Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brownsville/South Padre Island Airport to Double-Down on Boca Chica Fence After Numerous Accidents

Sesha S. Vorrey, Interim Director of Aviation,
Gives Power Point to Airport Advisory Board
Like death and taxes, there is that inevitable crash by a vehicle heading south on Minnesota Avenue through the northern fence of the Brownsville/South Padre Island Airport along Boca Chica Blvd.  Whether inebriated, texting or simply not paying attention, a driver finds the nose of his car or truck through the chain link airport fence.  

"No more!" says Interim Director of Aviation Sesha S. Vorrey.  "We're constructing a secondary fence where Minnesota Avenue butts into Boca Chica Blvd."

"Well, that only took thirty years to figure out!" joked Airport Advisory Board secretary Chris Hughston.  "But, as fast as some of these cars are traveling, they may just go through both fences."

Director Vorrey stated that sand bags would be placed between the two fences to impede that eventuality.

Sesha S. Vorrey
Vorrey, the Interim Director of Aviation for the airport since the health-initiated retirement of former Director Larry Brown, monitored a power point slide presentation for the board at Tuesday's meeting of the Airport Advisory Board.

The largest project, the 'strengthening and lengthening of the airport runway, to be completed within 60 months, will cost $83,000,000, including the purchase of land and homes for the necessary real estate.

While the ultimate goals is 12,000 feet of runway, the project could include a phase at 10,000 feet.  

A project rehabilitating Runway Bravo and the West Ramp at a cost of $9,000,000 is nearly complete, while a project to construct a cargo hangar for $2,500,000 is being sent back for new bids.  

A new terminal will be built in the current metered parking lot at a cost of $27,500, 000 with a completion date of November 2016.  Terminal improvements include Wi-Fi, a change machine and fiber optic cable.  

Financial reports indicate a decline in passenger travel and parking revenue, but a distinct surge in cargo transport.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Preacher Alex Resendez Exorcises Demons At Brownsville Public Library

Rev. Alex Resendez, D.D.
Three years ago Reverend Alex Resendez was moved to write the Brownsville Herald with proof that he had identified Barack Obama as the dreaded Antichrist.  

Resendez' "proof" was undeniable.  The name Barack Hussein Obama contains 18 letters and, as we all know, 6+6+6=18. If that factoid alone is not convincing enough, Resendez reminds us that Obama rides in a bulletproof limousine nicknamed "the beast." Heaven help us, boys and girls!  The reverend also accused our president of "mocking the Bible" and "blasphemes against the Sermon on the Mount."  

Today's Brownsville Herald published another warning letter from the loony preacher, warning of evil spirits at the Brownsville Public Library.  The reverend was actually attacked by those spirits and had to resort to theocratic warfare to rid himself of the menace.  The preacher has several other issues; someone running a "cheap online newspaper" using a library computer meant for our "schoolchildren" and women dressing in beachwear.  We reprint his letter to the editor:


Our Brownsville Central Public Library is being abused and out of control.  

As I walked into the library recently, a man with evil spirits attacked me while walking next to one of the library managers.  I had to stop and rebuke his evil spirits in Jesus' mighty name, and then report it to the security man in charge of the library.[a security guard in charge?]

This security man said that all he could do was call the Brownsville police.  The man left before security could call for help.

Our children have no protection in an emergency in this library.  God help us all.

In this library there's this man running an online newspaper business; he should be told that these computers should be for out schoolchildren and for public use but not for a cheap newspaper.[a blogger?]  

This person and other people go there and talk so loud its sounds like a political debate. Young mothers take their kids and babies; it's so bad, its like a nursing home.[Did he mean nursery?]

Young girls think they are at the beach; they go dressed in short shorts and laugh so loud, it's very disturbing.

It's like a circus in this library.  Children are running playing hide-and-seek.  

How can the administration correct this library abuse without getting a lawsuit from these mothers with babies?  How can we fix this central library problem?  Who can help us?[mighty Jesus?]

We need our peaceful library back so people can go read books peacefully.  I hope someone can help bring back order and respect to this library.  

Rev. Alex Resendez

Sunday, April 24, 2016

After All These Years, City Attorney Mark Sossi Admits Fly Frontera Was Not "Vetted"

City Attorney Mark Sossi, who also serves as legal eagle for the GBIC, shared several possible options to the corporation's bylaws at Thursday's board meeting.  

One proposed change would allow someone other than the BEDC to "vet" projects that come before the GBIC.  Traditionally, the BEDC, run by Executive Director Jason Hilts and Vice-President Gilbert Salinas had the responsibility to check out or "vet" proposals submitted to the GBIC for funding,  The GBIC or Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation is a taxpayer financed entity that doles out taxpayer dollars on so-called economic development projects.  The success rate of the GBIC has been incredibly poor, as project after project has proved to be a total failure, wasting millions of Brownsville taxpayer dollars.

It was during City Attorney Sossi's discussion of the issue of third party "vetting" of GBIC projects that we heard something we had never heard any city official admit, that the proposed 2011 Fly Frontera Airlines contract with the city was never "vetted."

Sossi first cited "an airline," then later said "Fly Frontera," when giving an example of a major city contract that was never sufficiently "vetted."  He also remembered how clever city officials had sereptitiously included initials in Fly Frontera's copy of the contract. When Fly Frontera officials accused the city of "leaking" the proposed contract, Sossi said he simply replied:  "It was your copy of the contract that was leaked."

For those new to Brownsville's blogs, Fly Frontera was a fledgling "airline," registered just 4 days before the Brownsville City Commission considered approval for a contract at the April 5, 2011 City Commission meeting.  The "airline" was fronted by Carlos Quintanilla, a RICO felon, convicted of trying to bilk the G. Heileman Brewing Company out of $700,000 in a kickback scheme.

It was Bobby Wightman-Cervantes of the Brownsville Voice, who discovered and first reported that the administrative office address of Fly Frontera was actually Carlos Quintanilla's home address; 421 S. Dwight, Dallas, TX 75211.

Something we've never reported is that, prior to the April 5, 2011 City Commission meeting to discuss Fly Frontera, a city commissioner leaked a copy of the proposed contract to a group then associated with the Brownsville Cheezmeh political advocacy group.(To the best of my knowledge none of us yet knew that Erasmo Castro controlled the Facebook page detailing the activity of the group.)

Prior to the April 5, 2011 City Commission meeting, several of us met at the home of Craig and Laura Grove to discuss strategy to defeat the proposed airline deal.  We had a copy of the contract, indicating that the city would provide $1,500,000 to the airline in "start-up" monies for licensing, fuel, spare parts and that the first 23 tickets for every flight to Monterey or Mexico City that were NOT SOLD the airline would be reimbursed $135 by the city.  It was a totally upside down deal that would reward the 4 day old airline for total failure.

When the April 5, 2011 City Commission meeting resulted in considerable public opposition to the contract, the matter was tabled.  Later, then Mayor Pat Ahumada arranged for a public meeting to discuss the deal.  While Ahumada and Carlos Quintanilla used the public address and lectern to address the group, those of us speaking against the deal were instructed to line up along one wall of the auditorium and then given a tinny wireless microphone to make our comment.  

Some have compared Carlos Quintanilla to current manipulator, Mike Hernandez III, a Dallas car salesman, trying his darndest to influence elections in Cameron County through his Facebook page, OP 10.33.  In 2011, Carlos Quintanilla orchestrated the BISD trustee candidacies of Cata Presas-Garca, Lucy Longoria and Christina Saavedra.

Friday, April 22, 2016

City Commissioners Pulling Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation from Darkness Into the Light

Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa,
New President of GBIC
David Betancourt missed his last meeting as chairman of the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, as new officers were installed Thursday evening: City Commissioner Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa as President, City Commissioner Deborah Portillo as Vice-President and John Cowen as Secretary-Treasurer.  Betancourt will continue as a member of the board.

City Commissioner Cesar de Leon
At the last meeting, board member City Commissioner Cesar de Leon introduced an agenda item to adjust the by-laws of the corporation to allow board meetings to be moved to the City Commission chambers.  De Leon wants more taxpayer access to such important meetings where nearly $5,000,000 of taxpayer dollars are doled out annually for economic development projects.  De Leon feels the commission chambers accommodate a larger audience and are set up for microphone enhancement of the proceedings as well as a live feed to Brownsville TV/Channel 12.

City Attorney Mark Sossi, who provides part-time legal expertise for the GBIC at a contracted rate of $5,000 per month, explained possible by-law changes including a new "due diligence" feature allowing third party firms to be contracted to vet potential GBIC projects, a role currently filled exclusively by the Brownsville Economic Development Council.

The need for audio enhancement was obvious as, sitting directly behind City Finance Director Lupe Granado, I could barely hear his reading of the GBIC Financial Report.  Commissioner Tetreau-Kalifa interrupted his report to question an expenditure of $417,000 she noticed in her paperwork packet.  As Granado started to explain the expense, BEDC Executive Director Jason Hilts broke in:  "That's for marketing and trade shows," he stated.  

After the meeting, I commented to De Leon and Tetreau-Kalifa:  "417,000?  Why that's nearly 10% of their annual taxpayer funding.  "Marketing' could include almost anything;  hotel rooms, food and liquor.  It's a very dangerously non-specific description of an expenditure."  

De Leon said that he would insist that Granado give a much more detailed explanation for that expense at the next meeting.  The commissioner also renewed his promise that the unique situation of having three city commissioners on this 4A funds board would not be permanent.  

"I will resign as soon as we get this board on track," he promised.

Evaristo Gamez, Jr., City Permit Director
Seated next to Hilts was City Permit Director Evaristo Gamez, Jr., who read a list of major permits recently issued in the city.  This report was part of Jason Hilts GBIC Administrator's Economic Development Report.  Unfortunately, Gamez reading of major construction and remodeling projects in the city was essentially inaudible.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Viable Are LNG Plants At the Port of Brownsville When LNG Production Is Being Scaled Back Worldwide?

From the editor:  Short-sighted profiteers who push for LNG plants at the Port of Brownsville, extending to the city limits of Port Isabel, may be a decade or so late.  Lowered oil prices, lessening demand for LNG has resulted in lowered production worldwide.  

Actually, littering Highway 48 with LNG plants would be the dumbest mistake our region could ever make.  Imagine scenic Channel View adjacent to Houston.  The water is there, but the air wreaks of oil and the skies seem always overcast.  Certainly, no one is swimming or kayaking in the bay.

If the LNG plants are built, they could become a decaying carcass of chemical cleanup Cameron County could never afford, not only a permanent eyesore, but a health hazard.  

Hopefully, the LNG companies will honor the $4 million in leasing fees, but choose not to throw good money after bad.  Pope Francis, Barack Obama and the world are encouraging moving away from fossil fuel technology. Whole cities in Germany are now off the grid, powered by wind. 

World reports, many from LNG World News, the PR vehicle for the industry, indicate demand for LNG is decreasing.  Notice this report from Great Britain:

"Renewable Energy Association, UK’s renewable energy trade body reveals that Britain could be producing an equivalent of more than 45 LNG tankers’ worth of renewable natural gas (biomethane) per year by 2035.
According to the report, UK’s biomethane industry could be producing the equivalent of four LNG tankers worth of gas per year by the end of 2016.

Before the end of last year, 15 biomethane projects were completed with an additional 15 projects to be finished in 2016.

“By the end of 2016, the UK will be domestically producing more green gas than LNG imported at the Dragon (Milford Haven) terminal in 2014,” the reports shows.

With the expected growth rate by 2035, the UK’s production of biomethane will be 2.4 times greater than the volume of LNG that was imported by both the Dragon (Milford Haven) and Isle of Grain terminals in 2014.

This could mean that the United Kingdom could reduce its LNG imports by over a quarter compared to 2014 levels, the report shows. 

Indonesia is also lowering production:

"Indonesia’s two LNG plants could flood the spot market with up to 60 uncommitted liquefied natural gas cargoes in 2016.

Head of SKK Migas’ communications department Elan Biantoro said that the Tangguh and Bontang LNG facilities could end up with 55-60 uncommitted cargoes due to expiring contracts, Platts reports.

Cargoes, with a typical volume of 125,000 cbm, could be offered on the spot market by Pertamina and BP, however, Biantoro said that the domestic needs will have the priority while unused capacities will be offered via tenders.

Bontang facility, operated by Badak LNG, is also set to reduce the number of cargoes it produces in 2016. According to Badak LNG’s president director, Salis Aprilian Bontang LNG plant will produce 147 cargoes instead of 170 planned for 2015 due to lower gas production.(LNG World News)"

China is also reducing its LNG imports:

China’s weak natural gas demand cuts into LNG imports

07 October 2015 11:45 Source:ICIS
In the eight months to August, China’s LNG imports fell by 3.7% year on year to 12.8m tonnes as a slowing economy reduced domestic demand for natural gas.

Weak economic growth - which has reverberated around global markets - has caused China’s key industrial sector to reduce gas offtake. Many plants have either shut down or have reduced operating rates to cope with the thinning margins, a source at a state-owned major said.

“Everyone knows that China is oversupplied this year because of weak demand. State-owned importers have had to defer or divert a few term LNG deliveries,” a second market source said.

Last year, China imported 19.9m tonnes of LNG – equivalent to around 27.9 billion cubic metres (bcm). This year’s imports are unlikely to top this, barring a drastic change in weather.

Mild winter temperatures for two years running have meant little requirement for additional LNG imports beyond contract offtake, a source at a second state-owned major said. The same could happen again this winter.

A declining crude oil price this year has also made substitute products more affordable than natural gas.

ICIS China assessments for September showed that liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in south China costs around yuan (CNY) 79.00/MMBtu ($12.43/MMBtu) on an ex-terminal truck basis, compared with CNY90.00/MMBtu for truck-delivered LNG.

“Those who cannot import LNG into China and can switch fuel usage would take LPG to improve their economics,” a private gas distributor in Guangdong said.

Domestic natural gas production was also more than sufficient to meet the requirements. The country produced 83.5bcm of natural gas from January to August this year, a 3.0% rise from the same period last year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed.

While the latest year-to-date consumption figure was unavailable, data from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) showed that China consumed around 90bcm of natural gas in the first half of 2015. Although this would put it on track to reach last year’s total consumption of 179bcm, China had expected higher demand growth as it continues its push for greater clean energy usage.

State-owned major PetroChina expects a 2.6% growth in gas demand to 184bcm for 2015, and a rise to 300bcm by 2020, according to an industry report released by investment bank JP Morgan on 1 October.

“Many industry contacts see a mid-to-high single digit gas demand growth in the long term, especially if the government is serious about environmental measures and penetration of gas into China’s energy mix,” the JP Morgan report said.
By Xieli Lee

Demand for LNG has weakened in all of Asia:

(EnergyAsia, January 15 2016, Friday) — Weighed down by a first decline in Asian consumption after years of strong growth, global demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) fell two percent to 245 million tonnes last year, said UK consulting firm Wood Mackenzie.

A supply glut opened up as production rose by four million tonnes to 250 million tonnes in 2015 with the start-up of numerous planned projects.

The industry’s prospects will remain weak even with Asian spot prices crashing to a new low of US$6.90 per million BTU last year, said Wood Mackenzie as another 125 million tonnes of capacity is being developed in different parts of the world. The most anticipated project, the Sabine liquefaction terminal in Louisiana state, marking the US’s debut as an LNG exporter, will start up in February, according to owner and operator Cheniere Energy Partners LP.

LNG producers will continue to look to emerging markets to soak up the new supplies as established buyers are becoming more cautious, said Chong Zhi Xin, Wood Mackenzie’s principal analyst for South-Eastern Asia and Australia.

“In 2015, weak market environment forced companies to adjust strategies and tactics. Sellers started to look further afield to emerging markets in Middle East and Africa and new opportunities in Asia, while buyers exercised more caution in contracting,” he said.

The first LNG purchase tenders issued by Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan were met “with intense interest”, generating new demand totalling 5.8 million tonnes last year through fast-tracked floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) developments.

Mr Chong said these new buyers have a crucial role in balancing the LNG market that is reeling from the loss of Asian demand. The FSRU market is expected to continue growing in 2016, enabling producers to supply to new customers.

Europe is another alternative outlet for suppliers struggling to deal with the protracted glut, according to Giles Farrer, Wood Mackenzie’s research director for global gas and LNG supply.

“The fall in Asian demand and the rise in Australian supply meant some Atlantic LNG volumes were squeezed out of the market and Atlantic-to-Pacific trade flows fell by 16% – from 96 million tonnes/year to 82 million tonnes/year,” he said. With the lower oil price driving down Asian LNG prices, the spread between European gas prices and Asian LNG prices narrowed.

As a result, companies with Atlantic supply sold their cargoes into European markets, said Mr Farrer.

Australia was responsible for the recent surge in LNG supply with the start-up of three major projects over the past year: BG’s QC LNG plant in January 2015, Santos’s GLNG in August 2015, and ConocoPhillips’s APLNG at the start of January 2016.

“The commissioning of these facilities, which have a combined capacity of 26.5 million tonnes/year, marks the start of (Australia’s) ascent to become the world’s largest supplier of LNG by 2019,” he said.

The US will add to at least 18.5 million tonnes of new supply capacity over the next few years with three projects gaining final investment decisions (FID) in 2015. Cheniere Energy approved the construction of two trains at Corpus Christi and a fifth train at Sabine Pass while Freeport LNG gave its FID greenlight on a third train.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Villanueva and Rivera Receive Questionable Out-of-Town Support for BND Election

Brownsville Observer
From the editor:   The amateurish advocacy group, OP 10.33, funded by Mike Hernandez III, who feels his success at leasing cars in Dallas gives him license to set the moral tone for Brownsville and Cameron County, first claimed they supported no local candidates, but now, have reversed field and are openly backing two wannabes for the Brownsville Navigational District, Raul Villanueva and Laguna Vista resident, Ed Rivera.  

Here is the latest blurb from the OP. 10.33 social media page:  

OP10.33 is pleased to recommend...

Raul Villanueva and Ed Rivera for candidates to the Brownsville Navigation District places 1 and 5, respectively.
After discussions with a numerous and diverse group of community members, we have decided to recommend Raul and Ed for a number of compelling reasons

First, while we respect the service provided by the incumbents over the last eight years, the Port still lags significantly behind other Ports in a number of critical performance indicators, including tons shipped, direct jobs and overall trade value.

Second, Mr. Villanueva and Mr. Rivera have the strong international business and manufacturing related experience needed to raise the performance bar at the Port by increasing its competitiveness, efficiency and accountability.

Finally, Mr. Rivera and Mr. Villanueva understand the importance of the Port working diligently and collaboratively with other public and private sector entities to improve the overall economic conditions and quality of life of the district's residents.



Monday, April 18, 2016

Los Fresnos Chamber of Commerce Guru Betrays Ignorance of LNG Plant Dangers

Jim Barton,  publisher of  the
Brownsville Observer
Proponents of the LNG plants, proposed to junk up our region from the Port of Brownsville to the city limits of Port Isabel, frequently remind us of the "clean-burning" nature of natural gas, as if an LNG plant is similar to Tia Lopez warming a tortilla on her two-burner stove.  

Val Champion, Executive Director of the Los Fresnos Chamber of Commerce, stops just short of that portrayal in his April 18, 2016 "Letter to the Editor" to the Brownsville Herald, but still misses the whole rationale for LNG plant opposition by the Laguna Madre Water District, the Surfrider Foundation, the South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation(failed to endorse LNG), Texas Parks & Wildlife, the Port Isabel City Commission, the South Padre Island Business Owner's Association, Sea Turtle, the Laguna Vista City Council, the South Padre Island City Commission, the RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as well as several chapters of the Sierra Club.

Val Champion, Executive Director of Los Fresnos
Chamber of Commerce
None of the above mentioned groups are concerned about natural gas burning cleanly. They may not even disagree with Val Champion's description of liquefied natural gas as "colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive and non-corrosive" and generally safe to transport.

2004 Explosion at Algerian LNG Plant Kills 26
But, Val and other would-be short-term profiteers, it is not the normal burning of natural gas or the transport of liquefied natural gas that presents environmental danger.  It is the PROCESS of converting natural gas to a liquid for transport, requiring a HUGE processing plant, ENORMOUS energy usage and HUGE dispersion of hot liquid and chemicals into the atmosphere that LNG opponents fear.

The financial reward of reducing natural gas to 1/600th of its volume, subsequently into liquid form is understandable.  It corresponds to using one transport ship instead of 600.  That savings alone makes the  process economically viable, especially if the market price of natural gas is relatively high.  Imagine shipping 600 hundred packages for the normal price of shipping one package.  

Yet, liquefying natural gas is a dirty and unsightly enterprise. At the Port of Brownsville, the proposed LNG facilities would dump millions of gallons of heated effluent each day into one of the healthiest shallow-water bays in the world. The plants’ 500-foot flaring towers—which release mercury, hydrogen sulfide, helium, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and other impurities from the natural gas—would burn a couple of miles downwind from the state’s most popular beach. Local environmental groups estimate that air pollution will quadruple in the Brownsville-South Padre Island metroplex, a 10-mile stretch of coastline, residential neighborhoods and small businesses that may soon sit under the brown-cloud haze of pollution already familiar to residents of industrialized regions like Corpus Christi, Galveston and Houston. The purification and refrigeration process for LNG is so energy-intensive that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for this region would be staggering.

In addition to the envionmental concerns, the market for LNG is drying up rapidly.  Please notice this excerpt from an article in the McAllen Monitor by guest columnist Stefanie Herwek, that was not reprinted in the Brownsville Herald for some reason:

Proposed LNG Plants in Port of Brownsville Area

"Citing a 2013 report (when LNG was

lucrative), the lobby group Texans for LNG is promising that LNG exports will bring thousands of jobs to the state and billions in tax revenue. The companies proposing to build LNG export terminals to the Port of Brownsville — Texas LNG, Annova LNG and Rio Grande LNG — have paid for studies that claim to show what share of this supposed economic boon they would each bring.
But these predictions are banking on an LNG boom that’s already over.

Global LNG prices have fallen more than 60 percent since 2014 and are expected to fall more in the next three to five years.

This plunge was initiated by plummeting oil prices and made worse because demand for LNG dried up in Asia as the Chinese economy slowed and Japan shifted back to nuclear power. At the same time, the commissioning of several large Australian LNG export facilities created a major glut in the market.

In fact, analyses by the Canadian bank CIBC and the U.S Department of Energy concluded that there will only be a market for 6.5 billion cubic-feet per day of LNG from North America for the next eight years. The five U.S. LNG export terminals already approved and under construction will have a combined maximum capacity of 14 billion cubic-feet per day.

That means the American LNG industry is already on track to produce twice as much as the market will bear for at least the next eight years.

In addition to that huge over-capacity, there are seven LNG export projects ahead of Texas LNG, Annova LNG and Rio Grande LNG in the U.S. regulatory process, and another 20 proposed Canadian projects. This long queue in a limited market makes the companies’ confidence in their business plans sound absurd."

Monday, April 4, 2016

Brownsville Beat Reports Ambush and Subsequent Killing of 8 "Drug Dealers" Thursday in Valle Hermoso

From the Brownsville Observer editor:  We reprint this Borderland Beat story about an alleged ambush of  the Fuerza Tamaulipas by drug dealers in Valle Hermoso.  

As with any BB article, its always instructive to read the comments below the article as they give a different point of view.  

Tamaulipas: 8 Suspects Dead in Attempted Ambush

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Fuerza Tamaulipas (Tamaulipas Force) members took down eight alleged criminals in the town of Las Yescas, located in the municipality of Valle Hermoso.

According to the Tamaulipas Coordination Group, the events occurred yesterday afternoon when police officers were unexpectedly attacked by members of a criminal group.

In a statement, they said that in repelling the aggression in defense of their lives, the soldiers shot eight alleged criminals dead, two of them idenitified as José Gilberto Castro Arcos, 24, and Juan Carlos Alvarado Quiroz, 19, both originating from Matamoros.

The attack occurred at 13:55, when state police were carrying out patrols along the Victoria-Matamoros highway, and upon arriving at Las Yescas, they were attacked by armed men who were among weeds.

According to the statement, the members of Fuerza Tamaulipas retreated and began to repel the
attack, while requesting support from other members of the Tamaulipas Coordination Group.

Helicopters and federal police officers arrived at the scene, along with personnel from the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense and Mexican Secretariat of the Navy, as well as members of Fuerza Tamaulipas.

After federal forces got a hold of the attack, they secured various rifles, magazines, cartridges, tactical objects, and vehicles that were made available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Federation so that an investigation can be initiated.



  1. No dejes caer bandera Comandante Rex, Pitula, Bravo-1, y toda la raza de Ciudad Victoria. Que tanto pueden ya durar los traicioneros del CDN demuestren les quien son los verdaderos Z.

    Saludos desde la plaza de la Silla.
    1. They not even zetas anymore they are the traitors, son puras golfitas now
    2. 8:31 FUERZA TAMAULIPAS, the state police did the killing, says the report, it does not say who the dead are, "real zetas" or cartel del norte, or just a bunch of "presumed guilties" or planted, fabricated sitting ducks the police dressed to look like guerrillas sent to run for their lives, I am not going to just believe these facking murdering kidnappers, extorters and robatrocas whatever they want to report...
    3. @1:00PM is right
      Don't believe everything you read.
    4. Los traidores son el Rex y pitula por que el pinche bravo es golfo pendejo. El CDN opera igual i se hacen llamar CDNZ por que ellos sigen siendo zetas no Como ustedes traidores que segun son Zetas pero son golfas . y nunka vuelvan a nombra a nuestro general lazzcano por que el si era zeton y lider de esos pendejos. Hablan de traiciones jaja se les olvidar perros quien les abrio plaza en nvo Laredo cuando llegaron de Matamoros. Por que ustedes no sabian Como jalar nomas secuestra y matar pero pa mover las drogas x Laredo no sabian ni madres y muchoo menos los puntos de los tejas y chachos.le llaman traicionero al z40 cuando el siempre ah sido Z pinches pendejos. Ese dia en torreon les dijo el comandante lazzcano que si algo le pasaria a el que el Trevino queraria a cargo y eso les kalo a todos ustedes .si fueran sido verdaderos zetas señores no se fueran ido con las golfas pinches puercos. Hasta tienen las mismas estrategias de las golfas jajajaa. Yo soy de nuevo Laredo y tambien tengo vieja escuela culeros cuando antes zumbava el comadante lazcano y Trevino junto con todos los kaibiles y gafez que los protejian. Quieren LA plaza de Laredo por el pinche dinero pero aki a los chapulines se les corta LA cabeza y esos del grupo bravo Chingen a su madre pinches panochones.en laredo saben onde andamos y ni asi le quieren pelear culones.atte Los Zetaz de Laredo..grupo lima llegando a reforzar la plaza de los chapulines que brincaron.
    5. Cállate no sabes ni si quiera escribir ni expresarte hay dos tipos de narcos los nacos que son ustedes y los educados que saben hacer las cosas sin derramar sangre que eres tu un pinche naco que no sabe escribir ni hablar primero educate y aprende a trabajar
    6. 10:00 AM

      Mira tu probablemente tenias mucha leche materna en la boca pero el primer zeta que fue a partirsela en nuevo laredo fue el Traca y no las trevis. y ya sabes como termino el traca? traicionado por las cholas que el los metio junto con el espanol como halcones civiles y las trevis le pusieron el dedo y se mato sin recivir el apoyo que el esperaba de ellos cuando los gafes lo escaneaban...
  2. Whatever you may feel about this,tbese are search and destroy things,the sicarios may as well fight,their gettin soaked up whatever happens.They dont wanna get down with soldiers,marina,helis,but they got no choice when their spotted.Imagine it,they know this is it..
    1. Solution, don't drive around in convoys with assault weapons. They are bad people who deserve to be dealt with in this manner.
    2. 1:22PM quick to judge ?

      The police get away with wrong doing daily, not every one is innocent or guilty
    3. 9:10 if I go and tell the polizetas that you are a "sicario" that makes you fair game, then you would see how stupid your use of "sicario" is...
      --It is a bunch of known murderers, kidnappers,extortionists and robatrocas at the service of a murderous state government that makes you believe anybody they kill is a "sicario"...
  3. Ambush?Ok if you say so officer
    1. 9:12 ambush? No truck had windshields or glass shot, no police de la juersa trampaulipass got balazos en el jundillo, nobody got hurt, no enemy weapons shown...comandante Tiro Fijo must have emigrated to the Juersa from Colombia...
  4. so much death in this area of northern Mexico . just like in the old corridos de Ramon Ayala y Cadetes.
  5. How sad. The only KIA's Mexican military personnel get are on their own people and not some skinny sand monkey. How can you Bragg about that?
    1. Best bb comment in a long time!
  6. Damn, they got fucked up. Would set what criminal group was this?
    1. Most likely ciclones from matamoros they control valle hermoso.
    2. Ciclones are out.they are getting killed all over matamoros
    3. wonderful
  7. More Botas wannabes, dead with their pants around their ankles.
    1. Who the fuck is botas
  8. Always great to hear when pond shit gets eradicated. To bad the body count was so low.
    1. 5:17 llo tengo trabajo para unos mexicanos, llo les vó a dar sus uniformes y botas y cachuchas, y les vó a pagar muy bien, con bistests de comida, no maruchan como otrozz, los esperroo en el cerro
    2. Its probably higher Hope so, I' ve seen the little shits around town up to no good kill them
  9. Stay alert. Stay alive. - El Sol Perdido
  10. Uuuh, they was lucky, the mexican army covers herself with glory, no one surrendered, again, and no one survived, again, perfect score for the perfect assholes, must be getting paid by the scalp like the Autodefensas Unidas de Alvaro Uribe de colombia...and Buffalo Bill...
    1. Real story: Mexican federales acting on an "anonymous" tip set up road block where suspected drug dealers are to pass by. Having spotted the drug dealers first and sorrounding them the drug dealers are then forced to surrender or face concecuenses. Drug dealers left with no choice surrender. Federales then are told by their commanding officers (very secretely and by whomever those may be), to let them leave but not escape! The federales execute the drug dealers then and cover up their story by saying they where ambushed.
      A few weeks or months later almost every federal that was there gets a promotion at work. Everyone of them gets command of their own troops!
      In Mexico the only way to gain promotions in any law enfocement career is to have at least one killing under your conscious! If you don't kill you don't get promoted. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who you are), there are lots of people to kill in Mexico to gain promotions!
    2. 7:39 how dare you smear Presidente ALVARO URIBE DE COLOMBIA?
      he pacified Antioquia!!!
      --It is true that Antioquia had no guerrilla movement until Alvaro Uribe arrived and discovered all the business Pablo Escobar and his associates had...
      --and after Alvaro Uribe's Autodefensas Unidas started murdering people to make them abandon their land and steal it, "guerrillas" started appearing dead all over colombia...
      --Guerrillas that were just union members and small farmers Alvaro Uribe chose himself and marked for murder by the colombian army and his own paramilitary...
      --there is people asking since the 90's "why does the US KEEP SENDING WEAPONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and School of the Americas trained murdererin gorillas to colombia as they do to mexico and all the other LatinAmerican countries with all these murders?
      Please note that all the moves and movements, nicknames organization of all the shit in mexico reflect colombia's, all the way to the Oscar naranjo coming to mexico to organize epn's takeover of the presidency...
      --ALVARO URIBE LOOKS CUTE, he must have been abused as a child to become such a callous murdering asshole, like epn, but who is behind both "presidentes"? I know George Soros is always looking for some nice mines, he loves his gold, ever since he stole it off the dead nazi victims teeth, and while murdering and depopulation are "regretable" to him, "the JOB needs to be done"
      --Exactly! Said Henry Kissinger, that Obama has been doing a good job there! 'W' and Bill Clinton did good jobs there too, and the US media (MSM) never had to dig deep there...
    3. Sure , better to arrest them and get let out by a corrupt judge. Kill them.Die how you live.
    4. I think we should also let all the drug users aldo die. No taxpayers money spent on rehab and shit. They also lived the way they wanted!
    5. En Colombia many of the murdering army and paramilitary elements that did his murders to order for him, for a few pesos and promotions, have been singing since the 2010 at least, the US keeps covering up the GENOCIDE...
      --IN MEXICO it is all the same thing, the hour to sing about the state sponsored terrorism murder and genocide is getting nearer all the time.
      La Macarena dumping ground for "NN" (no name) guerrillas marked for murder by drug trafficking president Alvaro Uribe where more than 2 000 cadavers are estimated to be, but ma y were burned and cut in very small pieces, maybe dumped in chilapa Guerrero too, to leave no doubt that General Oscar Naranjo worked in the Colombianization of mexico for epn...
    6. nothing new about promotion it was called body count in Nam.
  11. Ambush but no puercas tampons dead?sound like a extrajudicial killing once again
  12. If I'm not mistaken the first picture on of fuerzas tamaluipas the guys on top of the truck are using shotguns? Lol those guns are obselete
    1. Not if you put buckshot on them. Tamaulipas is fucking hot right now.
    2. I don't know a shot gun from a bb gun, but the tricks say Fuerza Tamaulipas/policia estatal, and we know they are the worst criminals around...
    3. love it
  13. There is word that R1 is returning to tamps and some metros are upset because it seems like toro is allowing him back.
    1. El r1 will never take reynosa nor matamoros.fuck him anyways.
    2. yep the bastard has been hiding in Zantiago nuevo leon for way too long...
  14. Pobrecita narcos are crying a river that their buddies got whacked!
    1. 7:31 and you are soo happy "the government forces won", you could not wait any longer to come and kiss their ass...
  15. From tough guys to worm food!


Grandson Jack in Market Square Walking with grandson Jack downtown is a challenge.  He frolicks, skips, cuts in front of you, runs ahead,...