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Cameron County Stonewalls Clean Election Fight; Dylvia Jeffries Vega, Arcelia Villalon

Election Judge Arcelia Villalon Conferring
with the Andrades of the Abelardo Gomez Camp
During Early Voting At Cameron Park

Bloggers, CAVA Summit in Cascos' Office Fruitless

The meeting in County Judge Carlos Cascos office August 17, 2012 to discuss voter fraud was merely a publicity stunt by the judge to placate that noisy, troublesome element in Cameron County who insist on clean elections.  Wasting an hour of their lives at the vent session were Mary Helen Flores of Citizens Against Voter Abuse(CAVA), and bloggers Juan Montoya, Jerry McHale, Nena and Jim Barton. 

County Judge Carlos Cascos
At the meeting promises were made by Cascos, including written answers to 18 questions submitted to Election Administrator Roger Ortiz about the handling of elections.  Not surprisingly, 2-1/2 months later, those basic questions have not been answered in writing or orally.  Instead, the county has taken an even harder line with respect to opening their records by inserting Dylvia Jeffries-Vega as an additional barrier to responsiveness.  Hiding relevant information from citizens violates the law and mocks democracy. 

Election Administrator Roger Ortiz
Despite the constant stonewalling and evasiveness by Election Administrator Roger Ortiz, eventually some information is reluctantly delivered.  A simple list of election judges and poll workers was finally delivered to CAVA at the end of October after being submitted July 31.  That list revealed the name of the Election Judge at the Cameron Park polling place who openly cavorted with members of the Abelardo Gomez camp, namely the Andrades brothers, while on the clock as Election Judge at Cameron Park as Arcelia Villalon.  The Andrades, who allegedly are connected to so-called 8-liner establishments are said to have contributed heavily to the Gomez campaign.  Villalon, of course, had no business conferring with a candidate's camp during polling hours, but, of course, this is Cameron County where blatant election fraud is tolerated and protected by elected officials.

Here are the questions Election Administrator Roger Ortiz will not answer.

1.  Did Roger Ortiz hire all the current employees in the elections department?

2.  Please review the list of election department employees and list which are temporary workers.  What are the credentials required for temporary workers?  How are temporary workers supervised and disciplined?

3.  Please describe, in general, how the yearly budget of the county elections department is used. 

4.  How often and in what way are voter rolls updated to ensure that the deceased, noncitizens and persons who have moved out of the area are not on the list?

5.  Who is allowed access to add and or remove voters from the voter rolls?

6.  It appears that there are several family members working within the elections department.  What is the hiring policy within the elections department with regard to nepotism?

7.  There have been several eyewitness accounts of an Amadeo Rodriguez accessing materials in the elections department warehouse before, during and after the recent elections.  There is no employment record of an Amadeo Rodriguez with the elections department.  Joann Gonzalez, a warehouse employee, is reported to be the sister of Amadeo Rodriguez.  Please explain who has access to the elections warehouse during election time and the security measures in place to prevent any tampering with election materials.  

8.  Please explain the department’s policy and schedule for recruiting and training election judges and clerks.  Please describe the hiring process for election judges and clerks.  Must election judges and election clerks be a registered voters?

9.  Please explain the job description of Adriana Villarreal and her dates of employment with the election department. (Ms. Villarreal stated to CAVA and others that she is the election department employee responsible for hiring election workers)

  • We have several sworn statements from voters who were turned away from being election workers due to their affiliation with particular candidates. 
  • We have received complaints about election judges and clerks working at polling places who had affiliations with particular candidates.
  • We have received complaints from voters about teenagers serving as election judges in a disorganized and disruptive manner at polling places.
  • We have received complaints from voters about polling places opening late during elections.
  • We have received complaints from voters about long-standing polling place entrances being moved without proper notice being posted on the buildings.      
  • We have sworn statements from voters who witnessed ballots being removed from early voting locations by non-election workers for curbside voting.
  • We have sworn statements from voters who witnessed electioneering within certain early voting locations and within the 100 foot perimeter of a polling place.
  • We have sworn statements from voters who witnessed curbside voting assistance given by van drivers without the administration of the required oath or the required supervision by election judges or clerks.
  • We have sworn statements from voters who witnessed poll watchers for particular candidates taking photographs, in an intimidating manner, within the polling place.
  • We have sworn statements from voters who witnessed phone calls being made to a particular candidate telling her to take the vans to another polling location because there were poll watchers at a particular polling place.
  • We are finding that election judges and clerks were allowed to work without being registered voters, to work in polling places outside of their district, and some workers may not be United States citizens.   

10.  What is the process the elections department uses to address complaints such as those listed above?

11.  Has any complaint of any election code violation ever been submitted or pursued by the elections department to the proper law enforcement authorities?

12.  Are requests for mail-in ballot applications received one at a time?  Does the elections department accept lists of voters to be submitted for requests for mail-in ballot applications?  Does the elections department receive 100 or more mail-in ballot applications on any given day?

13.  It was reported by elections department personnel that “a bunch of mail-ins have already been rejected” prior to the early vote count of the May 29th election.  What were the reasons for rejecting mail-in ballot carrier envelopes prior to the early vote count in the May and July elections.  How many mail-in ballot carrier envelopes were rejected prior to the early vote count in May and July?          

14.   Please describe the function of the early voting ballot board?  Who may serve on the early voting ballot board?  What is the training required for a ballot board member?  Are there term limits for a ballot board member? 

15.  We have received complaints from voters about public records being requested from the elections department and the information requested is said to be unavailable.  We are referring to 2008 primary and general election combination forms (originals with referring to 2008 primary and general election combination forms (originals with signatures) and 2010 runoff elections mail-in ballots.  Please explain. 

16.  What is the educational and employment background of Roger Ortiz?

17.  How often are job performance reviews conducted for elections department personnel?  What are the criteria for firing someone?

18.  We are, today, requesting a copy of a letter from Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos to the Texas Secretary of State and to the Texas Attorney General asking for an immediate review of our county election system and a forensic audit of the county elections department.     

Citizens Against Voter Abuse – Cameron County, Texas
Mary Helen Flores, CAVA Admin., 956-371-9177

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cata Presas-Garcia Explains Depositing Money Not Hers into Her Account

Voters Can Do What the Election Commission Refuses to Do~Block Voter Fraud

Raul Lopez with the Brownsville Firefighters

Two Cameron County elections have been stolen under the noses of the Cameron County Election Commission in the last two years.  The commissioners simply shrug their collective shoulders.  Carlos Cascos, Tony Yzaguirre, Frank Morris, Roger Ortiz, first Gilberto Hinojosa and now Sylvia Garza-Perez have no interest in clean elections in Cameron County.  Is that too harsh?  Not at all!  Even Frank Morris, the Republican Chair, could have insisted that the documented evidence compiled for two voter fraud trials be used in prosecution, but he doesn't care since it primarily involves the other party.  He and the others on the Election Commission fail to see the big picture, that preserving the democratic process in the county is bigger than party and more important than anything else that occupies their day, their term, their career.

Make no mistake.  Erin H. Garcia, the daughter of County Commissioner Ernie Hernandez, Jr. stole the primary election from Yolanda Begum.  The Hernandez camp was not even subtle, but blatant, knowing the weak resolve of county political leaders to protect the democratic process.  Mockingly, they smugly call the victims of election fraud "sore losers", when, in reality, it is the people of Cameron County who are the losers.

Voters, while they cannot undue the fraud, can counteract, to a certain extent, the reward of such illegal actions by voting against Erin H. Garcia.  It doesn't bring full justice, but it could stop temporarily the gross abuses of the Hernandez' family from extending into another generation.  Blocking the election of Erin H. Garcia is only a temporary fix.  Some election official SOMEDAY will have the courage to act to protect our democracy.  Perhaps, just not now. 

Raul Lopez, the Republican running for Justice of the Peace Place 2-2, is a worthy candidate.  Lopez is the eldest son of a migrant family with 14 years in actual law enforcement, perhaps another 25 year in related fields.  He is a graduate of the F.B.I. academy, a former Brownsville Police Officer, and worked in the Cameron County Adult Probation program.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Can Longshot Donald Clupper Squeak by Hated Presas-Garcia and Distrusted Butch Barbosa to Win Position 5?

Donald Clupper
In a somewhat dishearteningly weak field of candidates for BISD trustee positions, it's like walking through a mine field to find candidates who won't blow up in the face of children's education.  Some familiar names have track records of self-service, eager to disseminate BISD's $500,000,000 annual budget with personal enrichment in mind.  Others are relatively unknown, but have already formed unwholesome alliances with known vultures.

The race for BISD Position 5 is typical including all of the factors mentioned above:  Donald Clupper, a 67 year old political newcomer, but with ties to Brownsville Cheezmeh, Cata Presas-Garcia, an incumbent who switched races and Butch Barbosa, a former City Commissioner.

Butch and his best bud Ernie
Butch Barbosa gets instant disqualification for being an Ernie Hernandez lackey while serving on the City Commission.  Barbosa facilitated Ernie getting city wrecker service privileges, an ethical violation in its own right, but we've heard that Ernie was not simply one wrecker out of three getting calls.  Some calls were allowed to go to an answering machine and then told, when it was too late, someone else got it.  We're told dispatchers got a $25.00 handshake for handling calls in this way.  We DO NOT NEED Barbosa on the school board making sweetheart deals for his bud Ernie.  Oh, Butch did get the AOBE endorsement by promising that he would ONLY deal with that particular union in labor negotiations.

Presas-Garcia with her "Brother" Carlos
The mercurial Cata Presas-Garcia has bulldozed her way through BISD with vindictiveness and abandon.  Administrators who slight or cross her may find themselves unemployed or working in the BISD dungeon.  The spiteful, quick-tempered Presas-Garcia demands respect but seldom earns it.  The principle threat to her candidacy comes from the administrators and teachers who are unfortunate enough to have come to know her.  She does not have their votes.  We haven't even mentioned that she is a puppet of convicted RICO felon Carlos Quintanilla who manipulated her to dismiss the $14.3 million dollar lawsuit for overcharges against Healthsmart or that she was amply rewarded by Linebarger for recognizing they were the only firm to collect delinquent BISD taxes.  BTW, Presas-Garcia got the coveted B.U.C. endorsement, partly we're told because of their fear of Barbosa again misusing public office and their lack of familiarity with Clupper.

Neither Barbosa nor Presas-Garcia are educators or educated.  They are simply politicians who know how to milk the system.  Clupper, on the other hand has a BBA and an MBA, worked many years as a stock broker for E.F. Hutton and Merrill Lynch, then when that office closed in Brownsville became a math teacher for 22 years.  He is simply a numbers man.  He might be unique as a trustee in actually understanding a budget.  Off the cuff, he rattled off every high school in Brownsville, its  particular educational focus and transportation needs.  Despite his lack of charisma and early affiliation with Cheezmeh, Clupper seems like the obvious best choice for the kids.

Latest Lawsuit Against Catalina Presas-Garcia




Plaintiffs, complaining of and about CATALINA PRESAS GARCIA, hereinafter called
Defendant, and for cause of action show unto the Court the following:


1 Plaintiffs intend that discovery be conducted under Discovery Level 3.


2. Plaintiff, MANUEL SALINAS, is an Individual whose address is in the Belle
Glade, Palm Beach County, Florida.
3. Plaintiff, JUAN M. FIGUEROA, is an Individual whose address is in
Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas.
4. Defendant CATALINA PRESAS GARCIA, an Individual who is a resident of
Texas, may be served with process at her office at the following address:
25 Skyview Dr.
Brownsville, Texas 78521
Service of said Defendant as described above can be effected by personal




The subject matter in controversy is within the jurisdictional limits of this
co u rt.

6. This court has personal jurisdiction herein because Defendant are Texas
7. Venue in Cameron County is proper in this cause pursuant to Section 17.56
of the Texas Business and Commerce Code and under Section 15.002(a)(1) of the Texas
Civil Practice and Remedies Code because all or a substantial part of the events or
omissions giving rise to this lawsuit occurred in this county.

8. On or about June of 2010, the Plaintiffs entered into an earnest money
contract for the sale of a home located at 113 Lucylle Lane, Brownsville, Cameron
County, Texas. Under the contract, Plaintiff JUAN M. FIGUEROA was to sell to Plaintiff
MANUEL SALINAS the above-described home. On the contract, Defendant CATALINA
PRESAS-GARCIA, signed as a representative of both the Seller and Buyer as an
intermediary. Plaintiff Manuel Salinas gave CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA three cash
deposits to place in escrow with the title company, Sierra Title in Brownsville, Cameron
County, Texas. On each of the following occasions, Defendant CATALINA
PRESAS-GARCIA gave MANUEL SALINAS receipts for the cash deposits as follows:
June 5, 2010 -$ 500.00
July 8, 2010 -$ 5,500.00
November 14, 2010 $ 2,000.00
Total cash $8,000.00 (See Exhibit A)



Under the terms of the contract, Plaintiff MANUEL SALINAS was to give a cash
portion of the sale in the amount of $8,000.00 and finance $42,000.00 for a total purchase
price of $50,000.00.

9. After the November 14, 2010 deposit was placed with Defendant
CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA, Plaintiffs continued to ask Defendant CATALINA
PRESAS-GARCIA why they could not close on the sale of the house and she continued
to give the parties excuses of why she could not close the transaction.
CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA did not place the contract with Sierra Title in
Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas until January 26, 2011. At that time, CATALINA
PRESAS GARICA only deposited in Sierra Title's escrow account $500.00 although she
had collected a total of $8,000.00 as of November 14, 2010. On or about February 24,
2011, the parties showed up at the title company ready to close and Defendant,
CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA told them that they could not close and the deal fell
through. Plaintiff, MANUEL SALINAS shortly thereafter asked for the return of his
$8,000.00 and was astonished to find out that as of March 14, 2011, only $500.00 of the
$8,000.00 had been deposited into the escrow account at Sierra Title Company.
Plaintiff, MANUEL SALINAS asked Defendant, CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA where his
money was and she could not answer said question. He told her she better deposit the
money by March 18, 2011 or he was going to go the police authorities. On that date,
March 14, 2011, Defendant CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA deposited $3,600.00 in cash
into the escrow account at Sierra Title Company (See Exhibit B). On March 18, 2011,
Defendant CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA deposited two cash deposits (one deposit of



$2,900.00 and one deposit of $1,000.00) totaling $3,900.00 (See Exhibit C and D).

10. Defendant, CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA violated the Rules of the Texas
Real Estate Commission §535.159 by not depositing the cash funds with Sierra Title
Company within two days from the receipt of the funds as required by said law.

11. Plaintiffs would show that Defendant engaged in certain false, misleading
and deceptive acts, practices and/or omissions actionable under the Texas Deceptive
Trade Practices - Consumer Protection Act (Texas Business and Commerce Code,
Chapter 17.41, et seq.), as alleged hereinbelow.
12. Unconscionable Action or Course of Action. Defendant engaged in an
"unconscionable action or course of action" to the detriment of Plaintiffs as that term is
defined by Section 17.45(5) of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, by taking
advantage of the lack of knowledge, ability, experience, or capacity of Plaintiffs to a
grossly unfair degree.
13. Violations of Section 17.46(b). Defendant violated Section 17.46(b) of the
Texas Business and Commerce Code, in that Defendant:
(a) represented that an agreement confers or involves rights, remedies,
or obligations which it does not have or involve, or which are prohibited by law; and
(b) failed to disclose information concerning goods or services which
was known at the time of the transaction with the intention to induce the consumer
into a transaction into which the consumer would not have entered had the
information been disclosed.



14. Producing Cause. Plaintiffs would show that the acts, practices and/or
omissions complained of were the producing cause of Plaintiffs' damages more fully
described hereinbelow.
15. Reliance. Plaintiffs would further show the acts, practices and/or
omissions complained of under Section 17.46(b) of the Texas Business and Commerce
Code were relied upon by Plaintiffs to Plaintiffs' detriment.

16. Plaintiffs further show that Defendant, CATALINA-PRESAS GARCIA made
material false representations to Plaintiffs with the knowledge of their falsity or with
reckless disregard of the truth with the intention that such representations be acted upon
by Plaintiffs, and that Plaintiffs relied on these representations to their detriment.
17. Plaintiffs would further show that Defendant, CATALINA-PRESAS GARCIA
concealed or failed to disclose material facts within the knowledge of Defendant,
Plaintiffs did not have knowledge of the same and did not have equal opportunity to
discover the truth, and that Defendant, CATALINA-PRESAS GARCIA intended to induce
Plaintiffs to enter into the transaction made the basis of this suit by such concealment or
failure to disclose.
18. As a proximate result of such fraud, Plaintiffs sustained the damages
described more fully hereinbelow.

19. Plaintiffs would further show that the false representations and/or promises


of Defendant constitute fraud in a real estate transaction as defined by Section 27.01 of
the Texas Business and Commerce Code.

20. Plaintiffs are therefore entitled to recover from Defendant actual damages
described more fully hereinbelow, reasonable and necessary attorney's fees, expert
witness fees, costs for copies of depositions, and costs of court as provided by Section
27.01 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code.

21. Plaintiffs would further show that the actions and/or omissions of Defendant
described hereinabove constitute breach of contract, which proximately caused the direct
and consequential damages of Plaintiffs described hereinbelow, and for which Plaintiffs
hereby sue.

22. Defendant, CATALINA PRESAS-GARCIA breached her fiduciary duty to
hold the funds as required by law and instead used said funds for her use and enjoyment
in total violation of her fiduciary duties to the Plaintiffs.

23. Plaintiffs sustained the following economic and actual damages as a result
of the actions and/or omissions of Defendant described hereinabove:
(a) Out-of-pocket expenses, including but not limited to extra
taxes incurred and lost interest in the anticipated funds.
(b) Loss of use.
(c) Interest and/or finance charges assessed against and paid by

(d) Loss of the "benefit of the bargain."

24. Plaintiffs would show that the false, misleading and deceptive acts,
practices and/or omissions complained of herein were committed "knowingly" in that
Defendant had actual awareness of the falsity, deception, or unfairness of such acts,
practices, and/or omissions.
25. Plaintiffs further aver that such acts, practices, and/or omissions were
committed "intentionally" in that Defendant specifically intended that Plaintiffs act in
detrimental reliance on the falsity or deception or in detrimental ignorance of the
26. Therefore, Plaintiffs are entitled to recover multiple damages as provided by
17.50(b)(1) of the Texas Business and Commerce Code.

27. Plaintiffs would further show that the acts and omissions of Defendant
complained of herein were committed knowingly, willfully, intentionally, with actual
awareness, and with the specific and predetermined intention of enriching said Defendant
at the expense of Plaintiffs. In order to punish said Defendant for such unconscionable
overreaching and to deter such actions and/or omissions in the future, Plaintiffs also seek
recovery from Defendant for exemplary damages as provided by Section 41.003(a)(1) of
the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and by Section 27.01 of the Texas Business
and Commerce Code.


The evidence will show that Defendant CATALINA-PRESAS GARCIA has

engaged in the same course of conduct before while working at the Aquatic Center at the
Brownsville Independent School District. The evidence will show that while working at
the BISD Aquatic Center, Defendant CATALINA-PRESAS GARCIA deposited hundreds
of dollars collected for the aquatic center into her personal bank account. This same
course of conduct entitles Plaintiffs to collect exemplary damages against Defendant,


29. Request is made for all costs and reasonable and necessary attorney's fees
incurred by or on behalf of Plaintiffs herein, including all fees necessary in the event of an
appeal of this cause to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Texas, as the
Court deems equitable and just, as provided by: (a) Section 17.50(d) of the Texas
Business and Commerce Code; (b) Section 27.01(e) of the Texas Business and
Commerce Code; (c) Chapter 38 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code; and, (d)
common law.


JUAN M. FIGUEROA, respectfully pray that the Defendant be cited to appear and answer
herein, and that upon a final hearing of the cause, judgment be entered for the Plaintiffs
against Defendant for the economic, actual damages and exemplary damages requested
hereinabove in an amount in excess of the minimum jurisdictional limits of the Court,
together with prejudgment and postjudgment interest at the maximum rate allowed by



law, attorney's fees, costs of court, and such other and further relief to which the Plaintiffs

may be entitled at law or in equity, whether pled or unpled.

Respectfully submitted,

3100 E. 14th St.
Brownsville, Texas 78521
Telephone: (956)546-5060
Telecopier: (956)541-4157


State Bar No..


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Community Showcase Banners Contract with the City of Brownsville

courtesy of El Rrun Rrun blog:
Community Contract Banners Contract
The City of Brownsvillle

Reader Blasts Butch Barbosa, Candidate for BISD Trustee Position 5

From the editor:  The following is a typical comment about "Butch" Barbosa's candidacy for BISD Trustee, Position 5.  Several readers have described his term of service on the City Commission as self-serving at best.  His close association with the corrupt Ernie Hernandez, Jr. is also troubling.

Butch Barbosa
Butch Barbosa, Ernie Hernandez, Jr.

"Most voters are unaware that Butch Barbosa was on Brownsville’s city council from 1989-1992 when he was forced to resign. While on the city council he was one of “The three amigos” as they were referred to along with Ernie Hernandez and Billy the “streaker” Garza .(Billy was called that because at a later date he was arrested by the Brownsville police dept. for running buck naked down a street.). The three of them ruled the city along with mayor Pat Ahumada from 1991-1992 until Butch was forced to resign. Some citizens referred to it as the gang rule . Nothing good happened in this time period and so many people were fed up with what was going on they searched for an excuse to get rid of any of them, until someone discovered that Butch was in violation of the Hatch act which prohibits Federal employees from being elected officials. He was given the choice of resigning from the city council or resigning his job at the Federal court house as a clerk.

Interesting enough the same situation might occur if he is elected to BISD’s school board, because he will be in violation of the state’s 6 month nepotism rule because his cousin Tony Barbosa was hired as a coach for Veterans high school on Aug. 1, 2012. Obviously from his past record he cares nothing about what the law is and will try to get away with it if possible."

Are Mark Sossi's Days As City Attorney Numbered?

City Attorney Mark Sossi was not a good hire by the city in March of 2009.  His previous employer, the Willette & Guerra law firm had already proven in court that he had pocketed $167,363 intended for the firm, while the Texas Workforce Commission found that he had done the same thing with  monies earmarked for unemployment benefits to the tune of $20,711.66.  During his first year on the city payroll his license to practice law was revoked at least once.

Mark The Sossi
The I.R.S. has recently joined the crowd of those trying to recover funds from Sossi, issuing a $100,000 tax lien.  Unfortunately for Sossi, the I.R.S. does not go to the back of the line, but instead will likely initiate garnishment soon if they have not done so already.

Private Practice Failures

As recently noted in Mean Mister Brownsville, Sossi's difficulty in practicing law straighforwardly has extended into private practice as several unwitting Brownsville residents perhaps thought the words "City Attorney" implied "city's best attorney":

"Several citizens have sought the City Attorney to assist them with personal legal matters and paid dearly for their choice of representation including Rogelio and Ingrid Gonzalez, as detailed in Juan Montoya's El Rrun Rrun article published 6/21/2012:
"A Stell teacher and her husband say that city contract attorney Mark E. Sossi deliberately failed to prosecute their case which resulted in their losing their $39,800 property to a title company with which he was in cahoots and which then paid $10 for it at a foreclosure sale, selling it later for $20,000.The couple – Rogelio and Ingrid Gonzalez – originally sued Sossi for legal malpractice and now charge that he and Southern Texas Title Company of joining forces to defraud the couple and that Sossi kept them in the dark for years until they found out that their case had been dismissed for want of prosecution."

Oliveira Middle School teacher Jesus Abete, Jr., who initially hired Sossi to recover medical costs and receive payment for injuries in an auto accident, ended up suing for malpractice when Sossi mishandled his case. Here is a partial quote from the suit as published in El Rrun Rrun: "In the ensuing months, (Sossi) repeatedly lied to (Abete), and misrepresented the true facts of the underlying lawsuit to (him). The truth is that (Sossi) never filed suit on behalf of Abete, and by law, suit had to be filed before the statute of limitations expired. The statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident (January 2, 2009) Jan. 8, 2011. If the suit was not filed by then, (Abete's) rights would have been forever extinguished," the lawsuit states.
"(Sossi) failed to file (Abete's) suit," it continues. "Now that the statute of limitations has expired, (Abete) is forever barred from recovering damages for the serious personal injuries he suffered in the (crash)."

Is Sossi Involved in Bannergate?

Tony Martinez
The straw that may break the proverbial camel's back with respect to Sossi's continued $10,000 per month employment with the City of Brownsville and even possibly his $5,000 month retainer with the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC) is if Sossi is found to have even the slightest involvement in the embarrassing so-called banner contract Mayor Tony evidently signed linking the city with Community Showcase Banners of Warsaw, N.Y., headed by David McCarthy.  McCarthy evidently wooed Tony at the 80th Annual Conference of Mayors held in Orlando, Florida on day 3 of that conclave by impressing the mayor with the fact that Brownsville was one of only 15 cities in the United States "awarded" a "community showcase".  

The award seemed innocuous enough since it was "at no cost to the city", although it paved the way for McCarthy accompanied by a buxom female identified as Itza Pena, to hit up local Brownsville businessmen to purchase pricey flag and banner kits indicating their support of Tony and the project.  We've been told that Ms. Pena is a close associate of the much maligned City Attorney Mark Sossi.  Perhaps this final embarrassing straw will be enough for the City Commission to send Sossi packing.

Monday, October 22, 2012

That Which Is Crooked Cannot Be Made Straight~Local Democratic Party's Future Looks Bleak

Ernie Follows Norma
The montage of photos from the Democratic rally at the Amigoland Event Center on Saturday is nearly a pictorial exposition of what is wrong with the predominant, local political party as well as evidence nothing will be fixed soon.  Ernie followed Norma into the room.  Herminia Becerra, the notorious "Queen of the Politiqueras" danced wantonly with a cardboard cutout of Obama.  Uncle Gilbert, the new state chairperson, raised the decibel level.  Saenz and Masso reconciled.

When, the day after the event, Mean Mister Brownsville published a picture of Herminia Becerra in an Erin H. Garcia hat and Luis V. Saenz t-shirt along with a small story, all anguish broke loose with calls from the Saenz campaign chairman and a close friend loyal to the campaign.  The campaign chairman asked:  "What did you expect us to do, rip the shirt off an elderly person?  You know Luis does not use politiqueras!"  Then came  a more profound question and one easy to answer:
Saenz Campaign Chairman:  "What would you do if you were the candidate?"

Herminia Dancing with Obama
Mean Mister Brownsville:"I would simply say that I can't control who wears my campaign shirts, but clearly state that I do NOT support the use of politiqueras, that, if elected, I will prosecute voter fraud in any of its forms.  This is actually a wonderful opportunity for Luis Saenz to be the only Cameron County candidate or elected official to take a strong, clear stand against this cancer on our democracy."  

This concept was repeated when yet another friend, active in the Saenz campaign, called.  Both the campaign chairman and the other caller have Saenz' ear and both agreed to convey this opportunity to Saenz.  I offered the use of this blog to clearly spell out his opposition to politiqueras and his intention to prosecute voter fraud, if elected, without accompanying commentary from me.   I've heard nothing yet, but the offer stands.

Gilberto Hinojosa
Today, El Rrun Rrun, along with Channel 4, shared the story of Saenz Republican opponent Chuck Mattingly being put on administrative leave without pay.  I was sort of offered that same story, but promised some corroborating evidence purporting to show that Mattingly had not been actually earning his $106,000 salary for months.  That information was not forthcoming, so there's no need of simply regurgitating the report about the administrative leave.   Interviewed by Channel 4, Mattingly referred to the change in his employment status as "lowdown, dirty politics."

But, back to the rally:  Gilberto Hinojosa, winding down his unprincipled leadership of the Cameron County Democratic Party before yielding local leadership to Sylvia Garza-Perez, the niece of Herminia Becerra, gave some vocal inspiration.

Saenz, Masso Reconcile
Also, in a semi-touching pic, Luis Saenz and Carlos Masso, who had called each other every unmentionable name in a Cheezmeh-fueled primary war, reconciled.  While, it's not uncommon for a defeated foe to swallow his pride and back the political victor, several who claim to to be Saenz backers have expressed disappointment in this merger.

With politiqueras parading through the room like honored guests, prominent officials closely identified with election tampering, voter fraud and corruption, still functioning as important cogs in the machine, the future for the local Democratic Party seems bleak.  That bleakness could dissipate in a millisecond if someone wants to be a hero and stand up for democracy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Herminia Becerra "Queen of the Politiqueras" Supports Luis V. Saenz

Herminia Becerra, "Queen of the Politiqueras
Democratic Rally at Amigoland Event Center
October 20, 2012
It's a given that most Cameron County candidates do not care that our elections are tainted, corrupted and stolen.  They use the local machinery "as is" to their benefit. The work of organizations like Citizens Against Voter Abuse, trying to document known cases of voter fraud and manipulation is irrelevant to them.  Their only concern is getting elected and reaping the benefits as an office holder.

The lady on the left with the "Erin H. Garcia" hat and the "Luis V. Saenz" t-shirt is Brownsville's most notorious politiquera.  Her street of residence, Western Blvd. was represented by nearly 100% harvested mail-in votes in 2010.   Her participation, yet alone representation in ANY campaign is a deal breaker for those who respect the democratic process.  There is nothing else for the candidate to say, explain or spin.  He or she know full well the perception and function of this lady who once told me:  "I've been running elections for 50 years.  No one wins unless I say so!"  So, ok, Mr. or Ms. Candidate.  Go ahead and get your win.  You just missed an opportunity to do something historic for Cameron County by standing up for clean elections and earn the respect of those who view the democratic process as something to protect.

Mattingly and Saenz Submit Ads to the Herald in District Attorney Race

Luis Saenz Ad
Chuck Mattingly Ad

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Can Presas-Garcia's Image Be Rehabilitated?

Cata Presas-Garcia
When something is advertised as "new and improved", you wonder about the quality of the original product.  Maybe advertisers simply want you to try something they know you didn't like the first time, so the idea that refinements might have made it better sucker you in for one more purchase.  When an establishment proclaims itself as "under new management", it's a given that the old management was not customer friendly.  

Cata with Mentor Quintanilla in Dallas
Presas-Garcia, slipping over to campaign for BISD Position 5, is currently reinventing herself at meet and greets and with ad copy in the Brownsville Herald.  Not only has she softened and feminized her name from Cata to Caty, but she is using phrases like "working together" and "being a team of eight", concepts that are the antithesis of the old Cata.  As for "new ownership", her old mentor, convicted RICO felon Carlos Quintanilla, is currently flying under the radar, but still quite possibly spending Ted Parker's money on strategic blog articles and advertising in the Herald of Brownsville.  

The old Cata is still remembered by some as a brutally ruthless board president, fomenting middle-of-the-night administrative changes, ripping administrators away from their area of expertise to an uncomfortable new position they would hopefully resign from.   The old Cata described the interim superintendent, Carl "Mr. Milquetoast" Montoya as a "fit" because he did the bidding of the gang of four, then kept the window of opportunity for applicants to the permanent job open for only 24 hours, so the compliant Montoya could be installed without interference.  

The old Cata grew visibly impatient at the presentations of three law firms, competing for the privilege of collecting delinquent taxes for the district.  Thanks to the large contribution to her campaign, her heart only belonged to Linebarger and she was too inept not to show it.  She disrespected the two non-Linebarger law firms by taking potty breaks during their presentations.  Transparently, she referred to Enrique Pena of the Pena law firm with a condescending "Ricky",  as he was, to her, a mere boy in her game.

While Ms. Presas-Garcia was busy not winning any "Miss Congeniality" awards, her personal wardrobe and transportation noticeably upgraded.  Clothing went from dime store to Dillards, while the raggedy old Jeep that recycling yard magnets craved to lift, was swapped for a new Cadillac, said to be registered to her cousin, a BISD janitor.  The mere fact that BISD trustees seem so materially blessed on a job paying nothing is what frequently attracts the wrong kind of candidate.

The biggest boost to the reinvention of Cata or Caty is the endorsement of B.U.C., the Brownsville Unions Coalition.  B.U.C., as physically represented throughout the city by Rigo Bocanegra, Marco Longoria and Brownsville Crossfire.  Those well-respected men are my friends and add enormous credibility to any candidate they thoughtfully endorse.  While the endorsement may be based solely on merit, the opponents of Presas-Garcia for Position 5 factor in.  One is Butch Barbosa, so tightly linked to the obviously corrupt, but as yet unpunished lawbreaker Ernie Hernandez, Jr.  Certainly that association was more than B.U.C. could stomach.  The other candidate is the cranky, old Donald Clupper, who actually comes with the worst possible connection.  He is endorsed by Brownsville Cheezmeh, a kiss of death to be sure.

Donald Clupper
Clupper, though, obvious warts and all, is the best choice for Position 5.  Yes, he is argumentative and grumpy, but honest.  Without rehearsal, he rattled off the name of every high school in Brownsville, their special academic focus and transportation needs.  The boring old fart has actual academic credentials, including a Masters in Business and other degrees.  Based on only one criteria; what's best for the kids, Clupper is the best candidate for BISD Position 5.

Could Linda Gill Actually Function As A BISD Trustee?

Linda Gill, Cheezmeh Candidate
 for BISD Trustee
Early in the BISD trustee campaign, before she realized the shortness of the Cheezmeh leash held by control freak Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis, Linda Gill, a candidate for BISD trustee position 7, asked for an interview.

Linda Gill:  "Hello, Mr. Barton.  I'd like to meet with you. I would like you to get to know me and not base your writing on what certain folks are telling you.  I have been a lifelong advocate for the mentally and physically disabled. Monday afternoon would be just fine for me.  We have met before and feel you really care about this community as I do."

Mean Mister Brownsville:  "I'm going to be busy for the next few days. . . . . . Then we have the Hernandez-Begum trial. . . But maybe after that if that's ok."

Linda Gill: "Fine. but I would greatly appreciate that you give me an opportunity to show you who I really am and the things I've done to improve the lives of the mentally and physically disabled.  I was lso a member of the Family readiness group for the 370th transportation Co. while they were deployed to Iraq.  My husband did 4 tours in Iraq, I have 3 children . One is a union rep. for the American Federation of teachers. my second son is a Type 2 law enforcement officer for the National Parks Service and my daughter attends Texas State.  Husband is currently stationed in Ft'Sill Oklahoma and will be transfering to Ft. Sam Houston. I also graduated from the University of Texas at Austin."

Mean Mister Brownsville:  I can't just yet, but as soon as the trial is over, I will be able to do that. . 

Linda Gill:  "Ok,,can I please ask you to give me the benifit of the doubt till then.?  You have been given erroneous information about me."

(On the morning the interview was to take place,  Linda sent a message saying she was simply too sick to interview.  This was the morning after she participated in the AOBE candidate forum.  Her other appearances continued as normal.)

Linda Gill: "Jim.. once again I have woken up sith sever rhuematoid arthritis symptoms. Ihaven't checked the weather buy can garauntee its somewhere very close. I'm having lots of trouble moving around. Wish I I could say I will be better by this afternoon but I chose to get off my meds a few months back. . . . . I never know when thrse flares will occur but bad weather exaccerbates the pain and lethargy.  That was one of the reasons I retired.  I have trouble walking and getting around.  I would appreciate postponing,,not cancelling."
(Despite saying she wanted to postpone, not cancel the interview, Gill did not respond to repeated attempts to contact her, eventually deleting me as a Facebook contact.  I suspect that Erasmo, the Cheezmeh guru had advised her not to interview with us, although as a trustee, interviews and hard questions are part of the job)

Gill did seem fine 10/19/2012 as she walked into the Moses Sorola home for a meet and greet for BISD candidates.  We shook hands and she flashed a smile.  Her countenance changed quickly though when Ms. Sorola announced that candidates would be allowed to each give a short presentation.  Shirley Ann Bowman quickly got up, supporting herself with metal walking sticks.  My wife Nena started to videotape.  Gill quickly whispered something into the ear of Ms. Sorola and bolted, missing another opportunity to tout her candidacy.  Perhaps, the stage fright has something to do with her performance at the AOBE forum, described by some as mumbling and incoherent or she may simply not have been comfortable having her speech recorded.

That same afternoon, Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis made it clear what he expected from the Cheezmeh candidate, once elected with the comment on the left.  If Gill is somehow elected, the Cheez wants to maintain the same control he has had over her during the campaign.

Of course, a BISD trustee has to answer to the citizens, not just the Cheez in Austin.  A trustee faces hard questions, interviews and the board meetings are videotaped.

Based on her difficulty during the campaign, I'm not certain Linda Gill or Hermelinda Gill-Martinez, if you prefer, is up to the task mentally and emotionally.  Being a trustee is a difficult job, not for the faint of heart or those who wilt under public scrutiny.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Seney Still Running Roughshod Over Non-STAMP Students and Teachers at Veterans

Michelle Seney, STAMP Program Administrator
MMB has been following the gross mismanagement of the new $75,000,000 Veterans Memorial High School. In an article published August 20, 2012, Mean Mister Brownsville detailed the conversion of a number of classrooms into jumbo-sized offices for the STAMP Coordinator and her staff causing a number of VMHS teachers to have to "float" without a classroom:

"Instead, focus on the new $75,000,000 high school designed for 2,200 students; Veterans Memorial. The full service high school, complete with athletic facilities, vocational training classrooms and other amenities had its focus abruptly short-circuited by declaring it a STAMP facility. Hundreds of students within the school's geographic territory, but not in the STAMP program, had to be reassigned to other Brownsville high schools. The outcry of taxpayers went unheeded as the corrupt BISD board simply 'knows better."

We received reports of gross neglect of students attending Veterans who were not in the STAMP program, such as this one:
"3 weeks into the school year, VMHS is missing an English 2 teacher, so students are doing nothing. To top it off, end of courses and benchmarks will come soon. They also are lacking an algebra 2 teachers so students are without teachers. However, STAMP students (the more highly regarded students) have teachers for everything and their core area teachers are not allowed to teach regular students that lack teachers. Theres even one STAMP teacher with 3 classes all day and that person has the rest of the day off? STAMP student to teacher ratio= 15:1 "Regular" student to teacher ratio= 25-30:1!
Fair? I don't think so!"

When we reported that Seney and her support staff were not satisfied with the size of their offices, but were converting whole classrooms into office space for STAMP administrators, we received this comment:
"I'm impressed! I thought I was the only one aware of the disaster at Veterans. You need to update that number of floaters to Six! Also, you yanked out all the two (2) year old desks for students and teachers and replaced them with new ones. All the two year old computers for the students piled up in some room and new ones for the STAMP program. What a waste of money! Also, another lost classroom for her secretary and another lost classroom for her counselor. Teachers are leaving as we speak in total disgust and it's only going to get worse. They told you about this awesome program between the community, the school, and the medical field. Mrs. Seney hosted a luncheon for all the medical community, doctors, hospital administrators, etc. etc. One doctor showed up, about 4 from the medical community, and your school administrators. About 25 total. They invited 250, does this look like the medical community is serious about this poorly planned attempt to keep our children from going to Mercedes to get a real education in medical fields. What a joke!"

Veterans Memorial High School
Now, we've received an update on the current situation at Veterans from someone very close to the situation:

Seney's running the school, Jim. The STAMP kids are her little saints that all of us are expected to love. These poor kids must wear their STAMP shirt every Wednesday or face disciplinary consequences. Poor Mary Solis (our principal) is constantly emasculated by Seney but, then again, that doesn't surprise me. Solis tries to at least be productive but Seney is calling the shots. It's all about STAMP and screw everyone else. That seems to be the theme at Veterans!  The school needs Acacia Ameel back.  She would fight off Seney and treat students equally.   We need a principal and leader with a backbone and a heart. Seney has a backbone, but no heart. Solis has a heart, but no backbone.  Mrs. Acacia Ameel is the perfect balance is and can save veterans before it's too late. Veterans simply needs Ameel...

Minerva Pena, Candidate for Position 6, Speaks At Event

Jose Chirinos, Candidate for BISD Position 7, Speaks At Event

Cata Presas-Garcia, Candidate for BISD Position 5, Speaks At Event

BISD Candidates~Otis Powers, Candidate for Position 3, Speaks At

Raul Lopez, Candidate for Justice of the Peace, Place 2-2, Speaks At Mee...

BISD Candidates~Argelia Miller, Candidate for Position 3, Speaks At Meet...

Christina Saavedra Talks About State of BISD

Lucy Longoria, Current Board Member, Speaks About the State of BISD

BISD Candidates~Donald Clupper, Candidate for Position 5, Speaks At Meet...

BISD Candidates~Shirley Ann Bowman, Candidate for Position 6, Speaks At ...

Carlos Masso Endorses Luis Saenz for District Attorney

Thursday, October 18, 2012

No Candidates Shine As Interlopers Joust for Control of BISD

Cata Presas-Garcia with Mentor Quintanilla Pushing
 Infamous Milk Scam in Dallas
The hope of teachers, parents and taxpayers for honest, articulate, knowledgeable, independent candidates for BISD trustee did not materialize.

All nine candidates who remain in the the races for four seats have baggage, lack basic skills or are obviously RUI, running under the influence of interlopers far outside the designated boundaries of BISD.

If the Brownsville district were populated with one room schoolhouses without the modern amenities of a budget swelling to over $500,00,000 annually including state turnback funds, Erasmos Castro Dragustinovis, Carlos Quintanilla and even Ernie Hernandez, Jr. would not give a rodent's posterior about which trustees supervised the administration of student education.

But con artists and corrupt politicos have finely tuned senses of smell, sniffing the scent of currency from hundreds of miles away or from as close as Cameron County Precinct 2.   Since rodents do not like the light, no candidates wear jerseys with their sponsors name clearly advertised.   Disinformation abounds:  "Quintanilla has no money." The initial disclaimer: "Cheezmeh doesn't support candidates." Or: "Ernie is busy serving the residents of Precinct 2."

Quintanilla Only Needs One to Succeed

Quintanilla's involvement with BISD, his support of certain trustee candidates, is related to one overriding issue, blocking the reinstatement of the $14,300,000 lawsuit against Healthsmart for overcharges.  

Cata Presas-Garcia
This year's dismissal of the lawsuit hinged on a Quintanilla-controlled majority of Lucy Longoria, Christina Saavedra, Enrique Escobedo and Cata Presas-Garcia.  So, now Q needs Cata, who has recently softened, feminized her name to Caty. to be re-elected.  Caty has become a lightning rod in her own right, forming a brutal tandem with Sylvia Atkinson utilizing a bull-in-a china closet approach to terminating, downgrading and reassigning administrators.  Presas-Garcia, not an educator or educated, does her best work for Quintanilla and Linebarger, and has upgraded her clothing, accessories and ride substantially while visibly supported only by her husband's teacher salary.  

The B.U.C. endorsement will help Caty, but if all of the disenchanted teachers vote, she will have trouble.  Somewhat bolstering Presas-Garcia's campaign is the ad copy written by skilled journalist Juan Montoya of El Rrun Rrun, who has a master's degree in journalism from Ann Arbor.    

Two Proud Cheezers:  Clupper and Gill
Linda Gill
Two candidates remain tainted by association with Brownsville Cheezmeh:  Linda Gill and Donald Clupper.  

Linda Gill initially reached out for an interview, but was later instructed by her master from Austin, not to meet with me:  Here is her message the morning of September 28:
"Jim.. once again I have woken up sith sever rhuematoid arthritis symptoms. Ihaven't checked the weather buy can garauntee its somewhere very close. I'm having lots of trouble moving around. Wish I I could say I will be better by this afternoon but I chose to get off my meds a few months back."
I've not heard from her since.  Those attending the  AOBE candidate forum, described Gill's remarks as incoherent.  At Moses Sorrola's meet and greet for BISD candidates, Linda split as soon as she saw Nena was videotaping the candidate's speeches.  Does Linda know that school board meetings are videotaped?

Donald Clupper
Donald Clupper is ingratiating and full of himself, but honest.  He is a math teacher who did his job, had some personality issues within BISD, but dammit, he did his job, even when he was assigned to special needs children.  

Although Donald was a bit fooled by the silver tongued con artist Erasmo Dragustinovis, exhibits a cranky personna and is not Albert Einstein reincarnated, he is the BEST choice for place 5.  Despite the B.U.C. endorsement, Presas-Garcia is a Quintanilla plant, doing the bidding of the con artist from Dallas.  The other candidate, Butch Barbosa, is connected to Ernie Hernandez, Jr.  Clupper, despite being fooled by Cheezmeh is the only honest choice.

Among the other candidates, both Shirley Bowman and Argelia Miller have indicated they would vote to reinstate the $14,300,000 lawsuit against Healthsmart for overcharges.  


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friends Disagree on Cata Presas-Garcia~Maybe I Shouldn't Say Anything!

Cata Presas-Garcia with Rigo Bocanegra of B.U.C. 
Rigo Bocanegra, representing the Brownsville Unions Coalition added this statement to the picture on the left:

"As we move forward and steer this BISD ship in the right direction,The B.U.C. Brownsville Unions Coalition overwhelmingly endorse Mrs. Caty Presas García for her Re-Election bid for Trustee Place 5. Albert Alegria leader for BEA Brownsville Educators Association encourage Teachers,Classified,Administrators and Certified to support and VOTE for Mrs. Presas García for a NEW VISION of Commitment to the education Community!"

As Mr. Bocanegra states, it was by the vote of the Brownsville Unions Coalition that Presas-Garcia was endorsed and he unhesitatingly supports that endorsement.

Since Rigo is a friend, I could simply say nothing, but then I would have to shut down the blog or look over my shoulder every time I type.  My personal philosophy is to respectfully state what I believe to be the facts, the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Cata or Caty Presas-Garcia is toxic to BISD.  Actually, she makes a good case for eliminating school board trustees altogether as she serves the interests of the outside entities who want to suck money from the district.  Without $500,000,000 in play annually there would be no Presas-Garcias, Ted Parkers or Carlos Quintanillas flitting around BISD.  None are educators, only leaches, learning to play a system where Fort Knox is guarded by the narcoleptic.  

If no one had discovered huge overcharges by Healthsmart at BISD and with the City of Lubbock, Texas, would Brownsville or Lubbock ever have heard of Carlos Quintanilla?  Likely not.  He had no natural connection to West Texas and he is no Cesar Chavez.  He is what he is;  a RICO convicted con artist with a mile long criminal record.  Ted Parker faced having 14.3 million subtracted from his company's bottom line.  He could hire good lawyers but insurance disputes come down to numbers and when crunched, they are what they are, despite the rhetoric.  

Parker faced a similarly large lawsuit in Lubbock, slightly predating the BISD matter.  His defense was creative, yet cost effective.  He dispatched Carlos Quintanilla, the loquacious con artist, to stir things up, float some money around and elect new city commissioners who would drop the lawsuit.  The city commission saw what was happening and settled for the best they could get; $4,000,000.  Parker and Quintanilla won a moderate victory.  Brownsville posed a similar challenge, but Parker and his hey-boy Quintanilla got better results.  Q got with locals and formed a P.A.C. to defeat the incumbent BISD trustees and place candidates favorable to dismissing the 14.3 million dollar lawsuit.  Quintanilla considered Cata Presas-Garcia, Lucy Longoria and Christina Saavedra his bitches and told them so.  They called him "brother".

Presas-Garcia with Quintanilla in Dallas
Promoting the Infamous Milk Scam
The end result was the dismissal of the $14,300,000 lawsuit against Healthsmart.  That was the predominant issue in 2010 and the issue today.  The lawsuit could be reinstated and Parker knows that.  He is not taking any chances.  If Presas-Garcia is defeated, Quintanilla has lined up Argelia Miller to replace her.  The board majority will likely continue.  

Presas-Garcia herself is no dummy.  Parker is not her only suitor.  Linebarger likes her style and she likes the legal conglomerates money.  During the alternate presentations for the law firm that would collect delinquent BISD taxes, she took a potty break. . . . twice.  She only had eyes for Linebarger.  

Brownsville's only hope to recover the $14,300,000 owed our kids is to defeat Presas-Garcia, Argelia Miller and anyone else propped up by Quintanilla.

Mayor, City Hoodwinked by Banner Scam

Tony Martinez
As reported in El Rrun Rrun, Mayor Tony Martinez and other city officials may have unwittingly participated in a scam purporting to "show the city of Brownsville's economic vitality and the support of the business community.
City Manager Cabler with Banner CEO McCarthy

David McCarthy, the head honcho of Community Showcase Banners of Warsaw, New York, may have used the U.S. Conference of Mayors Meeting in Orlando, Florida to find easy marks among the nation's mayors.  What mayor would not be flattered to be told that their city had been awarded a Community Showcase, one of only fifteen such awards to be given nationally.  Successful scams frequently appeal to pride, ego and financial wherewithal.

Somehow, the City of Brownsville letterhead with a supportive letter from City Manager Charlie Cabler, became a sales tool for Community Showcase Banners and was used by McCarthy and a buxom female companion identified at Itza Pena to approach Brownsville business owners to test their willingness to support Brownsville by purchasing one of the banner packages.  At the lower end of support was the "Bronze Package" selling for approximately $600, while those who wanted to demonstrate how seriously they wanted to promote the city could go for the "Gold Package" at nearly $4,000.

One local businessman whose wife is employed by the city, was approached by McCarthy and Pena.  McCarthy represented himself as a close friend of Mayor Martinez, saying "he and Tony went way back."  He told the businessman that "Tony needed him."  When the businessman looked over the selection of packages, he said he might be able to spring for the $600 offering since cash flow was a problem.  He was told that package was only for churches and non-profits and was pushed toward the $4,000 selection.  Perplexed, the business  owner said the only way he could go the four grand would be with a post-dated check.  McCarthy at first rejected that offer, but seeing it was the only way he could make the sale, he accepted a post-dated check for the amount.

When the business owner called his wife to tell her about the purchase of promotional materials with a post-dated check, she paid City Manager Charlie Cabler a visit to ask what was going on.   While in Cabler's office, she noticed some Community Showcase Banners paperwork and spotted the name of Ms. Pena whom she recognized as having close ties to City Attorney Mark Sossi.

"Does Sossi have anything to do with this?" the city employee asked Cabler.  "I don't know.  Call him." was Cabler's response.

"My name was NOT EVER to be used on this! NOT EVER!"  Sossi could be heard to say on the other end.

The last thing local businessmen need in these difficult, economic times, is to throw $4,000 or even $600 down a dubious, con game rat hole.


Mean Mister Brownsville~Scattered Thoughts: Sossi, Erasmo, Lehmann, Martinez, Downtown, The DA Race

Mean Mister Brownsville
Now, we're hearing that not only is there a $100,000 I.R.S. lien applied to City Attorney Mark Sossi, but that garnishment of wages has already been initiated.

Erasmo Castro Dragustinovis, the high priest of the Cheezite sect, may soon be offering more delicious chicken plates for sale.  According to the El Rrun Rrun blog, the Cheezite's political action committee, Bringing Brownsville Change was fined $500 for not filing a report on time.  The address of the P.A.C. is given as 316 E. Madison St., Suite D, Brownsville, TX, the location of Linda Castro Dragustinovis' former notary public business.  Linda, we are told, was assessed a $17,000 fine last year by the I.R.S. for improper bookkeeping.

An interesting, but indelicate comment received on the Pat Lehmann trash analysis  proposal:
"He knows basura... He stares at it every morning in the mirror..."
Oscar Cantu III

Has anyone else noticed that the only time Mayor Tony Martinez seems passionate is when talking about something closely identified with UTB?  Does he really love Brownsville or just the University of Texas AT Brownsville?

With quite a number of downtown bars still not open after being remodeled for over a year, many are pointing an accusatory finger at Evaristo Gamez, City Permit Manager as the one stifling downtown renewal.  Is Gamez simply enforcing rules or does he demand more from downtown business owners?

Either of the two candidates for District Attorney, Luis Saenz or Chuck Mattingly would have my support if they committed, on or off the record, to prosecute the documented cases of voter fraud in the recent elections, and the instances where public officials broke the law with respect to hiring and the handling of theft or fraud within their department.  Cameron County has not had an actual functioning district attorney for several years and it shows with the corruption of our election process.


Self-Portrait by Josie del Castillo