Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tony Juarez Running Like Hell from Identification with Mike Hernandez III's OP 10.33

Antonio Juarez with Current Wife at Campaign Event
This has not been a particularly good year for Tony Juarez.  In the 2016 TSC elections he was trounced in his efforts to secure a seat on the Board of Trustees, Place 3.  Only one other candidate in the entire field did worse than Juarez's meager 17%. Even OP 10.33 Secretary Beatriz Hockaday, running against Trey Mendez, doubled up on Juarez.

Now, we've been told he objects to being included in our graph showing him to be one of six losing candidates backed by Mike Hernandez III's OP 10.33 and his cohort Carlos Marin.

Juarez sent word to El Rrun Rrun's John Montoya, that he considers inclusion in the graph to be "false and slanderous." Must we explain to the good doctor (Juarez is said to possess a doctorate in Educational Administration) the difference between libel and slander? 

Last August Juarez was dismissed from his job as Chief Financial Officer with the South San Antonio Independent School District because of mismanagement of $300,000 of funding that eventually had to be returned to the government.  

After his firing, Juarez evidently was charged in a car-keying incident involving the car of Bernadine Martinez.  Despite video from several angles, showing a man the police claimed was Juarez keying the car, the Bexar County District Attorney declined to pursue the case.  Damage to the vehicle was set at $1,192.08.  

No, not a good year for Juarez.


  1. Why do people run for office if they can not control their temper.

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