Sunday, June 12, 2016

Voter Apathy Identified As Region's Largest Threat to Good Government


  1. That's a big hell yeah. Ask random people if they know of anyone on the TSC Borad of Trustees ( what's that?) or if they know who the mayor is or the name of any city commissioner.
    Ask them if they know who the vice president is or the name of the governor?
    Ask them if they are even registered to vote and if they are, when was the last time they voted. Their answers will disgust you.

  2. As I told a friend of mine, I voted early, I voted for Tony Zavaleta, not because I think he is the greatest thing that will happen to the TSC board, but because Cantu is a manipulated "mensita" from BISD and Zavaleta is a pompus, arrogant old man whose "power" from the old days is LONG GONE, BUT he DOES KNOW how a Junior College works, he DOES KNOW the type of students a Junior College has and the population it serves. He was also my anthropology professor in the old TSC and he is a very knowledgable person.
    To the anonymous 1:34 pm, Adela Garza, Trey Mendez, Ruben Herrera (you wanted names of the TSC board), our Brownsville mayor is Antonio Martinez (not my first choice), Ricardo Longoria, Jessica Tetreau, John Villarreal, Deborah Portillo (you wanted names of city comissioners). Joe Biden is the vice president of the United States, our republican governor is Greg Abbott and Filemon Vela represents our area and the state of Texas at the national level, Rene Oliveira and Eddie Lucio represent us at the state level and the last time I voted was when I went to vote at the New Horizon clinic for Dr. Tony Zavaleta. I am a Brownsville native and I VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION.

  3. Great work 4:31, you get an A in civics-now go do some community work and educate the ones less fortunate who are flunking class.



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