Thursday, June 23, 2016

President Lily Tercero A "No-Show" for Nursing Department Mentoring from Texas A&M

Attorney Frank Perez
While TSC Attorney Frank Perez checks to see if the improperly signed contract for windstorm protection is "void or voidable," he may as well check to see if Lily Tercero's agreeing to that contract without consulting the Board of Trustees makes her contract voidable without compensation.  In other words, did she violate her contract? 

The mishandling of the insurance contract was not the only aspect of Tercero's performance disappointing members of the Board of Trustees. Tercero was given a directive to engage in a contract with Texas A&M University to salvage the nursing program.  Remember, the program had declined to the point that a mere 46% of students were passing the nursing exam.  The state ordered program suspension pending at least an 80% pass rate.

Dr. Marti Flores,
VP of Instruction
At Wednesday's board meeting, Dr. Marti Flores, Vice-President of Instruction, described a visit by Drs. Matthews and Wilkerson from A&M, who came to TSC to learn about the nursing program, offering recommendations for improvement. During Flores' presentation, Trustee Adela Garza asked Tercero a question to which she likely already knew the answer.

"Were you there for the visit of the doctors running A&M's program?" Garza asked. 

Tercero answered "No!" but proceeded to explain that she had been involved in phone conversations setting up the mentoring.

Dr. Marti Flores, Vice-President of Instruction, quickly added before being asked, that she'd also been "out of town in Harlingen that day."

TSC Board of Trustees
That left the diminutive Maria Celia de la Garza, Director of Nursing, to entertain the Texas A&M doctor team.   De la Garza mentioned that the A&M duo had recommended higher entrance standards into the program.

Agenda item #7 may also have been aimed at Tercero, "Discussion and Possible Action regarding the Child Care Development Degree Plan for the Upcoming Fall Semester.  

We will deal with the issues raised in our next installment.

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