Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jerry McHale Reposts Brownsville Observer Article, Editing Out References to Politicos Advertising on his Blog

Jerry McHale of the MCHALE REPORT
Our friend, Jerry McHale, routinely reposts articles from the Brownsville Observer on his blog, the MCHALE REPORT, always crediting the author. Juan Montoya of El Rrun Rrun does the same.  

Both legendary Brownsville bloggers reposted today our article, "Despite Going 0-6 in BND and TSC Races, Car Dealer Mike Hernandez III Is Not Going Away," with one important, major difference.

Juan posted the article in its entirely, while Jerry lopped off the last two paragraphs that contained references to State Representative Rene Oliveira and State Senator Eddie Lucio III, both advertisers on his blog.

State Senator Eddie Lucio III, OP 10.33 Operative
My article simply reported that the young, personable Lucio had hired on as a "consultant" with Dallas car dealer Mike Hernandez III, the guru of OP 10.33 group that recently fell flat on its face trying to manipulate the Brownsville Navigation District and Texas Southmost College elections.  We shared a report from Juan Montoya's El Rrun Rrun, that young Lucio and his staffer Ruben O'Bell were currently enjoying the use of vehicles from D&M Leasing, Mike's Dallas car dealership.

State Representative Rene Oliveira
Another McHale deletion from our article was a reference to State Representative Rene Oliveira as a Brownsville backstabber, also hinting that he might be next in line for an OP 10.33 vehicle.

Oliveira has "represented" Brownsville for three decades, but done zero, nothing, zilch for the city. Rene is simply out for Rene, one of his infrequent legislative efforts designed to allow the Linebarger tax collection firm to generate more revenue.  For that little legislative sleight of hand, Linebarger hired Oliveira and, likely provide the bulk of his current income, although he also is retained by BISD as an attorney.

Doing nothing for 30 years would almost be tolerable in contrast to the actual fact that Rene has again and again fought AGAINST Brownsville taxpayer's interests.

Former UTB President Juliet Garcia
If former UTB President Juliet Garcia is a traitor to Brownsville by attempting to liquidate, assimilate an historic community college, TSC, into her grand scheme, Rene Oliveira is even more a traitor.

After the historic 4-3 vote of TSC trustees to preserve the historic community college as a separate entity, Rep. Rene Oliveira went straight to Austin, introducing a bill to REVERSE the effect of the vote, to, once again UNIFY to two institutions, totally misrepresenting the wishes of the TSC Board.  It took considerable effort by TSC Trustee Adela Garza, talking to members while Oliveira's house bill was still in committee to avert castastrophe for TSC.

Rene Oliveira was successful introducing legislation to allow the ultrarich University of Texas to NOT pay $11,300,000 rent due the taxpayers.  Roll your tongue around that figure, visually our hardworking taxpayers meeting their yearly property tax obligation.

No, Representative Rene Oliveira is a walking advertisement for term limits, a total waste of so-called representation for his district, including Brownsville.  Oliveira is a joke.

I don't appreciate Jerry's editing out any reference to him in my article.


  1. Hell yeah, Jim!

  2. Oliveira, his administrative assistant Tony Gray and Jerry are long time drinking buddies.

  3. You sound line Captain Renault "I'm shocked there is gambling going on ..." paraphrase -[ and then he accepts his winnings which in fact are a bribe and not winnings.

    Are you the only person unaware Jerry writes for money =- he endlessly attacks those who refused to pay when they were asked.

    Are you going to act equally shocked when Jerry is backing the same people as Marin and Mike Hernandez because he is being paid.

    And for the record the premise of your post is all wrong. Before the first OP10.33 sign went up Lucio the III was Mike Hernandez's attorney so having Lucio on his staff has zilch to do with whether or not he is staying here. He lives most of his time on his ranch in Starr county and not in Dallas.

    Because you hate his association with Marin you would have him walk away from the million dollars in scholarship money he has committed to BISD children.

    Mike knows he has problems with Marin on his team. He is being shunned by politicos who dislike Marin. Staffers have already moved on because of Marin's unethical conduct - it is not what they signed on for.

    Mike would be smart to stay out of the BISD election. He could have made a difference on this one but now he is too toxic because of Marin.

    But I am curious are you going to denounce Montoya and McHale when you learn that they are taking Marin's money because they are being paid by candidates being supported by Marin?

    Do you actually believe Montoya would have turned down Evelyn Cantu's money had it been offered?

    Bobby WC

  4. Jerry has never hid the fact that he sells advertising. That's not the issue with me. I just don't want my articles chopped up. As for the timing of Eddie III's hire by Mike III, that's less relevant than it's ongoing nature.

    Again, you missed my entire point. I'm not denouncing anyone for selling advertising. I just don's want my stories butchered.

  5. Robert Wightman didn't get disbarred for being intelligent. His lack of common sense and rambling tangents amuse himself more than us readers. We understood your point loud and clear Jim.

  6. I commend you for publishing WC's post in response to your article. If the situation was reversed he would never have published a similar reaction but would have made a vague reference to a "troll" and done a little name calling. Of course, as you pointed out, he missed the point altogether. A frequent occurrence with him. This bully wants so much to be a big fish in a small pond that he lives in a community he seems to despise, among people he abhors. Why would someone do that?

    1. Well stated. WC is an aggressive bully who is either a lunatic, or one of the villages biggest idiots. His posts never make sense and he hates every elected official in town,the va, lowes, and valley interfaith. He pledges allegiance to the Hernandez family and no one else.

  7. WC is right on target with Jessica Tetreu. Jim, everyone beleived in her when she ran the first time but soon she showed her true colors. Jessica Tetreu is only in it for what benefits her and not for what is best for Brownsville.

    1. Bobby Wightman should look at himself and his own problems before he anonymously comments about others.


    Doesn't surprise me that BWC missed your point.

  9. Fish eyes sucks



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