Monday, June 27, 2016

Judge Ben Neece Swears In Dr. Tony Zavaleta As TSC Trustee


  1. he'll fuck this up too. Zavaletas can't change their stripes even though some try masking their corrupt brand by double Teeing it or hiding behind an obtuse anglo. the first thing TSC Trustee Zavaleta'll do will be to appease his lovely wife and get her an undeserved promotion-- oh wait, he tried that already-- so he can then move on his secretary and make her his movida-- oh wait, been there done that--. 40 years in education with a highlight as Juliet's waterboy makes Tony a dull and dangerous old man with power and old scores to settle. only a big headed zavaleta would ask that his illustrious inflated career be retold to unsuspecting villagers, lest we forget. sad to think this bufoon is the best we got. What happened to our young and brightest stepping up?


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