Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Residents, Wanting to Donate Blood, Stopped at 1,500

When the call went out for blood donors after the night club massacre in Orlando, Florida, 1,500 residents quickly formed a line.  The blood bank realized that number would be sufficient and closed the line.

Does that sort of response not exemplify the human, yes, American, spirit?  

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  1. All donated blood will still take minimum 3 days to process. The whole blood needs to be separated into components, filtered, tested, and labeled. If the victims need to be transfused right away, those donations would not be available. That is why people who are eligable should do so on a regular basis so that blood is on the shelves of a hospital blood bank and ready for patient use at a moment's notice. How much of that blood will probably be wasted because there was just too much of an influx of donors? Such a waste of a valuble resource.



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