Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Charles "Charlie" Cabler, Not Exactly City Manager, But Worth Every Penny of $220,000 As City Enabler

Charlie Cabler
A couple bloggers, breaking the story that the traditional, handy Brownsville Public Library was being removed as an early voting location, along with the Southmost Public Library, displayed prominently in their story, the mug of City Manager Charlie Cabler, as if the decision was Charlie's.
Rose and Tony, A Few Years Ago,
Before Father Time Took Its Toll

The implication was, that this was a devious move, with the inertia coming from Mayor Tony Martinez and Commissioner Rose Gowen, who are pushing the candidacy of the unqualified Evelyn Cantu for TSC Trustee Place 3, who is running against Dr. Tony Zavaleta.

While I don't know Mr. Cabler personally, I've observed him for a number of years.  He doesn't initiate directives, orders.  He follows them.

At the October 2014 Town Hall Meeting about the proposed sale of Lincoln Park to the University of Texas, Charlie Cabler was setting up the microphone for public comment.  Initially, he was situating the mike to face four city commissioners plus UTB's Irv Downing, as if the taxpayers would be facing some sort of tribunal or parole board.  

When I suggested to Charlie that his microphone placement would mean that public commenters would be giving their backs to the 300-400 attendees at the Tony Gonzalez gym, he quickly turned it around.  But, when Commissioner Rick Longoria yelled to the City Manager:  "Charlie, Jim isn't running this meeting.  I am!" he turned the mike back around.  See what I mean.

Cabler, an ex-cop, frequently falls back into training at town halls and city events, taking position, leaning against a back wall, with the entrance in full view, a security guard stance.  But, if you approach him with a question about the event, he defers to the city commissioner or administrator running the show.  Like Schultz from the Hogan's Heroes TV show:  "I see nothing.  I know nothing!"

I don't believe City Manager Charlie Cabler came up with the idea to take the Central Public Library and the Southmost Library out of the lineup of early voting stations.  Charlie doesn't give orders. He follows them.

With this backdrop, as an enabler, not as a manager, the city commission recently gave Cabler an instant salary increase(raise) of $50,000, raising his salary to $220,000, $70,000 more than the salary of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.


  1. As a community member everyone should sign a petition to get him out!!!! He is worthless, and all the city commissioners need to be removed....and expose them for all the shaddy things they are doing.

    1. What are all the shady things they are doing? Stop making accusations without grounds. If you have real evidence take it to the feds, otherwise leave people alone and let them do their jobs.

    2. If you REALLY need an explanation about our City Commissioners and their unethical ways, you are not from here or, you're probably a supporter . Lincoln Park fiasco , CASA DE Nylon and other real estate buys,Mark Sossi and his shenanigans , United Brownsville cartel members etc.......all to the detriment of the taxpayers . Enough is enough , all of the mayor's harem need to be voted out!

  2. Isn't Dr Gowen a Zavaleta? So much for family I guess blood is not thicker than water

  3. What's wrong with survival? How long would Cabler have lasted if he tried to make the City of Brownsville function within the city code or managed the city "by the book?"

  4. Wow! The Great City of Brownsville,Texas has plenty of money to throw away. Ridiculous salaries, car allowance for commissioners, giving away a park plus acres to UT, leasing unneeded meeting/office space, buying over priced buildings they don't need, etc. All this useless spending, while the city looks like shit!


  5. PUB meeting tonight at 5 pm, item # 5 calls for possible action to increase Davidson, Troillo, & Garza law firm legal fee rates. Already, this firm collects over a million dollars per year. The rate increase may be legitimate, but should this not go out for RFP's to make sure PUB is paying market rates for this kind of legal representation. Already, PUB has paid the astronomical sum of $1.4 million dollars and counting to Eddie Trevino within the past 3 years and it too should go out for RFP's. How much more attorney fees will ratepayers pay that may not be legitimate, but are being paid because PUB is a cash cow for politicians to dole out? Are there other firms that are willing to service PUB at a lower rate and that are just as good as the ones we now have?

    If PUB is managed properly, we should produce electricity at a lower rate than Magic Valley by at least 20%. PUB has a larger budget than the city, which is time to consider putting to a referendum a charter amendment for voters to vote to make PUB completely autonomous by electing the PUB Board. This will keep the political cronies without experience in business, utilities, and the milking of PUB away from the city council and give management complete freedom to manage and produce the highest return for the rate payer.

    In many instances appointments to the PUB Board are based on paybacks for political support. Some of those appointments have been detrimental to PUB and the city. Some of the appointees have no clue regarding management, budgets, electrical and water issues or even have business experience and tend to go with the flow instead of making decisions based on what is best for PUB and the ratepayer.

  6. Yell and scream all you want. Change takes action. It is not until action takes place, such as voting, petitions, demands of the people of Brownsville, the ones paying there salary, that anything will change. So, for the time being, yes! Our light bill will be more than our car payment. Our city will never compare to McAllen. If they are going to compare salaries with other cities, they should at least include what the cities have for their people. With this said... If you didnt vote, you voted them in and the cycle continues.
    (Thanks for the favor, let's get you a pay increase)
    No requirements for the positions.
    How to get rich quick. Apply @ City of Brownsville

  7. Financial and Economics degree should be required at the very least for EVERY DANG CITY AND BISD BOARD MEMBERS. CUT THE RAT PACK.
    Start petition.



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