Sunday, June 12, 2016

Radical Muslim Terrorism, Simply An Extension of Early Christianity, Judaism

It's better than a blue light special! During the 30 days of Ramadan, a muslim who kills infidels get "ten times the normal blessing."

"No shit?  You mean I get 170 virgins instead of just 17?  Sign me up!"

"Yes, let me explain this to you, my brother:

'As we are told by Allah, the gates of Heaven are thrown open, the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained. This essentially signifies that, in Ramadan, the devils and their advocates have a much more difficult job diverting true Muslims from fully reaping the bounties of Allah by performing every religious duty with a pure intention.'"

No one explains what the unidentified virgins get out of this, accept to be sexually assaulted by some crazy who's just killed innocent people at a church, school or night club.

But, it's all in god's hands, they say.

The standard for slaughtering those with a different belief system was well-established in the first 39 books of the Holy Bible.  Jews were told to enter into the territory of Amalekites, Hittites and Amorites and "destroy them, killing men, women and little children."  Yes, Yahweh or Jehovah, the god of genocide.  

These very scriptures were the ones taught, memorized and studied by Jesus Christ and his apostles.  It is little wonder that the early Christians, particularly advocates of the Catholic Church, were just as bloodthirsty and genocidal as the Jews.

The Spanish Inquisition, perpetrated by the Catholic Church, where Muslims and Jews were slaughtered, burned at the stake and/or decapitated by the thousands for being infidels, far exceeds any of the atrocities of Isis.

Religious ignorance continues.  These days groups of brainwashed Jehovah's Witnesses saunter down the residential streets of Brownsville, handing out religious literature that, carefully examined, explains that, very soon, their god will exterminate everyone on Earth, not a Jehovah's Witness, at the battle of Armageddon.  Witness women, especially those walking through streets of Rio Viejo or Rancho Viejo, jot down house numbers of houses they would like to own after God's great war and the extermination of the current residents. 

Jehovah's Witness Depiction of Armageddon
Only one problem for the Jehovah's: How to bury all the dead, who will be, in their words, "like manure on the surface of the ground."  They hope for a miracle burial from Jehovah so they don't have to bury the billions of dead by shovel.

Religion has fostered a lot of evil shit in this world.   


  1. All religions lead to war. Get rid of religion.
    As John Lennon, would sing in Imagine:(Shortly summarized) Imagine a world with no heaven or hell, no countries or anything to kill or die for. No religion too. Join us, and the world would be as one. Imagine!

  2. There's not a lot of humor to be found in this tragedy except the blackest kind, watching the Republican party, which had fought LGBT to the point of standing up for bakers, ensuring their "religious freedom" to not have to bake wedding cakes for those nasty f*gs, and no way in hell sharing a bathroom with them, is now falling over itself trying to pretend they are sad, sad I tell you, about this massacre.

    These same people who went above and beyond to make sure everyone could buy an AK-47 or AR-15 assault rifle, knowing gays are often targets of harrassment and violence, and likely to be victimized when weapons are easily available to the wackos at large. The exact same magazine-loaded assault rifle used in the sandy hook school mass shooting years ago, and Republicans fought tooth and nail against any kind of assault weapon limits to appease their NRA lobbyists. This AR-15 automatic rifle "the mass shooter's favorite", was designed to be attached to an airplane in a combat zone to track and kill large numbers of people, was and is still available on the market for anyone to buy, including the racists, the mentally unstable, the Christian extremists and the Muslim extremists. Thanks GOP. And I agree, religion is a scourge. The Quran and the Bible are identical in their hatred. The Inquisition didn't come out of nowhere. I'm looking at you, Leviticus.

  3. Liberal Morons come crawling out of the woodwork like the parasites they are during times of tragedy. "Never let a crisis go to waste, huh." The AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon. "AR" is a nomenclature for "Armalite", the builder of this platform in the 1950's. And it is SEMI-AUTOMATIC you fucking moron. Of course a moron associates AR for assault rifle. The only assault rifle is one that is fully automatic, that is, a machine-gun such as the M4 used by the military. The average cost of an ASSAULT RIFLE is about $20,000, way out of the reach of affordability by most people. And a class three license is necessary. The shooter in Orlando used a Sig Sauer rifle you stupid fucking moron. Liberals as yourself cannot stand facts and truth because you are too busy attempting to twist it to fit your agenda. Oh, and the day you are standing in front of your Creator on judgment day...the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union (ACLU) won't be able to help you idiot. You are so stupid it aches.



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