Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tony Martinez Fights to Keep Brownsville Isolated from Regional Development

Mayor Tony Martinez
Like an ancient feudal kingdom, the City of Brownsville is at war, not only with neighboring cities, but the Cameron County Commissioner's Court, the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority and, of course, the concept of a Regional Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Not a gifted communicator by any measure, Martinez prefers manipulation to communication and is never, ever above simply lying.  Yes, we say it clearly, Mayor Tony is frequently a liar.

Consider the story in today's El Rrun Rrun, written by Juan Montoya.  The mayor, who also chairs Brownsville's version of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, a committee of transportation people, who make decisions on dispersal of TxDot funds for local road construction and the infrastructure associated with road contruction, used a little subterfuge to block the movement toward a regional MPO, including both Harlingen and Hidalgo County.  Obviously, Brownsville has no sister cities in those parts of the RGV.

OK, Barton, how did Tony lie?  Well, as reported by Juan, our devious mayor, in a previous meeting of the MPO, asked for "more time" to study the issue.  A panel was set up to report back to the local MPO about the merits of combining three local MPO's with that study to be completed by June 28.  Yet, Mayor Martinez lied about seeking "more time" or "more facts," because, even before the panel's report could be submitted, he introduced a poorly worded agenda item at today's meeting to block merging the MPO's.  

County Judge-Elect(Primary) Eddie Trevino
Regional development vs. Brownsville retaining control was actually the undercurrent in the recent County Judge race between Dan Sanchez and Eddie Trevino. Trevino, despite running for "County" Judge, positioned himself in line with Brownsville controlling issues like the West Rail Road/Trail, while Sanchez made no such promises in my hearing.(We expect some strife at the County Commissioner's Court once Trevino takes office.)

Browsing Brownsville Channel 12 today, I caught the news conference just before the demolition of the building at 805 E. Tyler, where three young children were murdered in 2003.  

The microphone was put in front of Mayor Martinez, who pontificated: "This is a city commission that listens to the will of the people."

That is such a hypocritical statement and absolutely untrue.  The mayor and city commission make a show of "listening," but it is only that, a facade.  Two quick examples.

A town hall meeting was scheduled in October 2014 to consider the city's proposal to gift, convey or sell the city's precious Lincoln Park to the University of Texas.  Before the actual, meeting the city tried to illegally change the purpose of the meeting from "considering" the conveyance, to listening to the amenities that would be provided at a replacement park to be built near a city sanitation facility.  

Commissioner Ricky Longoria, also a local DJ, was actually hired by P.U.B. to narrate a propaganda video about the handling of the "odors" associated with the sanitation plant.  The meeting, as an exercise in trying to ascertain the "will of the people," was an absolute charade, a joke, as, overwhelmingly, the 400 or so in attendance were vehemently opposed to "conveying" the park.  Only, a Tony Martinez crony, Abraham Galonsky, who had 30 acres to sell the city next to the sanitation plant and one or two others spoke in favor of the sale.  BTW, the mayor did not bother to attend the town hall meeting.

Now, fast forward to this spring as the city set up FOUR, yes, I kid you not, FOUR damn town hall meetings to consider development of the West Rail corridor.  This time the city was clearly opposed to a West Rail Road as were also many, many residents of West Brownsville, pushing instead for it to be developed only as a trail with landscaping. County Judge Candidate Eddie Trevino was given all the time he wanted to politicize the event in his favor.

Yes, Tony, if the "will of the people" happens to coincide with the desires and plans of the commission, especially with the mayor and his pet commissioner, Rose Gowen, you're happily in attendance and, on board.  Otherwise, taxpayers, Martinez has absolutely no interest to even hear what you think.  


  1. Brownsville ' s hopes of growing and it's taxpayers prospering are in dire need of a miracle . Maybe a hurricane hitting and drowning our city commission , or federal indictments against this cancerous bunch of unethical scum.

  2. Everybody sit up straight, I saw the Texas Rangers Public Integrity Unit at breakfast this morning. Watchale watchale watchale!