Luis Saenz Record As District Attorney: "All Hat, No Cattle!"

"Women, Mexicans and the Disabled Owe Me an Apology!"

Mayor Tony Martinez Continues Pattern of Dishonesty, Misuse of Funds, Scams

Juan Montoya Uncovers Total Misrepresentation, Scamming by the City of Brownsville on Branding Contract

District Attorney Candidate Carlos Masso Refuses to Clean Up Campaign, Enlisting Support of Ernie and Norma Hernandez

Congressman Filemon Vela, the Face of LNG

"We Don't Give A Shit What the Taxpayers Want or Need!" Port of Brownsville Board

District Attorney Candidate Carlos Masso Hopes the Voters Remain Ignorant

Rancho Viejo Resident Tabbed as "Mr Amigo"

Book Signing At Market Square Friday, 11/20/15~"Emancipacion" by Sandra E. Agreda

Two Deadbeat Democratic Candidates for District Attorney~Saenz Vs. Masso

Action Item #10: Reconsidering the New Logo(John Villarreal, Rick Longoria)

Will Ron Oliveira Still Get the Head Cheerleader Job Despite Rejection of the Hahn Logo?

Action Item #10(Reconsideration of New City Logo) Revisited; the Implications

What If the City Commission Actually Listened to the People before Implementing a New Logo?