Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Villanueva and Rivera Receive Questionable Out-of-Town Support for BND Election

Brownsville Observer
From the editor:   The amateurish advocacy group, OP 10.33, funded by Mike Hernandez III, who feels his success at leasing cars in Dallas gives him license to set the moral tone for Brownsville and Cameron County, first claimed they supported no local candidates, but now, have reversed field and are openly backing two wannabes for the Brownsville Navigational District, Raul Villanueva and Laguna Vista resident, Ed Rivera.  

Here is the latest blurb from the OP. 10.33 social media page:  

OP10.33 is pleased to recommend...

Raul Villanueva and Ed Rivera for candidates to the Brownsville Navigation District places 1 and 5, respectively.
After discussions with a numerous and diverse group of community members, we have decided to recommend Raul and Ed for a number of compelling reasons

First, while we respect the service provided by the incumbents over the last eight years, the Port still lags significantly behind other Ports in a number of critical performance indicators, including tons shipped, direct jobs and overall trade value.

Second, Mr. Villanueva and Mr. Rivera have the strong international business and manufacturing related experience needed to raise the performance bar at the Port by increasing its competitiveness, efficiency and accountability.

Finally, Mr. Rivera and Mr. Villanueva understand the importance of the Port working diligently and collaboratively with other public and private sector entities to improve the overall economic conditions and quality of life of the district's residents.




  1. Mike Hernandez III,

    Why don't you just send us a sample ballot? We uneducated, impoverished and clueless citizens of Brownsville desperately need your mature guidance.

    Brownsville Pendejo

  2. I'm not a robot!April 19, 2016 at 9:10 PM

    Mike (Trump wanna-be) Hernandez III and OP. 10.33 are finally showing their true colors.

  3. Has anyone mentioned the fact that Ed doesn't even live in the district?

    1. Just about every post concerning Ed has,in fact, mentioned that fact........read much?

  4. Isn't Mr. Villanueva the officer that worked for First Ntional Bank before it was closed by the Feds because of all the bad loans he made? Now he works for Plains Capital who's chairman of the board, a mr. White, is buddy buddy with Mr. Hernandezlll and funding the campaigns of Villanueva, Pizana, and Ed Rivera, Harvard roommate of Carlos Marin?

  5. The week of Feb 15th they were calling ppl to be their candidates???
    I told them "thanks but no thanks" I'm no one's pupet!!!

  6. You fuckin' idiot! It's about jobs, you goddamned pendejo. Wwe need jobs. Just because you're retired and on welfare doesn't mean it's over for the young people here. JOBS, GUEY!

    1. What a bunch of morons the op are!!

    2. OP= ojetes pendejos

  7. I hope this new group does not plan to build another bridge to nowhere at the port.


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