halcyon Mental Health website under Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

The most telling thing that narcissists do is contradict themselves. They will do this virtually in the same sentence, without even stopping to take a breath. It can be trivial (e.g., about what they want for lunch) or it can be serious (e.g., about whether or not they love you). When you ask them which one they mean, they'll deny ever saying the first one, though it may literally have been only seconds since they said it -- really, how could you think they'd ever have said that? You need to have your head examined! They will contradict FACTS. They will lie to you about things that you did together. They will misquote you to yourself. If you disagree with them, they'll say you're lying, making stuff up, or are crazy. [At this point, if you're like me, you sort of panic and want to talk to anyone who will listen about what is going on: this is a healthy reaction; it's a reality check ("who's the crazy one here?"); that you're confused by the narcissist's contrariness, that you turn to another person to help you keep your bearings, that you know something is seriously wrong and worry that it might be you are all signs that you are not a narcissist.

Am I saying this description fits local blogger Bobby Wightman-Cervantes?  I'm not.  The reader can make his or her own decision on that.  But, in my lifetime, I've never observed ANYONE so self-contradictory, reversing field on every issue, every person, and then, oblivious to all the deviations.  

But the royal headache stems, not only from the herky-jerky alliances, with friends becoming foes in a millisecond, respect turning instantly into derision, canonization to condemnation on-the-fly, but Bobby presents the arguments with such illogical, unstructured written speech, that brain cells are fried trying to piece the arguments together.

In his latest diatribe, Bobby, after chastising local bloggers for engaging in conspiracy theories, comes out next sentence with a doozy of his own; that Tad Hasse is now being supported by Mike Hernandez III's OP 10.33 in his efforts to see to it that the public, not the County Commissioner's Court, names our next tax assessor:

"Now the only reason you are not reading claims by Montoya and Barton that Hasse is now taking money from Hernandez is because Tad Hasse is protected from their made up conspiracy theories.
Someone I have never heard of and was not at Tad Hasse's event I believe was claiming an interest in running for Tax Assessor as a write in and was taking Hernandez to task for associating with Eddie Lucio III.
Hernandez demanded proof that Lucio III was bad. I sent him an article from the Herald which Hernandez termed gossip and should be posted on the blog and not on his FB page."

The beauty in an accusation initiated by Bobby is that no one understands what he's trying to say.  "No harm, no foul," as they say.  I've read my name on Bobby's blog, next to the word "racist," and the phrase "con artist," but, after trying to understand his statement, realized it was, not only incredible, but no one would be able to make "heads or tails" of it.

Tad will likely smile, if and when he reads Bobby's latest anti-conspiracy, conspiracy theory involving him. No one has received more amusement over the years from Bobby's blog offerings than Tad. 

Brownsville's so-called 11th commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Talk to Bobby Wightman" has been broken time and again by inexperienced local politicos, typically to their peril.  Bobby's first article will praise you, but his second or third will put the knife squarely in your back.

Actually, Mike Hernandez III's initial interest  in consulting with Bobby Wightman was one of the early red flags that he did not comprehend the lay of the local land.  While the other bloggers seemed to view Hernandez as having "more money than sense," Wightman came out from the get-go as a supporter. For those of us who have observed Wightman for years, the back-tracking and reversal of field now developing was inevitable.  Such is the Wightman psyche.

For Mike Hernandez III's initial venture into Brownsville politics, its been an expensive learning experience.  But, it may be years before he realizes that those forming alliances with him have done so merely to take advantage of his money and political "naivete" to further their own agendas.  He will also find Tad Hasse not to be in that group.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jerry McHale Reposts Brownsville Observer Article, Editing Out References to Politicos Advertising on his Blog

Jerry McHale of the MCHALE REPORT
Our friend, Jerry McHale, routinely reposts articles from the Brownsville Observer on his blog, the MCHALE REPORT, always crediting the author. Juan Montoya of El Rrun Rrun does the same.  

Both legendary Brownsville bloggers reposted today our article, "Despite Going 0-6 in BND and TSC Races, Car Dealer Mike Hernandez III Is Not Going Away," with one important, major difference.

Juan posted the article in its entirely, while Jerry lopped off the last two paragraphs that contained references to State Representative Rene Oliveira and State Senator Eddie Lucio III, both advertisers on his blog.

State Senator Eddie Lucio III, OP 10.33 Operative
My article simply reported that the young, personable Lucio had hired on as a "consultant" with Dallas car dealer Mike Hernandez III, the guru of OP 10.33 group that recently fell flat on its face trying to manipulate the Brownsville Navigation District and Texas Southmost College elections.  We shared a report from Juan Montoya's El Rrun Rrun, that young Lucio and his staffer Ruben O'Bell were currently enjoying the use of vehicles from D&M Leasing, Mike's Dallas car dealership.

State Representative Rene Oliveira
Another McHale deletion from our article was a reference to State Representative Rene Oliveira as a Brownsville backstabber, also hinting that he might be next in line for an OP 10.33 vehicle.

Oliveira has "represented" Brownsville for three decades, but done zero, nothing, zilch for the city. Rene is simply out for Rene, one of his infrequent legislative efforts designed to allow the Linebarger tax collection firm to generate more revenue.  For that little legislative sleight of hand, Linebarger hired Oliveira and, likely provide the bulk of his current income, although he also is retained by BISD as an attorney.

Doing nothing for 30 years would almost be tolerable in contrast to the actual fact that Rene has again and again fought AGAINST Brownsville taxpayer's interests.

Former UTB President Juliet Garcia
If former UTB President Juliet Garcia is a traitor to Brownsville by attempting to liquidate, assimilate an historic community college, TSC, into her grand scheme, Rene Oliveira is even more a traitor.

After the historic 4-3 vote of TSC trustees to preserve the historic community college as a separate entity, Rep. Rene Oliveira went straight to Austin, introducing a bill to REVERSE the effect of the vote, to, once again UNIFY to two institutions, totally misrepresenting the wishes of the TSC Board.  It took considerable effort by TSC Trustee Adela Garza, talking to members while Oliveira's house bill was still in committee to avert castastrophe for TSC.

Rene Oliveira was successful introducing legislation to allow the ultrarich University of Texas to NOT pay $11,300,000 rent due the taxpayers.  Roll your tongue around that figure, visually our hardworking taxpayers meeting their yearly property tax obligation.

No, Representative Rene Oliveira is a walking advertisement for term limits, a total waste of so-called representation for his district, including Brownsville.  Oliveira is a joke.

I don't appreciate Jerry's editing out any reference to him in my article.

Despite Going 0-6 in BND and TSC Races, Car Dealer Mike Hernandez III Is Not Going Away

Mike Hernandez III, (Photo by
Brownsville Herald's Miguel Roberts)
Somehow Brownsville voters dodged the six bullets sent their way by Dallas car dealer Mike Hernandez III. They rejected all 6 of his candidates for the Brownsville Navigation District and Texas Southmost College elections.  

The final defeat was the trouncing OP 10.33 candidate Evelyn Cantu received at the hands of Tony Zavaleta-Reid Saturday in the TSC election runoff.

The subliminal message sent by Hernandez selection of 6 candidates for positions critical to Brownsville's future, especially picking two total novices like Daniel Pizana and Beatriz Hockaday, throwing at least $140,000 into their campaigns, was that Mike himself knew more about running BND and TSC than any of those already serving.

Let the record show that, despite Hernandez being one of many thousand successful car dealers in the U.S., he proved himself an annoying amateur in his entry into Brownsville politics.  It's doubtful he's an expert in managing a port or community college, either.

We bloggers, for once united at something, might be inclined to take partial credit for Mike's bitter defeats, but the more likely truth is that, for these horse races, Mike chose to put his money down on nags.  It's sometimes called market research, Mike.

Mike also made himself a subject of derision by aligning himself with Carlos Marin, who, despite keeping a low public profile, has manipulated Brownsville politics for years to the benefit of his engineering firm Ambiotec, Inc.

Eddie Lucio III
But, Mike is hardheaded. He's not going away. He's already working another angle to influence Brownsville. According to Juan Montoya, State Senator Eddie Lucio III and his staffer Ruben O'Bell are already quite comfortable, thank you, in rides furnished by D&M Leasing, Hernandez' dealership in Dallas.  Lucio III was hired by Hernandez as a "consultant."
Who's next for a car?  Maybe, Brownsville backstabber "Representative" Rene Oliveira will get something to drive.  Make sure you provide insurance, Mike.  

Friday, June 17, 2016

Saturday~Last Chance to Elect Someone Who Actually Cares About TSC, Not An OP 10.33 Pawn

B.A.M., Brownsville Artists & Musicians Announces Punk Rock Concert June 27

B.A.M., located at 1045 E. Washington, will hold a Punk Rock concert June 27.

CONFLICT will be touring the US this summer with TOTAL CHAOS, The Scandals TX and Grand Collapse (UK)! They will be making their way down to BAM on Monday June 27, 2016.

VINYL INTRUSIONS will be DJing all sorts of punk rock chaos between band sets!
LOCAL SUPPORT Terreno and Milumet

Doors at 6pm.
7:00-7:30PM MILUMET
7:45-8:15PM TERRENO...
10:00-10:45PM TOTAL CHAOS
11:00-11:45PM CONFLICT

*************ALL AGES!*************

BYOB for 21+ with valid government issued ID.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

First of Four Tax Assessor Write-In Candidate Forums Held at Brownsville Public Library

Tad Hasse carefully explained one more time why he's launching four candidate forums for write-in candidates for tax assessor.  The first forum was held Thursday night in a meeting room at the Brownsville Public Library.

"We're just tired of these appointments being made time and again without voter input," Hasse stated.  

As Hasse has repeatedly explained, IF indicted incumbent Tony Yzaguirre gets the most votes, then is convicted, the Cameron County Commissioner's Court selects a replacement.

"Then, you appoint someone for two years and they now become the incumbent in the next election with at least a 10% advantage."

In other words, the cronyism keeps perpetuating itself.  

Candidates Leo Lopez, Jessica Puente-Bradshaw
Three out of the four declared write-in candidates for tax assessor showed up, Jessica Puente-Bradshaw, Leo Lopez and Randy Garza.  

Possibly, throwing a monkey wrench into the plan, Erasmo Castro of the Brownsville Cheezmeh Facebook page was a no show.  A quipster remarked that Erasmo was "the elephant not in the room."  Castro may feel his popularity on Facebook affords him the opportunity to go it alone.  He certainly has the right.

Group Meets in Side Room at Brownsville Public Library
But, Hasse emphasized that, for the plan to work, the candidates must be willing to support the candidate the forums reveal to be the strongest.   He estimates that the write-in will need about 14,000 votes to win.  The indicted incumbent, Tony Yzaguirre, received 11,528 votes in the primary, an embarrassment, revealing the lack of information possessed by Cameron County voters. 

Hasse asked the candidates two questions:  "Why are you the most qualified candidate?"

Write-in Candidate Randy Gonzalez
The second question was:  "Why do you feel you can pull more votes than the other candidates?"  I don't feel the candidates really understood or addressed the second question, as they went back to reiterating their qualifications, which has little to do with garnering votes.  

Jessica Puente-Bradshaw, for example, has the distinct advantage of being an Hispanic woman, proven time and again to be an asset in local elections.  
She has name recognition, with at least a couple county wide races behind her and a run for Congress.  

Leo Lopez has administrator experience at BISD, the Health Department as well as involvement in numerous non-profits.

Randy Gonzalez can point to his 9-1/2 years in the military, his management of a local nursing home and relative youth.

Mike Hernandez III Due to Receive First Semester Report Card Saturday

Transfer student Mike Hernandez III faces some academic challenges in mastering the curriculum at the notorious Brownsville School of Hard Knocks.

BSHK can overwhelm a new student as the textbooks are poorly written, local tutors are either unqualified or have their own agendas and the non-air conditioned classrooms, locked doors and dearth of classroom materials make learning difficult.

Mike expected to do well at his new school.  He had good grades at a suburban Dallas-Fort Worth school in addition to being well-liked.  With high expectations, Mike signed up for a full load of six classes at BSHK, viewing Study Hall as unnecessary.

So far Mike has gotten his grades back on five classes and it doesn't look good.

1st Period:  Ed Rivera as BND Trustee             F
2nd Period: Raul Villanueva, BND Trustee       F
3rd Period:  Beatriz Hockaday, TSC Trustee    F
4th Period:  Antonio Juarez, TSC Trustee         F
5th Period:  Daniel Pizana, TSC Trustee           F
6th Period:  Evelyn Cantu, TSC Trustee            Inc

Unfortunately, for Mike, with all the grades in, but one, the final result in the TSC Trustee runoff between Tony Zavaleta and Evelyn Cantu, these are not valedictorian numbers.  Mike will definitely have to bring up his grades or face flunking out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tony Martinez Fights to Keep Brownsville Isolated from Regional Development

Mayor Tony Martinez
Like an ancient feudal kingdom, the City of Brownsville is at war, not only with neighboring cities, but the Cameron County Commissioner's Court, the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority and, of course, the concept of a Regional Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Not a gifted communicator by any measure, Martinez prefers manipulation to communication and is never, ever above simply lying.  Yes, we say it clearly, Mayor Tony is frequently a liar.

Consider the story in today's El Rrun Rrun, written by Juan Montoya.  The mayor, who also chairs Brownsville's version of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, a committee of transportation people, who make decisions on dispersal of TxDot funds for local road construction and the infrastructure associated with road contruction, used a little subterfuge to block the movement toward a regional MPO, including both Harlingen and Hidalgo County.  Obviously, Brownsville has no sister cities in those parts of the RGV.

OK, Barton, how did Tony lie?  Well, as reported by Juan, our devious mayor, in a previous meeting of the MPO, asked for "more time" to study the issue.  A panel was set up to report back to the local MPO about the merits of combining three local MPO's with that study to be completed by June 28.  Yet, Mayor Martinez lied about seeking "more time" or "more facts," because, even before the panel's report could be submitted, he introduced a poorly worded agenda item at today's meeting to block merging the MPO's.  

County Judge-Elect(Primary) Eddie Trevino
Regional development vs. Brownsville retaining control was actually the undercurrent in the recent County Judge race between Dan Sanchez and Eddie Trevino. Trevino, despite running for "County" Judge, positioned himself in line with Brownsville controlling issues like the West Rail Road/Trail, while Sanchez made no such promises in my hearing.(We expect some strife at the County Commissioner's Court once Trevino takes office.)

Browsing Brownsville Channel 12 today, I caught the news conference just before the demolition of the building at 805 E. Tyler, where three young children were murdered in 2003.  

The microphone was put in front of Mayor Martinez, who pontificated: "This is a city commission that listens to the will of the people."

That is such a hypocritical statement and absolutely untrue.  The mayor and city commission make a show of "listening," but it is only that, a facade.  Two quick examples.

A town hall meeting was scheduled in October 2014 to consider the city's proposal to gift, convey or sell the city's precious Lincoln Park to the University of Texas.  Before the actual, meeting the city tried to illegally change the purpose of the meeting from "considering" the conveyance, to listening to the amenities that would be provided at a replacement park to be built near a city sanitation facility.  

Commissioner Ricky Longoria, also a local DJ, was actually hired by P.U.B. to narrate a propaganda video about the handling of the "odors" associated with the sanitation plant.  The meeting, as an exercise in trying to ascertain the "will of the people," was an absolute charade, a joke, as, overwhelmingly, the 400 or so in attendance were vehemently opposed to "conveying" the park.  Only, a Tony Martinez crony, Abraham Galonsky, who had 30 acres to sell the city next to the sanitation plant and one or two others spoke in favor of the sale.  BTW, the mayor did not bother to attend the town hall meeting.

Now, fast forward to this spring as the city set up FOUR, yes, I kid you not, FOUR damn town hall meetings to consider development of the West Rail corridor.  This time the city was clearly opposed to a West Rail Road as were also many, many residents of West Brownsville, pushing instead for it to be developed only as a trail with landscaping. County Judge Candidate Eddie Trevino was given all the time he wanted to politicize the event in his favor.

Yes, Tony, if the "will of the people" happens to coincide with the desires and plans of the commission, especially with the mayor and his pet commissioner, Rose Gowen, you're happily in attendance and, on board.  Otherwise, taxpayers, Martinez has absolutely no interest to even hear what you think.  

Tad Hasse Bowl Set for Thursday Night at Brownsville Public Library~Tax Assessor Write-In Candidate Forum

Brownsville Public Library, June 16 @ 6:30 PM.  Will Erasmo Castro show up?  Tad's plan is to make certain the voters SELECT the next tax assessor.  If indicted incumbent Tony Yzaguirre gets the most votes, then is convicted, the County Commissioner's Court will pick one of their political cronies for the job, likely David Betancourt.  

Having only the single most popular write-in candidate on the ballot against Yzaguirre can prevent that.  

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Residents, Wanting to Donate Blood, Stopped at 1,500

When the call went out for blood donors after the night club massacre in Orlando, Florida, 1,500 residents quickly formed a line.  The blood bank realized that number would be sufficient and closed the line.

Does that sort of response not exemplify the human, yes, American, spirit?  

Radical Muslim Terrorism, Simply An Extension of Early Christianity, Judaism

It's better than a blue light special! During the 30 days of Ramadan, a muslim who kills infidels get "ten times the normal blessing."

"No shit?  You mean I get 170 virgins instead of just 17?  Sign me up!"

"Yes, let me explain this to you, my brother:

'As we are told by Allah, the gates of Heaven are thrown open, the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained. This essentially signifies that, in Ramadan, the devils and their advocates have a much more difficult job diverting true Muslims from fully reaping the bounties of Allah by performing every religious duty with a pure intention.'"

No one explains what the unidentified virgins get out of this, accept to be sexually assaulted by some crazy who's just killed innocent people at a church, school or night club.

But, it's all in god's hands, they say.

The standard for slaughtering those with a different belief system was well-established in the first 39 books of the Holy Bible.  Jews were told to enter into the territory of Amalekites, Hittites and Amorites and "destroy them, killing men, women and little children."  Yes, Yahweh or Jehovah, the god of genocide.  

These very scriptures were the ones taught, memorized and studied by Jesus Christ and his apostles.  It is little wonder that the early Christians, particularly advocates of the Catholic Church, were just as bloodthirsty and genocidal as the Jews.

The Spanish Inquisition, perpetrated by the Catholic Church, where Muslims and Jews were slaughtered, burned at the stake and/or decapitated by the thousands for being infidels, far exceeds any of the atrocities of Isis.

Religious ignorance continues.  These days groups of brainwashed Jehovah's Witnesses saunter down the residential streets of Brownsville, handing out religious literature that, carefully examined, explains that, very soon, their god will exterminate everyone on Earth, not a Jehovah's Witness, at the battle of Armageddon.  Witness women, especially those walking through streets of Rio Viejo or Rancho Viejo, jot down house numbers of houses they would like to own after God's great war and the extermination of the current residents. 

Jehovah's Witness Depiction of Armageddon
Only one problem for the Jehovah's: How to bury all the dead, who will be, in their words, "like manure on the surface of the ground."  They hope for a miracle burial from Jehovah so they don't have to bury the billions of dead by shovel.

Religion has fostered a lot of evil shit in this world.   

President Obama, Fatigued, Almost Defeatist, in Fifteenth Address to Nation After Mass Shooting

President Obama looked weary. Maybe it was the 2:00 AM phone call alerting him that 50 club patrons had just been killed at an Orlando, Florida night club.  Or, maybe it was an accumulated fatigue from eight years in the most stressful office in the world.

More likely, it was simply burnout from this being the fifteenth time, during his administration, he'd given an address to the nation after a mass shooting.  

He used these words in his talk to the country:

The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. 

Then, sort of wistfully, he admitted:  

And to actively do nothing is a decision as well.

President Obama knows he's lost to the gun lobby, to the hayseeds who need automatic weapons to dove hunt, to those who think access to bullets designed to mangle human flesh, is guaranteed by the Constitution,  crazies and religious zealots like Omar Mateen.

Voter Apathy Identified As Region's Largest Threat to Good Government

Will Our Community Make One Last Push Against Election Manipulation by OP 10.33?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Voting Continues Light After Three Days of Early Voting in TSC Trustee Race

From the editor:  If Cantu supporters Mayor Tony Martinez and City Commissioner Rose Gowen orchestrated the unavailability of Brownsville's most popular voting location, the Brownsville Public Library and its sister in Southmost, for the TSC runoff between Cantu and Dr. Tony Zavaleta, the duo's manipulation seems to be working.

According to Election Administrator Remi Garza, of the 115,000 registered voters in Cameron County who are eligible to vote in the TSC race, only 360 have done so in the first three days of early voting.  (Yes, the election office misspells Texas.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The TSC Board Could Withstand Evelyn Cantu, But Dr. Tony Would Enhance It

Charles "Charlie" Cabler, Not Exactly City Manager, But Worth Every Penny of $220,000 As City Enabler

Charlie Cabler
A couple bloggers, breaking the story that the traditional, handy Brownsville Public Library was being removed as an early voting location, along with the Southmost Public Library, displayed prominently in their story, the mug of City Manager Charlie Cabler, as if the decision was Charlie's.
Rose and Tony, A Few Years Ago,
Before Father Time Took Its Toll

The implication was, that this was a devious move, with the inertia coming from Mayor Tony Martinez and Commissioner Rose Gowen, who are pushing the candidacy of the unqualified Evelyn Cantu for TSC Trustee Place 3, who is running against Dr. Tony Zavaleta.

While I don't know Mr. Cabler personally, I've observed him for a number of years.  He doesn't initiate directives, orders.  He follows them.

At the October 2014 Town Hall Meeting about the proposed sale of Lincoln Park to the University of Texas, Charlie Cabler was setting up the microphone for public comment.  Initially, he was situating the mike to face four city commissioners plus UTB's Irv Downing, as if the taxpayers would be facing some sort of tribunal or parole board.  

When I suggested to Charlie that his microphone placement would mean that public commenters would be giving their backs to the 300-400 attendees at the Tony Gonzalez gym, he quickly turned it around.  But, when Commissioner Rick Longoria yelled to the City Manager:  "Charlie, Jim isn't running this meeting.  I am!" he turned the mike back around.  See what I mean.

Cabler, an ex-cop, frequently falls back into training at town halls and city events, taking position, leaning against a back wall, with the entrance in full view, a security guard stance.  But, if you approach him with a question about the event, he defers to the city commissioner or administrator running the show.  Like Schultz from the Hogan's Heroes TV show:  "I see nothing.  I know nothing!"

I don't believe City Manager Charlie Cabler came up with the idea to take the Central Public Library and the Southmost Library out of the lineup of early voting stations.  Charlie doesn't give orders. He follows them.

With this backdrop, as an enabler, not as a manager, the city commission recently gave Cabler an instant salary increase(raise) of $50,000, raising his salary to $220,000, $70,000 more than the salary of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.


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