Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Will Ron Oliveira Still Get the Head Cheerleader Job Despite Rejection of the Hahn Logo?

Ron Oliveira,  Hahn Communications
Former Harlingen news anchor Ron Oliveira, representing Hahn Communications, literally sang for his supper last September 15 at the City Commission meeting.  While battling in support for the crude, industrial style new city logo, Oliveira waved his pom poms, jumped into the air, coming down in an artful split.  Until he told us, we had no idea that what Brownsville really needed, more than just a logo, was a new Head Cheerleader.

It was an obvious audition for a job that didn't exist until the City of Brownsville listed an opening last month for a $3,300 per week position requiring public speaking skill, video editing and sales experience, etc.

As Oliveira pranced around and afar from the city microphone 9/15, he reminded us of his ethnicity, stopping just short of eating a bowl of menudo. Despite living and working in Austin, he told us that his Brownsville roots run deep.

Those who recognize Brownsville's puppet masters must have winced when Oliveira mentioned his consultation with the city's "stakeholders," including IBC's Fred Rusteberg, UTB's Juliet Garcia, Ambiotec's Carlos Marin, Jacobs Engineerings' Oscar Garcia, Jr. and Mayor Tony Martinez.

Our low self-esteemed city, always looking for some sort of recognition from outsiders, even if we have to pay for it, may feel better with an aging anchorman on the sidelines, but all the cheering won't fill one pot hole or drain one flooded parking lot.  


  1. Bravo! Thanks Jim!

  2. Please don't hire this elitist asshole. Don't hire him because he is related to another asshole, who happens to be a State Representative (most often representing himself). These arrogant assholes and the others of United Brownsville who support giving him a job...even though he knows nothing about this city...except his connections to other elitist assholes.

  3. René and Ron don't give two shits about Brownsville they only pretend to mex American when its convenient. I bet in Austin they consider themselves "check mark,," other



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