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Brownsville Cheezmeh Supports Election Fraud With Chicken Plates!

Erasmo & Erin
Erasmo Castro, the rotund guru of the Brownsville Cheezmeh cult, is soliciting contributions with a chicken plate fundraiser for the Erin Hernandez Garcia JP campaign.  This comes on the heels of dozens of documented incidents of voter fraud by the campaign, including the mishandling of mail-in ballots, harvesting of votes of the elderly, challenged and infirm, collusion by election officials to manipulate the vote.  We will not forget that Judge J. Bonner Dorsey did not even take the opportunity to rule on the merits of the election fraud case, instead agreeing with Election Administrator Roger Ortiz that should Erin Hernandez Garcia lose the case, the likely appeal would crowd the timeline needed to print ballots for the November election.
By asking for money for a candidate with an entourage of politiqueras, the high priest of the Cheezmacostals puts his tiny band of black shirts squarely in the corner of political corruption in Cameron County.  While Erasmo asks you not to cook tomorrow, all right thinking citizens are asking you not to support political cheats.  

Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Jim, There's Child Abuse in my Church"

Bishop Robert Finn

Jim -
I'm a Catholic and I take my kids to church every Sunday. Church is supposed to be a safe place. But Bishop Robert Finn, who is the head of my diocese (that's a regional group of churches), made our church unsafe for my children when he covered up a child sex abuse scandal.
Last month, Father Shawn Ratigan -- who was a priest in a church near mine -- plead guilty in U.S. Federal Court to producing and possessing child pornography. Father Ratigan used his position as a priest to take lewd images of children in his faith community.
Now a judge has found Bishop Finn guilty of covering up Ratigan's crimes -- Bishop Finn is the highest level leader in the church ever to be convicted in a sex abuse scandal. But despite his conviction, Bishop Finn still has his job as head of our diocese.
Since Bishop Finn's conviction, groups like the National Survivor Advocates Coalition have called on him to resign, and the Kansas City Star published an editorial saying it's time for him to go. Our diocese needs a leader who protects children, not one who protects their abusers.
Robert Finn
As a Catholic, I believe in forgiveness, and I think Bishop Finn should be forgiven. But as a father, I don't think he should keep a job where he could put more children in danger.  Forgiveness and change can work together.
The Catholic church needs to see that it's not enough to get rid of priests who abuse children -- the leaders who cover up the abuse must be held accountable as well. I know that if thousands of people sign my petition, Bishop Finn will have to resign.
Thank you,
Jeff Weis
Kansas City, Missouri

Election Fraud for Dummies~Cameron County Version

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apprentice Preacher Erasmo Castro Lashes Out~Calls Mean Mister Brownsville "Pendejo, Dumbfuck"

Erasmo Castro, Brownsville Cheezmeh Guru
Erasmos Castro Dragustinovis, the Head Cheez of Brownsville Cheezmeh professes to live my the gentle platitudes of the Sermon on the Mount, a 600+ word masterpiece with such admonitions as: "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you:" Longtime theological student, Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis, the son of a preacher, uses a different approach, calling those who disagree with his approach "dumbfucks" and "pendejos", extending a "big FUCK YOU to y'all."

The severe contrast between the teachings of the author of the Sermon on the Mount and the philosophy of the hypocritical high pontiff of the Cheezmeh cult is obvious in that the Lord "had no place to lay his head" while Erasmo states unequivocably that "the funds gathered are not or ANYTHING other than for the CHEEZ, period."   This is reminiscent, not of Jesus and his apostles, but of the Sadducees and Pharisees who were biblically described as "lovers of money."

In stark contrast to the King of Kings who is described as feeding 5,000 individuals on merely 5 loaves and fishes, the portly Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis suggests that the rumored  5,000 Brownsville Cheezmeh adherents feed him:  "Pero para que no haga duda, the funds will be used for whatever I see fit. . . . . . and Barton and all the other dumbfucks that prescribe to you, here's a big FUCK YOU to y'all!! Have a nice day!"

Perhaps, if the messiah of the first century walked the streets of Brownsville today, he would say to Dragustinovis and his lemming-like followers wearing Cheezmeh shirts, carrying chicken plates: "Take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise."

Mexico captures top Zetas drug lord, in major blow to cartel -

Mexico captures top Zetas drug lord, in major blow to cartel -

'via Blog this'

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis of Brownsville Cheezmeh: "Don't Ask What We Do with the Money!"

Mean Mister Brownsville
From the editor:  The world is full of scam artists who play on the sympathy and generosity of the innocent and gullible.  Cancer, for example, is an ugly, frequently fatal disease that can attack suddenly.  What is wrong with creating cancer "awareness" or "fighting" the disease?  Nothing at all if an individual is properly registered and open with how contributions will be spent.  

Please examine an excerpt from the "Brownsville Cheezmeh" site soliciting contributions to "fight" cancer.  Notice the question asked by April Flores and how Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis, the Head Cheezmaster from Austin responds.

So, April Flores asks the Head Cheezmaster a very simple question:  "Are the funds going for breast cancer?"  Con artist Erasmo dodges the question by saying the Cheezmeh followers are "walking for Breast Cancer awareness."  That could mean almost anything from raising money to create materials to help people understand cancer warning signs to simply wearing a shirt that reminds people there is such a thing as breast cancer.  What "parties for children" has to do with breast cancer I will let the readers decide.  In any event, what Erasmo says next is even more disturbing; that "anyone who has a need to ask what we do with the proceeds" can go fly a proverbial kite.  In other words, how dare you question me?  How dare you, mere insignificant peon, question what the Head Cheezmaster does or says!  How dare you!  The sheer arrogance of the bloated guru from North Texas is mind boggling.  How can good people in one of the poorest counties in the United States continue to fall for these scams?

So, purchase your "Beat Cancer Cheezmeh" shirts today.  You may not be helping anyone fight cancer, but you will certainly be helping Erasmo fight poverty.

Mitt Romney Darkens Himself for Hispanic Vote

Mitt Romney Tans Up for Hispanic Group Appearance
Here's the spin:

Mitt Romney's "Brownface" Mystery Solved: Bad MAC Foundation

Categories: Politicks
Despite speculation that Mitt Romney got a bad spray tan or even purposely tried to make his skin darkerduring a recent Univision forum held at the University of Miami, the truth appears to be a bit less devious.According to ABC News/Univision, the makeup artist on hand that night just went a little too heavy on a darker shade of MAC foundation.

Someone wearing bad, heavy makeup in Miami? Sounds about right.

Because of studio lighting, just about everyone who appears on television is caked in a greasy layer of makeup before they go on air.

Makeup artist Lazz Rodriguez, a 25-year veteran, was on hand that night and says he wasn't quite prepared for Romney's natural tan. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is Filemon Vela Running on Ideas or Family Laurels?

Filemon Vela, the Shipbreaker
Despite crushing seven democratic rivals in the primary election, Filemon Vela did receive criticism for a campaign that seemed devoid of specifics, with an emphasis on heritage.

Attending several Vela functions, Mean Mister Brownsville left with nothing scribbled on his notepad.  Yes, the candidate, his wife and their team were warm, hospitable and engaging, but it was hard to pinpont what Vela stood for or how he would represent one of the poorer regions of the country.

Starting in mid-September, the Vela campaign shifted gears with a series of newsletters that contain specifics, ideas to promote, energize and enlarge the role of the Port of Brownsville with emphasis on existing industry and ties to Mexico.

In the 9/17/2012 newsletter, Vela honored Louis Cobolina, referring to him as the "Father of the Port of Brownsville", having initiated work to create the port in 1910.  Vela finished the article with this platitude:  "My vision is steadfast -- to continue developing economic hubs, including the port, for current and future generations of South Texans. I will work to create new prosperity for the region; to pick up visionary projects began by others and carry them until they are complete. We must all work together to maximize each other’s potential and that of our beautiful region. My pledge is to foster the cooperation that will carry our visions forward."

In his next letter, Vela listed all the commercial activities currently engaged at the port:  "Currently, the port houses 230 companies that already understand its value - their activities include: construction of offshore drilling rigs, ship repairing and dismantling, steel fabrication, boat construction, rail car, rehabilitation, liquid petroleum gas storage and distribution, waste oil recovery, use of bulk terminals for miscellaneous liquids, and processes involved with shrimping."  Then, Vela mentioned his longterm goal:  "I believe that with proper attention and further investment, the range of activities can grow. This will expand our districts economy and potential. More economic activity will benefit the people of the 34th Congressional District of Texas and will improve opportunities for the 230 businesses already present. If elected as your next congressman, I will work to raise the economic floor at the Port of Brownsville by fostering cooperation between entities that are vital to its advancement and growth. That is my pledge."

Of course, those are just words, but, at least it is an area of focus and it is specific.  Probably, one of the least sexy industries at the port involves tearing up old ships for the steel and other valuables they possess: shipbreaking.  While Vela looks a bit ridiculous with a hardhat perched on his head, his description of the value of this industry to Brownsville does not seem ridiculous:   "Nearly 80% of activities within this industry, that deconstructs decommissioned ships for recycling, happen at the Port of Brownsville. Large pallets and rolls of steel sourced from these ships are then used to make car frames and other goods. One Naval suppercarrier can return 60,000 tons of steel and other various metals. We are at the center of the shipbreaking world in the western hemisphere.It takes many skilled workers to break down a decommissioned ship. One vessel can support 200 jobs for two years. The industry supports 1,200 jobs by some estimates. If we cooperate to increase business opportunities at the port, the shipbreaking industry could create more jobs. This industry is a vital part of the district's economy. I am committed to ensuring that the Port of Brownsville remains the preeminent location for shipbreaking. Creating jobs in our region and revitalizing our country's economy are my top priorities."

In other letters, Vela hypes the Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railroad and Keppel AmFELS.  He goes into some detail how the growth of those two firms could enhance our local economy.

We've been asking the heavy favorite in the general election for the District 34 congressional seat for specifics.  It seems that he is giving us that.

Ernie Hernandez Rewards Martinez Law Partner, Replacing John Wood

Mean Mister Brownsville
From the editor:  When criminals get away with one crime, they are emboldened to continue down that path.  And why shouldn't they?  "No one can stop us now!" is the prevailing mood of the Ernie Hernandez' camp after stealing an election for their daughter Erin, a non-practicing lawyer.   But, while Erin and her politiquera entourage were high-fiving each other after the dismissal of the election fraud case pursued by Yolanda Begum, dad Ernie was working out his master plan for the county commissioners.  Veteran blogger Juan Montoya details the shenanigans in his blog "El Rrun Rrun:"



By Juan Montoya

Now that the furor over the massive voter fraud-tainted runoff election that catapulted his daughter Erin Garcia Hernandez to the Democratic spot in November 6 general elections for JP 2 seems to have died down a bit, Cameron County Pct. 2 Commissioner Ernie Hernandez is making his move.

Not only does it appear that he has ditched his longtime friend John Wood –a former Democratic candidate for county judge against Carlos Cascos – and gotten him off the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority, but agenda items placed on his behalf indicate a plan is afoot to move the Justice of the Peace offices to the current Elections Offices and perhaps put a district court at the Carrizales-Rucker Corrections Center in Olmito.

That agenda item, interestingly, does not even mention Wood, but states instead that it's an item for consideration and action to reappoint Mark Esparza to the CCRMA and to appoint Brownsville attorney Horacio Barrera in Wood's place. Barrera, as you will remember, was the attorney who defended his daughter Erin Hernandez Garcia from the voter fraud lawsuit

And, to make your head spin some more, he is also calling for action by the court to authorize him to begin plans to rebuild the county's animal shelter, and perhaps raid the $1.4 million fellow Pct. 1 commissioner Sofia Benavides got approved to build a gym at the Pete Benavides/Browne Avenue Multi-Service County Park.

The meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. Thursday at the Oscar Dancy Building on Madison Street in Brownsville.

It is apparent to many county political watchers that in exchange for throwing his longtime political ally John Wood under the CCRMA bus, Ernie may have garnered the necessary votes to take some of Benavides' bond money to pacify the animal-rights crowd he has courted for the better part of a year.

"I have never seen s county politician so driven by personal ambition that he would have cut a deal to remove Wood from the CCRMA in return for a vote," said a county worker. "The more I see this guy in action, the more surprised I am at how ruthless he has become."

Those who remember when Wood's Adm. Asst. – and former city commissioner – Carlos Cisneros left the county under a cloud when he was arrested in South Padre Island after a domestic altercation with his wife. Hernandez, who had been elected as Pct. 2 commissioner, was hired by Wood to replace Cisneros bfore his term began, a move that allowed Ernie to get his teeth into county finances. He hasn't let go yet.

Now, with his other proposals to move the JP offices from the judicial wing of the courthouse into the Elections Office and to move a district court to the county lockup in Olmito, this has to be Ernie's master stroke.

"If he can get all these things past the full court, his pieces will all be in place, for whatever ends he might have in mind." continued the county source. "He wouldn't place these items on the agenda if he didn't have any hopes of having the necessary votes to pass them."

Has Hernandez cut a deal with other commissioners – or even Carlos Cascos – to get some of Sofia's money for the gymnasium to provide air-conditioned comfort to stray animals?

"How do you figure he treats his friend like a dog and want to give precinct 1's money meant for the kids of the barrios to the animals?" quipped the county source.

Borderland Beat~Cardenas Vela, Arrested in Port Isabel, Gives Us A Look At Gulf Cartel

Cartel boss: Everyone from cops to strippers worked for me
Borderland Beat
BROWNSVILLE — The first order of business for the Gulf Cartel's San Fernando, Mexico, plaza boss was to stack the deck, he said. That meant meetings with local and federal police, the mayor, and even newspapers and TV.

Rafael "Junior" Cardenas Vela is testifying against childhood friend Juan Roberto "Primo" Rincon-Rincon
In continuing testimony Friday, Rafael “Junior” Cardenas Vela described how he ruled over the city in Tamaulipas, where even topless dancers were on the take, paid to spy on drunken players leaking drug-world secrets. As for U.S. authorities, there always was a Border Patrol agent or Customs officer to be bought, he said, adding: “All of them had to work for me.”

The nephew of U.S.-imprisoned Gulf Cartel kingpin Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, testified how he had to “put his own people” in City Hall and police headquarters, and make sure the Mexican newspapers didn't “meddle” or “publish anything of me.”

Cardenas Vela, a heavyset man of 39, is hoping his testimony against cartel rival Juan Roberto “Primo” Rincon-Rincon will save him prison time, laid out the workings of the cartel in a matter-of-fact, at times jovial, tone.  Prosecutors hope his testimony will convict Rincon-Rincon as a high-ranking Gulf Cartel operative who trafficked in a cross-border cocaine and marijuana operation between 2002 and 2011.

His lawyer is trying to show he was just a low-level player who fled for his life after Osiel successor Jorge Eduardo “El Cos” Costilla Sánchez put him in charge of the Rio Bravo “plaza,” or trafficking corridor.
The defense is set to cross-examine Cardenas Vela when testimony resumes Tuesday.  Cardenas Vela seemed unfazed about detailing the underworld to the jury.  “That's the way it is over there,” he told them. “The one in charge of the plaza is the one who is going to control the city.”  That meant a monopoly over every bale of marijuana and brick of cocaine that came through a key zone north of a federal drug checkpoint where frequent leadership transfers made bribing difficult.

Cocaine came from the port city of Tampico in planeloads of 500 kilograms, landing at airstrips Cardenas Vela had carved into the brush of remote ranch and hunting lands.  Caravans of armored Suburbans carried bosses from the northern plazas, lieutenants of Costilla's that he said included Rincon-Rincon.

The highways were cleared for the passage, part of the cooperation that earned the head of a local police force about 100,000 pesos, or $7,800 a month, a low-level officer the equivalent of $388 a week and a member of the media $1,550 to $3,876 monthly.  “Soldiers” were recruited from the police and highway patrol, from the military, and from the street, trained for months in “academies,” and outfitted with weapons and garb that cost about $8,000 each.  The cartel funded mayoral campaigns, “so if you want to change this one in police, this one in traffic, he would be under my orders.”

Marijuana, code-called “nacional,” came by river. Cocaine came over bridges. Illegal immigrants were crossed in separate areas than drug shipments.  “Plazas” were color-coded so as not to reveal goings-on over radio or phone conversations — of which the top guns never partook. The busiest, and most lucrative, ones were by the border: Matamoros, Control, Rio Bravo and Reynosa.

On a giant magnetic bulletin board, Cardenas Vela put pictures of faces in place on the cartel hierarchy starting in 2002, when Osiel ruled over three main divisions led by Costilla, Ezequiel “Tony Tormenta” Cárdenas Guillén, and Heriberto “El Lazca” Lazcano Lazcano.

Tormenta, Osiel's brother and Cardenas Velas' uncle, was assassinated in 2010. Laczano broke off to form the Zetas, turning Osiel's branch of special forces into a ruthless competitor that has since taken over San Fernando and other smuggling areas. Cardenas Vela and Rincon-Rincon had been childhood friends, but Rincon-Rincon was loyal to Costilla while Cardenas Vela sought to wrest control over a camp he said was pulling stunts, such as stealing armored bank cars, that he said was putting heat on what had been a well-organized drug business..

The board emptied of faces as battles with the Zetas and the Mexican military under Mexican President Felipe Calderón raged in the years leading up to 2011, when both Cardenas Vela and Rincon-Rincon, by then allegedly the Rio Bravo plaza boss, found themselves fleeing to the United States.

Cardenas Vela, caught in a traffic stop in Port Isabel, entered a plea deal in March.  “The government was really after me, chasing me, wanted to catch me,” Cardenas Vela said of his reasons for leaving Mexico. “I couldn't find any place to hide.”

Osiel Cadenas Guillén

Gulf Cartel rivals now squaring off in U.S. courtroom

A would-be successor to lead Mexico's floundering Gulf Cartel took the stand against a childhood buddy and rising drug war opponent Thursday as a blood-soaked rivalry played out in a bid for leniency in a staid U.S. courtroom.  Rafael “Junior” Cárdenas Vela is the nephew of toppled kingpin Osiel Cárdenas Guillén and the assassinated Ezequiel “Tony Tormenta” Cárdenas Guillén.  Cárdenas Vela was frank about hopes that testimony against alleged Rio Bravo plaza boss Juan Roberto “Primo” Rincon-Rincon would land him the low range of a 10-year to life prison sentence.  In testimony Thursday, he recalled how Rincon-Rincon was a neighbor in Matamoros, Mexico, with whom he went swimming in nearby canals and played marbles, at which he said Rincon-Rincon tended to cheat.  The son of a factory worker, he returned to Matamoros after a stint as an illegal immigrant working in U.S. mushroom fields and chicken plants. His uncle, Osiel, only reluctantly let him join the cartel, where he took over the San Fernando “plaza,” a key trafficking corridor due to its location north of the last major drug checkpoint before the Texas border. His testimony on Rincon-Rincon's two charges of drug trafficking conspiracy dating back to 2002 was to continue today.

Both Cárdenas Vela, 39, and Rincon-Rincon, 41, fled to the Rio Grande Valley as factional warring within the cartel and the threat of the encroaching Zetas escalated.  Neither hid out very long.  Cárdenas Vela, who had been being watched by U.S. authorities, was caught Oct. 20 in a traffic stop in Port Isabel, across the bay from South Padre Island.  He pleaded guilty in March.Rincon-Rincon, meanwhile, opted at the last minute Monday to back out of a planned plea deal and go to trial.  Richard Zayas, attorney for Rincon-Rincon, pledged to prove his client was a low-level player who got in over his head.

A succession of U.S. federal agents testified how Rincon-Rincon was caught Oct. 26 after he and four others bailed out of a pickup truck near the banks of the Rio Grande.  Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Moises Gonzalez described being called out late that night to interview someone border agents suspected was a big name in the underworld.  Rincon-Rincon was able to chart the division between Cárdenas Vela and recently arrested rival Jorge Eduardo “El Cos” Costilla Sánchez, to whom Rincon-Rincon was loyal.  That morning, Rincon-Rincon had been in what he thought was a winning skirmish against about 100 of “Junior's” men, only to get word that 100 more were coming to outflank him, Gonzalez said.

Costilla, by cellphone, said it would be days before he could send reinforcemenRincon-Rincon, along with alleged fellow plaza boss Jose Luis “Wicho” Zuniga Hernandez, decided to take refuge across the Rio Grande but were caught.  Rincon-Rincon quickly gave up his guise of being a run-of-the-mill unauthorized immigrant and farmer, Gonzalez said.  “He took a deep breath ... and he said, ‘I am Juan Roberto Rincon-Rincon, and I am comandante of the Gulf Cartel,'” Gonzalez remembered. “I said, ‘Thank you. We know who you are.'”

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rick Navarro Continues to Milk His Cash Cow, the City of Brownsville

Alan Ozuna, Lenny Perez, Ricardo Navarro
Rick Navarro, the attorney who routinely represents the City of Brownsville against fire fighters and police officers in arbitration cases gets paid for litigation, not victories.

"That's fair," an observer might say.  "Doctors get paid regardless of whether the surgery is successful.    Navarro can't control the results and he should get paid for his time."

"OK.  That's a fair analogy," someone else might counter, "but what if the doctor is performing unnecessary surgeries just to rake in the bucks?  Isn't that unethical?"

Actually, this is exactly what's happening.  While the city has a its own legal team of three, earning over a quarter of a million dollars annually, Navarro's firm is said to have likely been paid several million dollars in legal fees in the decade or so of losing arbitration cases for the city.

Mean Mister Brownsville isolated several factors contributing to the enrichment of the Navarro-Ozuna labor law team in a September 13, 2011 article and a December 4, 2011 followup article.  Here is a quote from the second article:  "One firefighter put it this way: "Lenny is a total pendejo with a Napoleonic complex. He has total distrust of staff that have skills and abilities exceeding his own." Fire Chief Perez and City Manager Charlie Cabler are known for stonewalling grievances that could be easily settled by skilled administrators."  What we were saying back then is that Lenny Perez's soured relationship with his men led him to vindictively allow situations to go to arbitration that could have easily been settled by reasonable men.  Since City Manager Charlie Cabler was the last option to resolve a matter before arbitration, his poor management skills contributed to the problem, inflating Navarro's legal fees.

Thus Navarro benefits financially from an adversarial relationship between the fire chief and his men, but also the acquiescence of Charlie Cabler in allowing even obvious, clear-cut situations to go to arbitration.  Navarro, of course, laughs all the way to the bank.

Just today(9/24/2012) I received a call from a union member advising me of a hearing to consider new rules for arbitration cases.  "Jim, Navarro is pushing for new rules that will send almost all matters into arbitration.  And who do you think will represent the city in those cases?  If this goes through, the city will be wasting even more money.  Of course, this is "good for business" for Navarro.  He is just playing our stupid fire chief.  We went to a meeting the other day with the fire chief and our new police chief.  Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez said he didn't need new rules.  Everything is working fine.  Perez, though is so stupid.  He is brainwashed by Navarro."

So, in a time of tight budgets, threats of tax increases, mismanagement by city officials continues to squander tax dollars for unnecessary arbitration cases with one primary beneficiary:   Ricardo Navarro.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

AOBE President Patrick Hammes Making Odd Moves

Patrick Hammes
With the BISD Board of Trustees manipulated by a RICO convicted felon, Carlos Quintanilla of Dallas, the Association of Brownsville Educators or AOBE certainly COULD be an agent for clean elections.

But now, it appears the AOBE itself may be a weak pawn, easily maneuvered by outside interlopers.  Patrick Hammes, the president of the association recently confirmed his connection to Austin con artist and Brownsville Cheezmeh guru Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis, by announcing the group's BISD Candidate Forum on the Brownsville Cheezmeh site.  Why would the president of the AOBE announce his association's candidate forum on a politiquera site?

Since Cheezmeh has made it known they are backing two candidates for BISD trustee, Linda Gill and Donald Clupper, does this action by Hammes not compromise the objectivity of the group?  Why would a candidate for BISD trustee participate in a tainted, manipulated discussion or debate influenced by the opposition?

Dragustinovis, with what's left of his so-called watchdog group tried to sell candidates in the recent elections on the powerful voting influence of the Cheezmeh faithful, said to be some 5,000 strong.  The selling point was primarily last years victory in a City Commission race involving Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa and Charlie Atkinson and the defeat of the infamous Fly Frontera Airline proposal.  Of course, what Erasmo didn't tell gullible, spendthrift candidates is that the major players in last years Cheezmeh "victories" had left the group do to Erasmo's tyranny and the tiny nucleus of middle-aged women left wearing Cheezmeh shirts were powerless.  Thus, 3 out of four of Cheezmeh candidates in the last elections lost.  One candidate, Erin H. Garcia, utilized blatant election fraud to "win".

Hammes' announcement could easily have been sent via email to AOBE members, but perhaps his alignment with Cheezmeh indicates a favoring of certain candidates who will "win" the debate and the AOBE endorsement.  Aligning with a politiquera group does not pass the smell test.

Sylvia Garza-Perez
Oh, in addition to inviting Brownsville Cheezmeh to the AOBE function, Hammes has also invited Sylvia Garza-Perez, the Democratic Chairperson designate.  Perez will be in good company as she has a sordid history of political corruption and is incidentally the niece of Herminia Becerra, the "Queen of the Politiqueras."

Did The Hernandez-Garcia Camp Get An Assist from The Bailiff?

Liza Parras

Attractive bailiff Liza Parras left her normal post at the courthouse door scanning visitors for hidden metal objects to position herself in the vestibule of the 357th court where reports indicated she attempted to screen certain visitors from entering the audience chambers.  No such hindrance was presented for Erin H. Garcia, who was followed by an entourage of known politiqueras to take their seats, awaiting Judge J. Bonner Dorsey for the September 3 hearing to deal with Yolanda Begum's claim that the Erin H. Garcia camp had been guilty of numerous instances of blatant, verifiable voter fraud.

Parras did also step in when some Begum supporters tried to share coffee and pastries with elderly witnesses who had responded to subpoenas  to testify about Garcia campaign election fraud.  Parras' inappropriate, arbitrary actions seems to harmonize with what may have been Attorney Michael Cowen's overall argument in this election fraud case:  that the actions of the Hernandez-Garcia camp were not merely isolated incidents of voter fraud, but a carefully orchestrated, criminal conspiracy to steal the election.

Reno 911
If Parras participated in this conspiracy, so did Herminia Becerra and Tomasita Chavez, not only in their unlawful work as politiqueras for the Hernandez-Garcia campaign, but in the blatant obstruction of justice observed at the adult high rise, where several witnesses testified they told residents NOT to appear in court as indicated by the subpoenas.  So, with politiqueras harvesting votes, adult day care employees delivering the feeble, challenged and elderly, carefully selected election judges controlling things in the polling places, lookouts announcing incoming vans with herded voters and illegally handled mail-in ballots, Norma, Erin and their politiqueras worked the election with Zeta-like precision.   Understandably, Parras, Erin H. Garcia and Linda Castro Dragustinovis celebrated in the courtroom the dismissal of the election fraud case with the same fervor shown by O.J. Simpson when he apparently couldn't get his hand into a glove and was aquitted of two murders.

Roger "The Dodger" Ortiz
Judge Dorsey's ruling to dismiss the case was not on merit, but on communication from Election Administrator Roger Ortiz that, should Begum win the case and Erin Hernandez appeal, it would invade the normal window needed to print ballots for the November election.  Of course, we find Ortiz in his accustomed role of explaining why voter fraud can't be uncovered, prosecuted, prevented or even discouraged.  Make no mistake, Ortiz is EXACTLY the person the 5 member Election Commission WANTS running local elections, as they are very much a part of this ongoing conspiracy.  .

Bailiff Parra's belligerent courtroom demeanor may have not been her only share in the JP primary.  Documents obtained by CAVA, Citizens Against Voter Abuse, indicate that she signed to vote twice in her pre-divorce name, Elizabeth P. Avitia to vote in early voting at the election office.   CAVA representatives were asked to leave the premises when they tried to investigate the situation before the trial.  Her angry stance at the residence seemed to make sense when they observed Parra's courtroom demeanor.

Adding to the mystery, while CAVA requested from the Election Administrator as early as July a complete list of all election judges and clerks, Ortiz has not been forthcoming.  CAVA has received, however a complete list of all who APPLIED for those positions.  The early voting clerk who signed the document apparently indicating that Parras voted twice was not on ANY of those lists of applicants.

Above Parras signed twice in the space for registered voters with her pre-divorce name, Elizabeth P. Avitia.  There may be some logical, honest explanation for this, but as of today, Election Administrator Roger Ortiz has not responded to CAVA's queries.

Here are the voter names and addresses corresponding with the bailiff's TWO signatures

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Confessed Oregon Murderer, Convicted Sex Offender Featured At Jazz Festival

Jeffrey Cutlip
Charismatic sex offender Jeffrey Cutlip, once released from prison in Multnomah County, Oregon(Portland), hightailed it for the obscurity of extreme south Texas, that is, Brownsville, Cameron County.  Cutlip introduced himself to patrons at the Crescent Moon and other downtown establishments as "Jessie", skillfully spinning stories that elicited sympathy and material help.

With a guitar on his back, dressed in a hobo Aerosmithian style, he liked to pass himself off as a musician who could namedrop a number of rock legends as his collaborators, although he literally couldn't play a lick.  Perhaps it was that fairy story that garnered him a feature photo in last year's Latin Jazz Festival, no shame intended for George Ramirez because we were all fooled at some point.

Cutlip loved the collective gullibility of Brownsville and its non-invasive police department.  Many times BPD would just ask him to move on after a night of  sleeping on some business or residential door step or patio.  He liked to hit an adult day care around lunch time, complaining about the menu as if he were a paying customer.  He wore a plastic hospital bracelet on his wrist to fend off the hospital security guard who might question his presence in the Baptist lobby.

His luck changed when he gave an off-duty BPD detective a bit of attitude resulting in his first local background check.  Clearly, he had not registered as a sex offender, violated many of his parole stipulations, including geographical limitations, being where young people congregate and/or alcohol served.  Incredibly though, BPD put him quickly back on the street despite the obvious.  Two weeks after his real background surfaced, I observed Cutlip at a bus stop on Central Blvd. and called 911.  I was told a police unit would be dispatched shortly.  Fifteen minutes later I called again receiving the same promise.  On the third call a dispatcher said she had checked with a detective who advised her that Cutlip was "alright."

Several days later Cutlip ventured of his own accord into BPD and confessed to three 70's murders he said he had committed in Oregon.  Once extradited back to Portland, newspaper reports indicated Cutlip had provided detectives with details of at least two murder scenes never before revealed.  Cutlip, through his lawyer, entered a plea of innocent with respect to at least one of the murder charges..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

George Romney, born on polygamist colony, touted as immigrant success | The Salt Lake Tribune

George Romney, born on polygamist colony, touted as immigrant success | The Salt Lake Tribune:

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Cameron County Election Commission Undermines Clean Elections

Much like a negligent parent who allows a child to be in harm's way or fails to respond to an imminent threat to that child's safety and security, the Cameron County Election Commission, collectively and individually stand guilty of killing the democratic process in our county.

While two elections in the last three years have produced sworn testimony of blatant voter fraud, we have not heard  any concern or outcry from the entity sworn to protect the process.  Much like the unfit parent in the orange jumpsuit, the commission not only shows no remorse, but consistently looks for loopholes, excuses and specious reasoning to justify the inaction.

Roger Ortiz
Perhaps no one has ever worked harder to find reasons for not doing his job than election administrator Roger Ortiz.  Ortiz is the ultimate hypocrite, entrusted with protecting the sanctity of a process, while diligently making certain that process stays dirty, tainted, corrupted and unfair.  As reported in the El Rrun Rrun blog, Roger again deftly used legalese to sidestep the 18 specific questions from CAVA, Citizens Against Voter Abuse, he promised at the blogger conclave on election fraud he would answer in writing.  Of course, that should be no surprise to the Election Commission who know Ortiz is not about clean elections as they are not.

Sylvia Garza-Perez

Sylvia Garza-Perez, the County Democratic Chair designate, is perhaps one of a handful of people in Cameron County who would not be an upgrade from the corrupt Gilberto Hinojosa in that role.  Perez, the niece of Herminia Becerra, the "Queen of the Politiqueras",  has blatantly defended the use of politiqueras in comments published on this blog, then cowardly threatened to sue when those comments were published.  And this is a person who will soon be on a body commissioned to protect the democratic process in Cameron County.  Heaven help us!

County Clerk Joe Rivera and Tax Assessor Tony Yzguirre are totally silent about the obvious election fraud continuously perpetrated in the county and sworn to in two recent court cases.  Comfortable in their long held positions, with many relatives and friends placed on the county payroll, why should they be outraged at a system that fosters their re-election?  They simply refuse to bite the hand that feeds them.

Republicans Carlos Cascos and Frank Morris, County Judge and County Chair respectively, might have an obvious role in distinguishing themselves from the Democrats named above who are satisfied with the corrupt status quo, but they have not stepped forward.

It might only take one news conference, one interview, one righteously indignant, carefully worded statement to start the ball rolling to protect Cameron County's endangered child, but none charged with that protection will lift a finger.  They should all be fitted with orange jumpsuits.

Repost~If Not Now, When? Another Missed Opportunity to Clean Up Election Process

Someday Cameron County will have fair, clean elections.  Politiqueras will be a mere historical anecdote like moonshiners and full-service gas pumps.  

Strict guidelines will protect the elderly, disabled and mentally challenged from being victimized by the unscrupulous. 

The opportunity to initiate the cleansing process was there in 2010 when Ernie Hernandez, Jr. stole an election from us.  Democratic Party operatives sabotaged, undermined and thwarted the trial that could have been a springboard to an honest electoral process.  

The party handpicked a judge, Rudy Delgado, with ties to the slimy Gilbert Hinojosa and a handful of his own legal problems.  Then, during a break in the trial, Ernie Hernandez sympathizer Sylvia Garza-Perez, it is alleged, sent home the critically needed voters waiting to testify about their stolen votes.  Delgado stated in his ruling that, while he believed those who had testified, the sheer numbers were not enough to overturn the election.  Of course!  The needed witnesses had been sent home!  A missed opportunity to right the Cameron County electoral ship!

Roger Ortiz
In November of 2010 Roger Ortiz supervised a disastrous back-and-forth of election results in the Cascos-Woods county judge race.  Missed ballots, a forgotten precinct and political pressure all factored into the fiasco.  For those wanting reform to the process, the ray of light was that Ortiz' performance as Election Administrator would be up for review in the spring of 2011.  

In a March 2011 meeting of the Election Commission, Roger Ortiz apologized for his mishandling of the county judge election.  Now-elected County Judge Carlos Cascos gave Ortiz this admonition:  "You have already implemented some procedures to avoid problems,” Cascos said. “After the elections in May, give us an opportunity to see if these procedures that were made are working or worked. If they don’t you’ve got a problem Roger.”  Carlos and Roger also agreed with Cascos' suggestion of hiring an outside CPA to monitor the count.  Eventually, the Election Commission gave Roger Ortiz a vote of confidence, proving that, as a group, they care not one wit about fair elections or even the effect of perceived rigged elections on voter apathy and turnout.  

"Naught times naught is naught."
Of course, both Roger and Carlos missed the point of the Pena-Hernandez trial and the real underlying problems of the Cameron County election process.  It's never been about the middle school Jethro Bodine cypherin', but tainted votes garnered by illegal means.  Bringing a CPA in to check the arithmetic is simply a smokescreen, masking the real problems.  The same could be said for Ortiz' recent call in this past election for an investigator to "check the count."

In a way, the politiqueras displayed more savvy than the Election Commission.  After the 2010 Pena-Hernandez trial, they anticipated more attention would be given to mail-in votes and switched their emphasis to transporting nursing home and adult day care residents to the polls.  The obvious infiltration of Ernie Hernandez-connected personnel in key positions within the system as election judges and assistants facilitated the fraud.  Poll watchers were rendered impotent by election judges who interfered, not only with their observation of the election, but silenced their objections to obvious abuses.  
Carlos Cascos

So, will the results of this opportunity to combat election fraud differ from 2010 or 2011?  It has been pointed out that judges may not want to undue the very system by which they themselves were elected.  Certainly, Roger Ortiz has no interest in facilitating or expediting an investigation that includes his department.  No one on the Election Commission has spoken out on the reported abuses in this last election.  

Some things may be different.  The alleged abuses reported this time are systemic, coordinated.  Potential witnesses are not fearful victims, but strong-minded community leaders, not easily turned around on the witness stand.    An objective judge would help, but that's not guaranteed any more than an objective election administrator or progressive election commission.                

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Visit With Donald Clupper, Candidate for BISD Position 5

Candidate Donald Clupper
Donald Clupper is not Cata Presas-Garcia, has no ties to Carlos Quintanilla and favors reinstating the $14,300,000 lawsuit against Healthsmart, money he feels should go to providing education for the kids, not back into the pocket of Ted Parker.

Clupper does have ties to Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis, the armchair guru of Brownsville Cheezmeh, objecting to my description of him as a con artist.

"Erasmo has been good to me.  Lately, he has been leaving the stuff I put on Brownsville Cheezmeh for a longer duration."

The 67 year old Nashville, Tennessee native, running for BISD Place 5,  initially used his proficiency in math in his work as a stock broker for E.F. Hutton and later Merrill Lynch.  When the office of Merrill Lynch closed in Brownsville, he found work as a BISD math teacher for 22 years.  He retired June 1 from Porter High School.  On his campaign site, he made this comment about the current state of Porter:

"Many of the students schedules are tentative and will require numerous changes in the future. I had 20 years of
this stuff and was the least liked teacher on campus by the administrators for constantly fighting for the rights of the teachers & the students. I feel like going back long enough to be the old pain in the butt I was to them again. How dare the school’s administrators and area superintendent allow this to go on!!!"

Clupper is critical of unwise, unplanned construction, cost overruns, constant shifting of administrators without regard to their area of expertise.  He describes BISD as "unbelievably corrupt", with terrific vendor abuse.  He says one of his opponents for Place 5, Cata Presas-Garcia has wreaked havoc at BISD.  "It's hard to find anyone in the district who likes her or what she has done to the school district.  Her removal from the board can't come too soon."  Clupper describes his other opponent, Butch Barbosa, as unqualified, a "career politician with no educational background."
Brownsville Cheezmeh site~9/17/2012
He does support the candidacy of Linda Gill for Place 7.  Interestingly, the snippet on the left shows that Brownsville Cheezmeh supports both Donald Clupper and Linda Gill.  Cheezmeh supported 4 candidates in recent elections, losing 3 of the races.  The only race won by a Cheez candidate was greatly enhanced by extraordinary voter fraud.

Clupper praises fellow Cheezer Gill:  "Jim, she's not tied to Quintanilla in any way like you think.  She will be a good trustee."

He's not so gracious with respect to Gill's opponent for place 7, Jose Chirinos:  "Chirinos has some very, very bad friends, people like Conrado Cantu.  I remember him rounding up BISD students for a Cantu rally at Sam's Stadium.  They were all given Cantu printouts to take home to their parents."

Our discussion ended with some back and forth about a legal matter Nena and I are dealing with.  "I know of a very good lawyer who could be of some assistance, Erin H. Garcia," offered Clupper.    Nena and I scoffed at that.  It's ironic how someone, like Clupper, could be so motivated by the obvious corruption at BISD, but maintain  respect for the greatest perpetrators of massive voter fraud in Cameron County: Ernie, Norma and Erin Hernandez.  Go figure.

Mean Mister Brownsville Opens Downtown Office

Sunday, September 16, 2012

German Couple Reaches Brownsville Via South, Central America, Mexico

German Camper
Germans Simone & Olaf Visit Brownsville via Mexico

Visit their website to read about their travels through Mexico and all around the world:

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In Memoriam~Deja Vu Barton(1996-2012)

Deja Vu Barton(1996-2012)

Not everything written in dog care manuals agrees with my experience.  I've rejected analysis that claims that dogs do not have the capacity for love or even loyalty.  Deja Vu, our miniature poodle disproved that commentary every day of her sixteen years of life.  Keenly intelligent, , sensitive enough to recognize human sadness, but also vain, well aware that she was pretty,  Deja possessed several traits some dog experts claimed she was incapable of possessing.

Although Deja enjoyed the attention she got after being groomed with a poodle cut and purple ribbons in her hair, she was not a prissy girl.  She loved to jump in the boat and ride in the stem almost like a hood ornament with the wind and water whipping against her face.  Once, when she was a mere puppy, our son was driving us across the 9,000 acre Eagle Mountain Lake in North Texas when a speedboat cut in front of us, forcing us into his wake.  The jolt sent Deja straight up into the air and overboard.  Nena screamed, never having seen Deja swim.  Before our son could swing the boat around, we could see only a mere speck on the surface of the water, hundreds of yards away.  As we got closer, it became obvious that the puppy DID know how to dog paddle!

While many canines distrust strangers, Deja never met one, being an unabashed people person.  In long walks through Arroyo City, she would stop at the driveway of a fishing cottage or vacation home where we had once met people.  I would have to tell her:  "No Deja.  No one is home there today."

Deja leaves behind a twelve year old brother, Roc, a miniature pinscher  and two anguished parents.  

Tomorrow Night

by Bob Dylan

"Tomorrow night, will you remember what you said to night ?
Tomorrow night, will all the thrill be gone ?
Tomorrow night, will it be just another memory
Or just another song, that's in my heart to linger on ?"


Self-Portrait by Josie del Castillo