Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mike Hernandez III Due to Receive First Semester Report Card Saturday

Transfer student Mike Hernandez III faces some academic challenges in mastering the curriculum at the notorious Brownsville School of Hard Knocks.

BSHK can overwhelm a new student as the textbooks are poorly written, local tutors are either unqualified or have their own agendas and the non-air conditioned classrooms, locked doors and dearth of classroom materials make learning difficult.

Mike expected to do well at his new school.  He had good grades at a suburban Dallas-Fort Worth school in addition to being well-liked.  With high expectations, Mike signed up for a full load of six classes at BSHK, viewing Study Hall as unnecessary.

So far Mike has gotten his grades back on five classes and it doesn't look good.

1st Period:  Ed Rivera as BND Trustee             F
2nd Period: Raul Villanueva, BND Trustee       F
3rd Period:  Beatriz Hockaday, TSC Trustee    F
4th Period:  Antonio Juarez, TSC Trustee         F
5th Period:  Daniel Pizana, TSC Trustee           F
6th Period:  Evelyn Cantu, TSC Trustee            Inc

Unfortunately, for Mike, with all the grades in, but one, the final result in the TSC Trustee runoff between Tony Zavaleta and Evelyn Cantu, these are not valedictorian numbers.  Mike will definitely have to bring up his grades or face flunking out.


  1. Hernandez should stay away from the horse races.

  2. Evelyn Cantu does not need the support of Mike Hernandez. She has her own money as her family is very well off financially.

  3. Jim, you forgot to include the hugely disappointing performance of, Latino savior in his own mind, Jose Angel Gutierrez. He and his cadre of politiqueras, otherwise known as the V3 army have done nothing but block walk for the OP1033 candidates. That gets an F too.

  4. Willing to bet that annoy at 1126 is none other than Evelyn herself. Tell us Evelyn, what is "well off financially"?



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