Saturday, February 28, 2015

Immigration Conference Panelists, Correa-Cabrera and Villarreal

Associate Professor Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera
and Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez Singing "Deportee"

Majority of Texans Want All Undocumented Residents Deported States "Texas Tribune" CEO

"A recent poll indicates that 59% of Texans want all undocumented residents deported," opened moderator Evan Smith, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune, at a panel discussion and lunch held at UTB/TSC's Gran Salon Friday.

The panel included Mayor Ruben Villarreal of Rio Grande City, State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., State Representative Eddie Lucio III and Professor Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera of UTB.  

State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., Associate
Professor Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera,
Mayor Ruben Villarreal
of Rio Grande City
As expected, the conference was chock full of sound bites, agreement that something should be done, but no consensus on how to proceed to deal with an estimated 5,000,000 undocumented residents in the U.S.

State Senator Lucio deftly side-stepped Smith's question as to whether he agreed with the majority of Texas voters that want all undocumented residents deported by saying that a "broken immigration system needs to be fixed first" and that "all of Texas needs to listen to us as well, those of us who live on the border."

Mayor Ruben Villarreal of Rio Grande City did not allow the moderator to link his views to those of Texas Governor Greg Abbott:  "No, I don't think exactly like Abbott, but I do agree that, as a rule of law, Congress should be writing the law on immigration.  That's what Abbott's suit against the President's Executive Order is all about."

No one questioned Villarreal about keeping his cowboy hat on during the panel discussion and lunch.

The Cowboy Hat Guide~Everything About the Cowboy Hat published these rules:

Some standard, base-line points of etiquette:

1. Any time you enter a building, the hat should come off.

2. If it is an informal occasion you may put it back on but for a formal occasion it should stay off.

3. When sitting down at a table for a meal, the hat should come off unless there is nowhere to safely lay the hat.

4. When sitting down at a counter for a meal, the hat can stay on.

5. Out on the range however, keep your hat on while you eat. If you take your hat off, another wrangler might step on it or spill food into the rim.

Representative Eddie Lucio III
with Conference Attendees
State Representative Eddie Lucio III agreed with Villarreal that thrust of Abbott's lawsuit was "procedural," not dealing with actual immigration issues.  The representative does not view deporting 6% of the workforce as economically viable, has seen students from the valley offered scholarships at "prestigious schools all around the country," but unable to "cross the checkpoint."

Conversely, Lucio III does not find it fair that non-citizen residents pay state tuition, while out-of-state citizens pay triple.  He wants out-of-state tuition abolished.

There was some discussion about the decision of former Governor Rick Perry to place National Guard troops on the border.  While Mayor Villarreal found the troops increased a feeling of safety for his constituents, Professor Correa-Cabrera stated that "border cities are already more secure than other cities around the country."

Mayor Villarreal added:  "We should be offering a front door entrance to the land of milk and honey, not a back door one."

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., as is frequently his custom, elicited a spiritual tone:  "We need compassion. Love thy neighbor.  These residents pledge allegiance to the flag of this country every day just as we do.  Most of these people come here as refugees seeking a better life.  We can't turn our back on them.  We must do the right thing, the Christian thing."

Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Take Your Necking Outside!" Dagoberto Barrera

With 30 minutes till his daddy got home, we took grandson Jack to his favorite restaurant/playground, Burger King on Central Blvd.  Jack opted for ice cream, then changed his mind when he saw cookies on the BK counter.  

Finding a table, we waited for order #109, not instantly realizing the identity of the patron next to us.

"Take your necking outside!  This is a place to eat! Go outside with your necking!"  These insulting, shouted-out words were hurled by a diminutive, elderly man in white shirt and hat, seated next to us, Dagoberto Barrera, to a teen couple, holding hands and peering into each other's eyes near the drink dispenser.

Working my way up to the front counter, I asked the two 15 year olds if they knew who they guy shouting at them was.  They simply shrugged their shoulders. The girl asked me to repeat his name.

"Dagoberto Barrera.  He's a crazy guy, an ex-Marine, retired schoolteacher.  He's a Republican spokesperson, but a total dumbass," I said.  "Don't let him bother you."


Three Candidates Try to Get the Jump on Opponents with Illegal Campaign Signs

From the editor:  Perhaps the first indication of suitability for public office is the ability to navigate through the hoops of filing requirements, campaign signage, campaign finance reports, etc.  If these well-established obstacles prove too difficult for a candidate, how effective will they be once in office?

The current City of Brownsville Municipal Code allows for campaign signs "60 days before an election."  With our municipal election scheduled for May 9, the earliest campaign signs could legally appear would be March 10.  

At least three current candidates, Pat Ahumada, William Garza and Cesar de Leon are in obvious violation of the municipal code.  De Leon has campaign signs all over town despite his initial submission of 100+ signatures of registered voters being rejected.  Young Cesar presented 11 or 12 pages of signatures, but had only one page notarized.  It must be embarrassing for a lawyer with a substantial educational background to be flunking such simple tests of fitness.

Ahumada and Garza, neither in their first rodeo, should simply know better.

(Photos by Nena Barton)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bobby Wightman Cervantes' Anticipated About-Face, Campaign Filings and A Denial

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes,
Fishing, Catching Rays at Boca Chica
Have you ever come back from vacation frazzled, stressed, mad as hell?  If so, you can identify with the irascible, off-again, on-again blogger, Bobby Wightman-Cervantes.  

Wightman announced his blogging retirement to his readership February 19, then violated his declaration February 21 and rescinded it February 24.  Every blog reader in the city, save Bobby himself, expected as much.  Going back on his word, destroying his own credibility is in Bobby's DNA.  If Aesop's Fables' The Boy Who Cried Wolf is made into a Hollywood movie, Wightman should play the lead.

Bobby, not unlike the "beast that was, but is not, but will rise again" of the Book of Revelation came back from hibernation "breathing fire" against a municipal judge and an assortment of city and county officials. He lowered the boom on his three blogging counterparts, "Juanito, Barton and Jerry," by claiming they try to "destroy" a city he simply tries to promote. In Bobbyesque fashion, he later removed the criticism of his fellow Brownsville bloggers.

We welcome Bobby back to the blogosphere.  The BROWNSVILLE VOICE is a must read.  As we've been saying for the last four years, Bobby finds the dots, just can't connect them.  

Bob Sanchez with mentor Jerry Mchale
Some notes reported from the City of Brownsville: Robert Sanchez filed for mayor today, delivering his 100+ signatures.  Not as meticulous as some more experienced campaigners, Captain Bob did not include Voter Identification Numbers.  

Cesar de Leon, a candidate for City Commissioner At Large "A," had his signatures denied.  State law requires that he, not simply replace the disallowed signatures, but start all over in recruiting signatures. The City of Brownsville asks for 100 valid signatures.

Cesar's opponent, Roberto Uresti, had all his signature ducks in a row.  His signatures have been approved. He will be on the ballot.

William Garza, a candidate for mayor, is still sweating out approval of his signatures.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes Announces the Pending Demise of his Blog, BROWNSVILLE VOICE

From the editor:  Today's announcement by Bobby Wightman-Cervantes, that he is suspending his blog, the BROWNSVILLE VOICE, effective tomorrow, did not come as a complete shock to those who have monitored his recent trips in and out of the blogosphere.  

Here is the essence of Bobby's sayonara declaration:  

"I have access to every governmental agency which is part of Brownsville. The insiders will continue to bring me information and I will continue to guide them. I have not written about everything which is happening.

It is time to move forward. I have turned down too many full time lecturer positions in American Government at both universities and community colleges. I have an offer I want. After yesterday, and a personal matter which has nothing to do with Brownsville, I decided to take the job if I can sell the house. I have a year. I need to attend to my health. I need to finish helping the people who are waiting on me. I will then try and sell the house. My heart is in teaching. It is not an option in Brownsville. Universities and community colleges around the state and in fact country look at my resume and offer me a job. Because of the petty vindictive politics of Brownsville I am not qualified.

It's been a nice ride."
While we wish Bobby well in his new endeavors, to provide some historical relevance for his shocking departure statement, we are resurrecting a three year old story from this blog, dated January 12, 2012, that discusses his last departure from and subsequent return to the blogging world: 

Egomaniac Blogger Wightman-Cervantes Continues to Breath Fire

by Jim Barton

"They that dwell on the Earth shall wonder . . . . when they behold the Beast that was, and is not, and yet is" (Revelation 17:8).

Some feel this apocalyptic scripture to have been fulfilled when fire-breathing local blogger Bobby Wightman-Cervantes watched his legendary blog descend into the lake of fire only to be rescuscitated, brought back to life by his own egomania. Visionary bloggers Mchale and Montoya refused to witness the death certificate until they saw clear evidence of rigor mortis, or to put it indelicately "the stiffness of death." This was providential as the "wild beast that had descended, now ascended out of the sea with more anger than before." BROWNSVILLE VOICE, Bobby's blog was back!

      Actually, shutting down one's Facebook page, blog or leaving a news group is an ancient internet ploy to engender love, support and devotion from cyberspace. Bobby WC is not the first blogger to threaten to leave his internet followers high and dry. Erasmo Dragustinovis once threatened to shutdown Brownsville Cheezmeh. Too many longtime contributors to internet news groups have issued a lengthy "goodbye post", detailing their reasons for leaving the group only to be back posting within 24 hours. It's a cry for love, for support, for reassurance. Humans need that on the internet and in what little is left of their non-internet life.

In Jerry Mchale's recent poetic lecture on mortality he surmised:

"My passing will be less significant than the splash precipitated by a seagull crapping over the ocean. I will return to my pre-birth state. I will be nothing. I don't know if a conscious supreme power presides over the universe. I do know that I don't figure in any one's plans. Within my limited comprehension of the incomprehensible, I believe that when you're dead, you're dead.

Yes, the fear of not being missed once we depart is a universal insecurity. If we have the means and the cheap labor we can have a pyramidal tomb erected. Or, we can fake our demise on the internet. Whatever works!
      Once out his self-imposed descent into the sea, blogger Bobby came at me with renewed fire-breathing vengeance, charging me with a cold-blooded "shakedown" of district attorney candidate Carlos Masso for advertising dollars and multiple lies in the retelling of the Fly Frontera fiasco story. Actually, I'm sort of weary of talking about Fly Frontera and simply referenced an earlier short post on the subject which evidently omitted appropriate credit to BROWNSVILLE VOICE in blocking the scam. Of course, Bobby's role was executed on his posterior behind a computer, not down at the city commission protesting, speaking against the foolhardy plan. His convoluted conspiracy theory involving Erasmo Dragustinovis, Rodrigo Moreno and Edward Camarillo is a frantic reach even for Bobby.

Bobby's next petulant rant accused me of overt racism by publishing a picture of students at Texas Southern University, the institution from which Justice of the Peace Candidate Erin Hernandez Garcia received her law degree. Actually, it was Bobby who disparaged the school with these initial remarks in BROWNSVILLE VOICE:

"Erin Garcia failed to perform in college and on her LSAT which is why she attended the worst law school in Texas. It is the law school of last resort. It is the law school you go to once you have been rejected by every other law school in the state."

Bobby did not name the school, although Jerry Mchale did. In a followup article detailing the charges and countercharges, I also published a picture showing students from the school. It is a predominately black school, which was reflected in the picture. That has nothing to do with the school's academic credentials, but Bobby portrayed my coverage of the story as racist. Racism and homophobia are frequently used verbal assaults from this fire-breathing internet dragon, but notice Bobby's own expressions in this same article to make your own selection of racist bloggers. Notice how he describes a representative of the F.B.I. he says he met with:

"When I met this little racist shit Karen Chastine she addressed me as Mr. Cervanteeeeees. You would think before the FBI assigns someone to a community like Brownsville they would receive some race sensitivity training - yea - no this is the FBI. I corrected her and told her that under Spanish grammar you drop the second last name and only refer to the person by the first last name and that by the way it is pronounced "Cervantes" not Cervateeeeeeees. To prove her ignorance and imaginary power she went out of her way to say "I'm from the midwest Mr. Cervanteeeeeeees and will pronounce your last name as Mr. Cervanteeeeeeeeeees.This is the best the FBI can do for Brownsville - the assignment of a punk ass Midwestern Anglo with no respect for our culture."

Bobby's use of the expression "punk ass Midwestern Anglo" displays, not only overt racism, but regional bias. So, who really is the racist shit?
But there's more. As the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, Bobby continues with remarks directed at Commissioner Zamora and Brownsville Cheezmeh:

"As an elected official promoting cheezmeh's public forum makes her a supporter of cheezmeh's active demand to vilify Jaime Gonzalez and defend the indefensible - it makes her a supporter of their racist, homophobic and antisemitic jokes."

Even with all of the above being said, it is obvious that the frequently ill-tempered, sometimes irrational Wightman-Cervantes has played a huge role in researching the many twists and turns of political corruption in our community. We welcome his blog's ascent out of the abyss.

Tony Gowen or Rose Martinez for Mayor~Take Your Pick!

We're told that Rose Gowen did indeed pick up a mayoral packet today, but did so at the behest of Tony Martinez.

Yes, Tony is running again!

None of this likely matters to those who work for the City of Brownsville.  Gowen and Martinez are hated equally for their arrogance, condescension and yes, micromanagement of city departments.

Gowen's incredibly bitchy nature was revealed in a series of emails posted on this blog, where she repeatedly talked down to downtown business owners concerned about her plan to reduce a principle artery downtown, E. 6th Street, from three lanes to two.  Her initial plan was for a bike lane, but when it was pointed out that an essentially unused bike trail already existed 20 yards away, the plan was changed to a walkway.  

Martinez campaign ploy is clear: try to take credit for Elon Musk's decision to locate an industrial launch pad at Boca Chica beach, a decision in which Tony was a nonplayer.  Musk chose Boca Chica based on LATITUDE, not recruitment by the City of Brownsville.  $15,000,000 from the State of Texas, along with a change in Texas beach laws orchestrated with a bill by Representative Rene Oliveira, along with cheap, tax delinquent properties near the site swooped up by Musk, made the site selection a no-brainer.  The rumor that Musk disliked Martinez seemed confirmed when the mayor was seated in the audience for a groundbreaking ceremony while the Lucios, Oliveira, Cascos and others joined Musk on stage.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How Many Cheezmeh Adherents Will Actually Vote in the Municipal Elections?

Brownsville Cheezmeh Guru Erasmo Castro,  Carlos Masso

According to El Rrun Rrun, Erasmo's Sunday meet and greet at Lincoln Park drew two dozen including several politicos and a smattering of the Cheezmeh faithful.  The low attendance may have been a fluke.

"It was a last minute thing.  Linda(Erasmo's sister and Campaign Manager, Linda Dragustinovis) just called people Sunday morning," explained someone in close contact with the Castros.

Opinions in town vary as to the impact of Erasmo Castro's entrance in the mayoral race. 

"Erasmo will draw at least 2,000 votes and be in a runoff with Tony Martinez," offered one observer.

Others feel that Brownsville Cheezmeh's actual influence on elections is less than advertised. Castro's Brownsville Cheezmeh site has claimed 5,000 "members" since 2010 with the membership requirement of hitting the like icon on the page. How those numbers translate to actual political influence and votes remains to be seen.

Commissioners Tetreau and Villarreal credit Brownsville Cheezmeh with their election victories in 2011.  Several BC candidates since have not fared as well.  

How Cesar de Leon Could Save Lincoln Park

Young Cesar de Leon, whose name appears properly accented in the campaign photo at left, can save Lincoln Park if he chooses to do so.

De Leon, the perceived frontrunner in his race for City Commissioner At-Large "A" against Roberto Uresti, will likely, if elected, be the swing vote when the Lincoln Park sale, conveyance, gifting comes before the City Commission one last time.

Oh, you thought the Lincoln Park transfer was a done deal?  City Attorney Mark Sossi says "no!"  Please recall that when private citizen Luis V. Saenz tried to file an injunction to block the sale of the park to UT, Sossi claimed there was no sale to block, as the City Commission had merely endorsed a resolution to authorize its agents to enter into negotiations for a sale.  That statement not only opens the door for price negotiation but means that the whole matter must come once again before the commission for final approval.

When that happens, three commissioners have already publicly stated they oppose the sale: Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa, John Villarreal and Ricardo Longoria.  Jessica has never voted to sell the park, while both John and Ricardo reversed their position after hearing the public outcry at the October 30 town hall meeting. Can the wishy-washy Longoria, running for re-election against Roman Perez and Michael Gonzalez, be trusted to honor his commitment?  

Roman Perez, if elected, would protect Southmost's interests, while Michael Gonzalez feels the deal is already "under the hat" and promises to work on odor control at the new site. Certainly, Rose Gowen, Debbie Portillo and the tie-breaker, Tony Martinez, will vote to gift the park to UT.  Roberto Uresti would vote against the sale.  

Grandfather, Grandson at Favorite Park
So, Cesar de Leon, who has not stated publicly his position on Lincoln Park, may be the key to saving or losing the precious city asset. 

Will Cesar protect taxpayer interests or be a shill for Abraham Galonzky and Tony Martinez? 

How the UT Regents Sullied Their School's Reputation with Lincoln Park Deal

From the editor: Shortly after the October 30, 2014 town hall meeting on Lincoln Park, the UT regents convened in El Paso.  A transcript of the minutes of their meeting included a giddy description of obtaining the Lincoln Park tract at a "bargain price."

That was not exactly accurate.  They were gifted Lincoln Park by the City Commission.  The $6.5 million to "convey" the park was meant to merely duplicate the amenities of the park at the smelly new site next to a waste treatment plant in Southmost. Lest we forget, Union Pacific, in its participation in the original relocation the park from under the expressway, included a condition requiring $1.5 million reimbursement should the land be used for something other than a park down the line.  That proviso, if enforced, leaves the city with a mere $5 million in exchange for a tract worth likely four times that.  

Piss poor asset management by Tony Martinez and the City Commission to be sure!

But, the real loser in all this is the University of Texas and its reputation as a community partner. Every family that tries to barbecue in the new, smellier park will be reminded of how UT "hoodwinked" the dumbass Brownsville mayor out of the Lincoln Park tract.  Every Little Leaguer, rounding third base, heading for home, will wrinkle his or her nose at the smell.  Later, the ballplayer's parents will explain the odor, referencing the University of Texas.  "Cacagate," as some city comics refer to the Lincoln Park fiasco, will become a touchstone in perpetuity, talked about again and again by the children and grandchildren of Southmost.  Not effective public relations by the University of Texas.

As the mayor himself pointed out, it was UT who requested the nearly 50 acre Lincoln Park tract, after being offered two other pieces of land by the city.  

With this blog's reduced production of late, the following archived story, first published October 5, 2014, received a number of pageviews recently:

Ancient Biblical Prophet Rebukes, Shames University of Texas System
Jerry McHale's description of me as an atheist is inaccurate. I'm a backsliding agnostic, who knows nothing for sure about the origin of the universe, but sees enough design elements to NOT rule out a First Cause, Creator or General Contractor even though he, she or it may now be dead, disinterested or limited.

I actually read one of the holy books from cover to cover in 1970, with its 39 "books" of the Old Testament and 27 in the New, something that may still be on the bucket list for Pastor Brad and Bishop Daniel Flores. It was a tedious experience that acquaints one with the biblical god's sense of justice, killing the men, women and children not his chosen people and having juvenile delinquents stoned outside the city gates.

One biblical story I can't erase from my memory fits the University of Texas System like the proverbial glove.

It was a story the old prophet Nathan told King David as recorded in 2 Samuel, Chapter 12. Nathan spoke of a very rich man, with thousands of sheep and cattle, who stole the pet lamb of a poor family to be butchered for a meal served to a house guest. King David got so angry when hearing the fictitious account that he said: “As the LORD lives, the man who has done this shall surely die!"

The ultrarich University of Texas System, like the rich man in the prophet Nathan's story, does not need Brownsville's little lamb, Lincoln Park, to butcher in satisfaction of its own carnivorous appetite. UT has many properties or can simply write a check as needs develop without TAKING from the poorest segment of the poorest community in the United States.

It is said that UT officials will be present October 30, when a public hearing is scheduled at Tony Gonzalez Park to discuss the "conveyance of 47.56 acres of Lincoln Park to the UT System." Commissioner Deborah "Little Debbie" Portillo has been telling those who will listen that the transfer is a "done deal." If young Debbie is correct, the hearing is a farce, once again demonstrating that the City Commission acts with or without consultation with the electorate. The hearing will simply be a dog and pony show to placate the taxpayers with hollow promises and lies.

What we can assure the University of Texas System, should they accept the transfer of this irreplaceable community asset, is that the shame will stink well beyond Brownsville or even Austin. It will be a recurring theme on this blog for years to come how the big, bad University of Texas couldn't function without butchering Brownsville's precious little lamb, Lincoln Park.


  1. The irony is that they will never really use the land. UT-RGV's Brownsville satellite campus will not grow. No students from outside Brownsville will attend the school. Why would they? All the resources are up the Valley. It would be like saying I attend UT-Austin but take my classes at the Giddings satellite campus. The logistics are insurmountable. They should have left Brownsville out in its entirety. Just a waste of money to placate clueless people who think they are getting a "University" in their hovel.
  2. Juliet Garcia was a master of taking and if you protested, then they went all out to create a perception that you were against education. This is how she did it when I refused to give them the R.E. Smith 90 acres, but they still got with the help of Henry Gonzalez, Jackie Lockette, and Ernie Hernandez. They took the Jacob Brown, which cost us to issue millions in debt to replace and a higher tax rate. They also suckered us into buying the Cueto Building and were allowed to occupy it in exchange for a few pebbles of gravel. Brownsville never learns, because the select few in the elite crowd dictate to those who are so eager to be accepted and hungry for recognition, but once they have used you, they spit you out like garbage. They threw Akinson under the bus and replaced him with a write in candidate, Tetreau after they used him to fund Imagine Brownsville. They used Rick and Leo, look at them now. They will never be accepted and they will dispose of Tetreau and Portillo in the same way after they are thru with them.
  3. The UTRGV hasn't gotten its "ducks" in order in the RGV and I think it premature to give anything or consider giving anything to this ultra-rich system until the "kinks" get worked out in terms of location, management and system configuration. UTRGV is now in a fight about the school mascot. Upper valley wants to keep "Broncos"...a mascot since 1927. So. now our disorganized city commission is going to jump in the fray to save the "Ocelot".....mascot for what one year. This leads us to believe there is a split in the organization and we should save our Lincoln Park until the systemic debate is over and the division of labor between the upper valley and Brownsville produces an organization that will encourage us to give up anything. We know Tony Martinez will move in the direction that Julieta Garcia points to him. In the end, she is still trying to identify her own future in the UT System. Supporting higher education is one thing; supporting Julieta Garcia's self-serving goals is not in our best interests. Tony Martinez is a DICK.....
  4. I got an idea! How about showing up with clipboards with recall petitions and let the real opinions of the people be heard. Think of it as a referendum on ALL their performances. Everyone, every commissioner. I think the people's voice will really be heard that way.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Are You Ready for Charro Days Roping Tricks?

The Persistent Rumor: Gowen Pinch Hitting for Martinez in Mayor's Race

City Commissioner Rose Gowen
A political operative, wearing a green polo shirt with a "Pace" logo, was sure of it:  "Tony is not running.  Gowen will file at the last minute to run for mayor."

Yet another politico referred to the revelation as a "persistent rumor." Yes, Martinez has announced his re-election bid for mayor, but not filed.  He's busy planning his second self-applauding, elitist "State of the City" event.  

Interestingly, the 2015 version of the "State of the City" was announced two days after our Public Information Request to determine the whereabouts of the $11,246 balance left over from the 2013 event was emailed to the city.  At the time, City Manager Charlie Cabler stated that the balance would be used for "next year's event" or "given to charity."

Gowen, who prevailed over Garden Park's Roberto Uresti, 2097-1486 in the 2013 City Commissioner At-Large "B" race, is perceived as a weaker candidate than Martinez.

"It will be a William Garza-Rose Gowen runoff," stated Mr. Pace.

The other politico laughed at that, not thinking much of Garza's chances.  "I see it as Ahumada and Gowen in the runoff."


Friday, February 13, 2015

Brownsville Living's 5th Anniversary Party at Cobbleheads, February 12

Craig Grove
Realtor/Broker Craig Grove always views Brownsville's cup as half-full, not half-empty, tirelessly promoting local businesses year after year on his Facebook page, Brownsville Living. Actually, BL has grown into six pages with joiners topping the 30,000 mark.
The venue for the Brownsville Living's 5th Anniversary Party, held February 12, was Cobbleheads Bar and
Restaurant on Central Boulevard. Cobbleheads owner
Christy, Richard Galvan
Joe Kinney has made his establishment the location of choice for many candidate meet and greets as well public events like the BL bash. Typically, guests get free food paid for the by the event organizer while Cobbleheads provides a cash bar.  

Local businesses kick in gift bags, gifts and gift cards that Grove distributes to attendees via a free raffle.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Roman Perez Shares Artwork for District 1 Campaign

This is not an advertisement.  Perez does not advertise on the blogs, nor does this blog accept political ads.  View this as an example of political art.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BISD "Colored" Band~1951 Interscholastic League Honors Winners

Shown is Miss Mattie Hoyt with her award winning children's band.  Brownsville's colored school rhythm band took first honors at the 1951 interscholastic league meet .

Carl Montoya Was Never the Right Man for the BISD Job

From the editor:  As Carl Montoya moves on to Judson, just north of San Antonio, we're reminded that he was never the right hire in the first place.  As an interim superintendent, who demonstrated his willingness to do the bidding of Cata Presas-Garcia, Luci Longoria, Enrique Escobedo and Christina Saavedra,  the majority foursome shut down the "national search" after just 24 hours.  They had found a "fit."

Montoya was also a shill for "United Brownsville," the shadowy, self-appointed board, trying to control the flow of economic development in Cameron County.

Here is what we wrote about Montoya in November 2011:

" I learned all I need to know about Carl Montoya as superintendent in his first few hours on the job when he suspended the Chief Financial Officer,

Tony Fuller, before drinking his first cup of coffee. A thoughtful, careful, discerning leader just assuming oversight does not make a huge personnel decision in his first hours of taking office. He owes his constituents, his staff and his peers more than that. Initially he probes, he questions, he carefully evaluates the needs of the district. He comes up with an evaluation, his evaluation, not someone elses. Even if he decides a change is needed, he still waits until he has carefully evaluated a replacement. Only then does he act.

By making two important personnel moves in the first 48 hours of his new position, Montoya proved that he was not his own man. He was simply following orders. Perhaps, that is why, even before the last board meeting, Presas-Garcia declared Montoya a good "fit" for the job. That's exactly what Montoya is. He fits perfectly into the plans of those who want to control the district. Do you really think that a district with a $500,000,000 annual budget does not deserve a careful nationwide or even statewide search for a superintendent? The board majority does not. They already have a "fit".'

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is Tony Martinez Waiting to See What Trey Mendez Does Before Filing to Run for Mayor?

Is Tony Waiting to See What Trey
Does Before Filing? 
Much as NBA players, practicing their routine for the slam-dunk contest, worry about a last-minute entry by Lebron James, Tony and the Pretenders may all be looking over their shoulders, worried about Attorney Trey Mendez deciding to run for mayor.

Pat Ahumada said as much last week at  Cobbleheads:  "I encouraged either Trey Mendez or Edward Trevino to run, but, when that didn't happen, I was approached by Rey Montanaro and others to enter the race."

Captain Bob Sanchez, a Price Road poissonnier, who allowed himself to be portrayed as a viable candidate on Jerry Mchale's risqué blog, Brownsville Blues, before his wife exercised her
Sanchez and Mchale Planning
Victory Party Menu
veto, has now been overheard soliciting signatures to run.  An Ahumada operative approached us:  "I was the one who emailed you about Sanchez running.  He doesn't know me and was talking openly in front of me about gathering signatures to run for mayor."

Brenda Joyas
Brenda Joyas, who shared with us her thoughts about running for mayor last fall, worked as an intern in several city departments, sees the needs, the flaws, but, also the untapped potential of the city and its historical downtown.  Joyas formed the Historic Downtown Coalition in an effort to unite downtown business owners.  She is pro-Brownsville in a way Tony Martinez wouldn't understand.

Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis, the son of a preacher, openly in a committed, same sex relationship for years in Austin, but possessor of a Brownsville apartment address, has entered the mayoral race with a splash.  A loose affiliation of realtors, lawyers, teachers and political advocates came together under the Brownsville Cheezmeh banner in 2010/2011 to defeat the infamous Fly Frontera Airline proposal then before the City Commission.  Pat Ahumada still thinks the flimflam concept was a good deal for the city, despite the company being only 4 days old before the City Commission vote, and the headquarters located in the home of convicted RICO con artist/felon Carlos Quintanilla of Dallas.  The City of Brownsville was on the verge of agreeing to $2,500,000 upfront money for licenses, fuel, jet rental, etc., plus $118.00 for every ticket NOT sold on flights from Brownsville into Mexico, a totally upside-down deal.  

Roughly concurrent with that citizen uprising was a groundswell of interest in running bully City Commissioner Charlie Atkinson out of office.  First Zeke Silva, then Jessica Tetreau served as the candidate used to oust Atkinson, Tetreau, by necessity a write-in.  Almost to the day of that Atkinson defeat, no one actually knew the person behind the website, Brownsville Cheezmeh.  Now, he has surfaced in a run for mayor.

Attorney Trey Mendez
But, what about Trey Mendez, an attorney and TSC Trustee, deeply respected in the community for being among four trustees saving the community college from destruction by Juliet Garcia. There is absolutely no love lost between Tony Martinez, who labors only for Juliet Garcia and her cronies, and Trey Mendez.  

Even the fake Christian, Father Armand Matthew, threatened publicly to "ruin" Trey's "career" when Trey blocked Juliet's attempt to destroy TSC.  

Of course, citizens have not seen enough of Trey.  He spoke out publicly on the downtown parking meter fiasco, wrote thoughtfully on Lincoln Park.  He is not at a point in his life where he can run for mayor, an unpaid position.  We heard this February 1:  

"I hear ya. I wish I could run. . . . I'm just not at a point where I can do it. I'm too busy with work to do it right. TSC needs me right now, too."

Those are words Tony Martinez is likely waiting to hear as, according the the Brownsville Herald, Martinez has not yet filed to run for mayor.  Is he waiting to see what Trey will do?


Self-Portrait by Josie del Castillo