Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What If the City Commission Actually Listened to the People before Implementing a New Logo?

Is it possible that, for once, the City Commission would actually listen to the people?  With the purchase of 13 downtown properties for $3,500,000 in 2012, not only were the taxpayers not consulted, their queries about the wasteful purchases were ignored.  The flagship of these buildings, La Casa del Nylon, purchased at triple its value, $2,300,000, from the mayor's friend, Abraham Galonsky, in a deal unethically "negotiated" by the mayor's law partner, Horacio Barrera, sits idle, decaying, and, like the other buildings, is off the tax rolls.  The taxpayers get a double whammy, paying for unneeded buildings, then picking up the slack on lost tax revenue. What an insult to common sense, not to mention democracy!

Commissioner John Villarreal
In what seems to be a new approach, second term City Commissioner John Villarreal co-sponsors an action item for tonight's city commission meeting, that seems to endorse recognizing the will of the people.  Action Item #10 calls for a "reconsideration" of the new city logo approved 9/15/15:  

10. Reconsideration of the adoption of the City of Brownsville Logo. (Commissioners J. 
Villarreal/R. Longoria, Jr.)

New City Logo
"Logogate," as it has been designated by one local quipster, has been an exercise thus far in totally ignoring the preferences of local taxpayers.  Hahn Communications, awarded the $140,000 contract to produce a new city logo, was unresponsive to its own survey of Brownsville citizens, 80% of whom declared they either "did not like" or were "unsure" of the new city logo with its industrial emphasis.

Villarreal, according to a Brownsville Herald article by Aisha Baskette, is aware of considerable dissatisfaction with the new logo as well as a preference for the old one.  Tonight's agenda item, co-sponsored by Commissioner Rick Longoria, is also motivated by a desire to include Longoria, who missed the 9/15/15 meeting, in the process.

The Old City Logo
While any number of Texas cities, can be identified with the sight, smell and sound of industry, energy production and commerce, Brownsville's uniqueness has always been the combination of a subtropical climate, history and proximity to Mexico and the ocean.

Logo Pitchman Ron Oliveira
Ron Oliveira, a former local TV anchor, now a salesman for Hahn Communications, vociferously and melodramatically argued for the new logo 9'15/15, not revealing that the initial $140,000 outlay would be followed up with $820,000 to implement, market and promote the new city brand.  A job description, as sort of a city cheerleader, a position seemingly tailor-made for Oliveira, was on the City of Brownsville website until October 29.  We do not know if that position has been filled. 

Addendum:  The vote 9/15/15 was 3-2 for the new logo with Commissioners Gowen, Portillo and Villarreal voting "yes," and Tetreau and De Leon voting "no."  Mayor Martinez in his exuberance inappropriately voted, erroneously declaring the vote as 4-2(Under the City Charter, the mayor is authorized to vote only in the case of a tie.).

With Villarreal having a change of heart and Longoria now opposing the new logo, the new logo may likely be overturned, 4-2.  Whether or not a return to the former logo saves the city money remains to be seen.  


  1. A-Ha! Now they listen to us to try to get on our good side. Why didn't they listen to us since the beginning, when the citizens who care were objecting. Good leaders listen to their people.

  2. the $820,000 should be used to repair our roads and drainage system, we are being screwed once again

  3. I'll believe it when I see it.....no way Villareal Has the backbone to oppose the rat - faced mayor's wishes . This is a sick attention grab by Villarreal, but for what purpose , who knows? Portillo is a fool who will show up with her "Marin-prepared" notes full of nonsense, Gowan will do as her pimp commands.....in the end, Martinez breaks the tie . corruption continues .

    1. Agree! This is all just a show to try to show us that they gave it a second chance, but in the end the new logo that no one likes will still prevail, cause the old man with glasses wants it. Why bother, he'll break the tie and get his way. Liars!

  4. So Mr. Martinez, what are you gonna do with your very important Casa Del Nylon Building? I'm not the only one who wants to know. So tell us Mr. Mayor what will you do with the 2 point whatever not worth it building?

  5. Another example if the commission getting around its own rules. If a single department head wants something on the agenda, it goes on. If a commissioner wants something on the agenda, it takes TWO commissioners. These suck-butt end-arounds have become common with the United Brownsville commissioners. Portillo got lil' Oscar on some time back by twisting Planning's arm. Same with the logo. Rose twists Art's arm at the Health Dept. for her bike crazy schemes. This does two things that are a disservice: First, it is the commission reaching past the City Manager in violation of the charter. Secondly, it tries to keep their cozy little alliances dark and secret. It could be that un the case if the bike crazy broad that no commissioners, even her cohorts in crime from the United Brownsville faction want any more paint on themselves. They just quietly vote for it. In Portillo's case, she can be sent as the mayor's good little bitch to push spending on their United Brownsville buddies.

    The long and short is that what appeared to be a win for the people, ISN'T! They are still gonna spend the money on marketing. Ronnie still gets his calabaza.

    Longoria addressed drainage, blaming TxDot as usual, and asking for patience. Screw you! YEARS you have been there. YEARS has this been the same damn problem! Screw patience.

  6. Ricardo Longoria trying to make brownie points. He thinks the citizens are stupid.



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