Saturday, December 16, 2017


The Washington Post has reported an attempt by the Trump administration to control the wording of memos, reports and guidelines issued by the Center of Disease Control, an agency whose mission is to protect citizens from contagious diseases.

Directives describing certain individuals as "vulnerable," or describing something as "science or evidence-based" are sent back for rewriting with more Trump-friendly, science-denying language.

What's next on the banned list, collusion or Russian meddling?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Duardo and Captain Bob, An Amicable, Inconsequential Divorce

Romantic fires are lit, only to flicker and die.  

The bromance 'tween Robert Sanchez, AKA Captain Bob, and Duardo Paz-Martinez, AKA's to infinity, has ended.

The underachieving tandem's obituary was issued during Duardo's early morning coffee/free wifi session at Starbucks, with McAllen's expert on everything Brownsville, ending his heavy petting session with Robert Sanchez, using the Captain's candidacy for Cameron County Judge as rationale to return the promise ring.

Robert will move on from the temporary infatuation.  He has bigger fish to fry, big money investors he will summon to his palace on Calle Jacaranda and seduce into putting green into the Cameron County economy.

The Captain, as judge of the county, will nod to Elon Musk, giving the green light to launch.

We will never doubt our captain again.



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Blake Farenthold's South Texas legacy, representing Brownsville and Cameron County for a time in an excruciatingly gerrymandered District 27 will not be as "pajama boy."  

As funny as it was to see the rotund politico in onesies, flanked by a cocktail waitress in lingerie, that was simply a goofy, ill-advised campaign fundraiser, not even in Brownsville, but in U.S. Navy dominated Corpus Christi.

Even the current allegations of a hostile sexual atmosphere within the Farenthold workplace, inducing vomit and emotional distress with one male communications assistant, while reducing a female assistant into a career of babysitting, had little effect on Brownsville, Cameron County.

Farenthold, now drowning in the current sexual harassment tidal wave, has eschewed resignation, instead wanting to "serve" out his term until January 2019, not "seeking" reelection.

Whatever!  But, Farenthold's everlasting footprint on south Cameron County is LNG, as he may very well have sicked the Liquified Natural Gas proprietors on Brownsville.  Note this 2013 quote:

"U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold (TX-27) today lauded the U.S. Department of Energy’s conditional authorization of Freeport LNG Expansion to export domestically produced liquefied natural gas to countries that do not have a Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

Rep. Farenthold has long highlighted the economic benefits of exporting liquid natural gas (LNG). At a March 19th hearing of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Farenthold urged the Department of Energy to expedite the permitting of LNG exports as the U.S. is at the forefront of gas exploration and must act now, striking while the iron is hot to create the jobs and opportunity abundant natural gas creates."

LNG Plant Explosion 2004
Twenty years from now, when the LNG profiteers abandon the Port of Brownsville/Port Isabel, they will likely leave 28 miles of toxic, hazardous, chemical waste, 500 foot flaring towers, along with tons of metal junk.

At that point, Highway 48, the so-called Padre Island Highway should be renamed:  The Blake Farenthold Super Fund Cleanup Trail.

Thanks, Blake.  You will be remembered.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Carlos Cascos, Candidate for Cameron County Judge in 2018

We hear you, understand your disappointment when Carlos Cascos vacated his position as Cameron County Judge in 2015, after just being elected in 2014, to take the Secretary of State job.

Of course, we could view it as if we'd sent Cascos off to graduate school to have his skills honed, gaining experience and contacts that would make him even more useful on his return.

Meanwhile, we were stuck with Pete Sepulveda, Jr., as interim County Judge, and Ol' Pete, in his best Ernie Hernandez impersonation, misused county materials and labor for an unauthorized road.  Dammit Pete!

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino, Jr.
Eddie Trevino, Jr., raking in a small fortune lawyering the ill-fated Tenaska deal,  won the 2016 election in large part due to his promise to oppose a road on the space once occupied by the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in West Brownsville.

That West Rail Road appears almost inevitable now, although, not as a toll road as was foolishly proposed originally.  The 100 foot easement allows for a road/bike trail combo, sometimes hyped as a Palm Boulevard style promenade, but through third world type housing.

This issue will be on the next county judge's plate, along with the development of a regional Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Many feel Cascos is best equipped to deal with these issues if they can get past his departure in 2015. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Roy Moore, Donald Trump Rebuked in Alabama!

Racist, anti-Muslim, homophobic, misogynistic Roy Moore, despite the total support of Donald J. Trump, got his ass kicked in the Alabama Senate race.

Steve Bannon's bluster proved itself impotent as black voters came out in record numbers to support Doug Jones, who, as Alabama Attorney General, successfully prosecuted KKK members for a 1963 killing of four black girls at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.


Vermin Supreme ran for President in 2012 promising an end to "moral and oral decay," and a pony for every family in America.
Joan Jett Blakk, AKA Terence Smith, a drag queen, ran for President in 1992 with the campaign slogan "Lick Bush in '92."  Blakk was a member of the Queer Nation Party, running for president and mayor of Chicago simultaneously.

Robert Sanchez, AKA Captain Bob, is running for Cameron County Judge in 2018. A political insider assures us that the good captain is promising to name the avocado the "County Fruit of Cameron County," outlaw sea dragons in the Gulf of Mexico, close all public libraries in the county and open a Palm Frond Pickup Hotline for county residents. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Captain Bob Gets It Right! Hasse Is Running for the State Board of Education

Tad Hasse
Perhaps he'd heard about Tad Hasse's speech to the Cameron County Republican women or that Mr. Hasse was seen conferring with Ted Cruz staffers.  Or, it could be something as simple as a "broken clock being right twice a day,"but, in any event, Robert Sanchez, AKA Captain Bob, got it right when he wrote in his blog, The Captain's Table, that Hasse is running for the Texas Board of Education.

The Texas BOE is critical to curriculum selection, establishing graduation requirements, reviewing textbooks and educational materials, which all seems so ironic since the incumbent on the TBOE, Ruben Cortez, Jr., has only a G.E.D. as his educational high water mark.   Cortez is, however, the son of Justice of the Peace Linda Salazar.(Mr. Hasse has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Brownsville.)

Eric Garza
For the right to take on Ruben Cortez, Jr., Hasse must get past his primary opponent, Eric Garza, not the Cameron County District Clerk by that name, but a young man, who, along with Adela Garza's son-in-law, David Polin, runs a political consultant business.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Roman McAllen
Typically, if you ran into Ramiro Gonzalez, Roman McAllen was nearby.  Both worked in the City of Brownsville Planning Department and, in tandem, at town hall meetings, such as the one about doubling downtown parking rates held at Market Square.

McAllen used his free hours to restore two historic homes in downtown Brownsville, he and his wife Lisa living in one, a 450 square foot bungalow, also doing some work with the Brownsville Preservation Society, such as the alley cleanup in West Brownsville.

Now, McAllen, lives in Denton and is a candidate for the Texas Railroad Commission as a Democrat.

If he has his way, the department's name will be changed as it actually deals more with gas and oil issues than railroad.

Although, I always found McAllen gracious and personable, there was that one incident a few years ago, involving an irate citizen that resulted in McAllen taking some anger management classes.

Oh, the name "McAllen?" The city of McAllen, Texas is named for his great-great-grandfather. Alfred Barreda “Nene” McAllen.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Cruz Staffers Attend Cameron County Republican Women's Meeting at Russo's

The staff of Senator Ted Cruz met with locals at Russo's New York Pizzeria Wednesday night in a packed out meeting of the Cameron County Republican Women.

My Republican sources indicated that Cruz staffers discussed strategy with potential candidates for the 2018 elections, including a well known Republican, yet undeclared, with an eye on the Texas Board of Education, District 2, position.

Eric Garza
 Another local Republican, Eric Garza, has stated his intention to run for the Texas Board of Education for District 2, but there is no record of his filing the name of a Campaign Treasurer.

My Apologies! I Forgot Alex Dominguez Voted for the Huge LNG Tax Abatement!

I'm sorry.  In haste, I posted an article supporting Alex Dominguez for District 37 Representative, forgetting that, as a county commissioner, he voted for the $373,000,000 tax abatement for Texas LNG.

As poor a representative Rene Oliveira has been, Dominguez would be no better.

What was the young man thinking?

LNG is a short-termed profiteering mechanism with a shelf life of two decades at best.  Three LNG plants from the Port of Brownsville to Port Isabel will eventually leave our once pristine coastal area with a 28 mile pile of toxic, 500 foot high metal junk, with cleanup costs way beyond our means, while sabotaging the tourist industry.

Oh, yes!  Jobs!  Jobs!  Jobs!  That's bull shit!

LNG firms do not hire newbies, except in security, janitorial or landscaping positions.  It's a dangerous operation.  They will bring in workers with actual LNG experience.  Liability issues alone mandate this.(Notice that even the pipeline companies have brought in outside welders and crane operators, etc.)

I'm sorry guys.  Alex Dominguez is as wrong for our area as Rene Oliveira and Oliveira is a total tool.  

It will be interesting to see if any of Alex's political contributions can be traced to LNG.


John Feit


Irene Garza, Murdered 57 Years Ago
by Catholic Priest John Feit
Imagine that!  Justice after 57 damn years!

Finally, former Catholic priest John Feit is convicted for the 1960 murder of Irene Garza. 

Think about Irene's mom and dad going to their graves without closure to the murder of their beautiful 26 year old daughter.

Irene's other relatives and friends lived those same 57 years with a terrible knot in their throats, the most agonizing of unfinished business, knowing that a gentle cousin, friend, niece had been slaughtered without retribution.

The wait is over.  A Hidalgo County jury, after deliberating 6-1/2 hours, found the now 85 year old Feit guilty of murder.

Rene Guerra, former Hidalgo County
District Attorney
The torturous delay in bringing former Catholic priest John Feit to justice can be laid squarely at the feet of the Catholic Church, with an ugly assist from 32 year Hidalgo District Attorney Rene Guerra, who once said Feit would be indicted "when pigs fly."

We detailed the coverup in our 2013 article:

"Irene Garza, a 25 year old former Miss South Texas and school teacher did not return from her weekly visit to the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen. The last person to see her alive, the 27 year old Reverend John B. Feit, chose to hear her confession in the rectory. 

While Garza's car remained in the church parking lot, her body was found four days after Easter just three miles away in an irrigation canal with a slide viewer belonging to the young priest and a candelabra from the church nearby. 

Police theorized at the time that the two heavy objects had been used in an attempt to keep Garza's body at the bottom with the cord of the slide viewer around her neck.

24 days before the Garza murder, Reverend Feit had been arrested, charged with the attempted rape of another young woman, Maria America Guerra, in an Edinburg church where Feit was "helping out." 

Ms. Guerra had noticed a man with horned rim glasses stalking her as she washed up in an outside bathroom at her home. Later, at the church, Feit, wearing horn rims, attacked her, only turning her loose when she bit his finger, drawing blood. 

Feit eventually plead no lo contendre to aggravated assault, paying a $500 fine.

Several suspects to the murder submitted to lie detector tests including Feit. All, except Feit, passed. Of course such tests are not admissible evidence. Fifty years later, McAllen police, the Texas Rangers and other enforcement agencies believe Feit is the murderer.

So did Father Joseph O'Brien, the McAllen parish priest at the time of the murder. He admitted years later that he knew Feit murdered Irene Garza, but he was instructed to transfer Feit to the New Melleray Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa, where Feit attempted to attack a woman getting out of her car. 

Feit was transferred again to the Our Lady of Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri. There a monk named Dale Tacheny, but known as "Father Emmanuel," was told to take charge of the former McAllen priest: 

"The abbot called me in and said, 'There is a priest who murdered a woman in the guest house. He wants to become a monk. We are instructed to take him in.' "

When the Texas Rangers attempted to reopen the case in 2002, they ran into a stone wall in Hidalgo District Attorney Rene Guerra. Guerra discounted the testimony of Father Joseph O'Brien, who he described as "senile."

Guerra also brassily declared that the statements made by former monk Dale Tacheny(Father Emmanuel) had been "fed" him by Texas Ranger Rudy Jaramillo.(George Sadler, San Antonio homicide detective states that Tacheny gave him the same information months before he told Jaramillo.)

District Attorney Rene Guerra finally gave in to pressure from the public and the family of Irene Garza to seek justice in the case, but he had a devilish, "fuck-you!" ace up his sleeve. 

A grand jury was called in 2004 and convened for 15 days. Waiting to testify were Father Joseph O'Brien, former monk Dale Tacheny, Texas Ranger Rudy Jaramillo and others. 

But, the only witness called by the reluctant District Attorney was a lady who testified for the defense in Feit's earlier trial years ago."

We have no idea why former Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra fought so hard against bringing the former Catholic priest to justice, even manipulating the grand jury.  Was he protecting the Church?  


The Washington Post has reported an attempt by the Trump administration to control the wording of memos, reports and guidelines issued b...