Saturday, June 10, 2017

If Nothing Else, Old Men Know Their Streets

The day after cataract surgery on my right eye by Dr. Alexander Sudarshan, I was back at the Eye Experts for an 8:15 AM followup.

A nineteen year old guy in a purple lab coat called my name and ushered me into an examination room.

"What happened to your eye patch?" he asked.

I was ready for that with:  "It fell off in the shower."

"Who drove you here?" was the next probing question from the young district attorney.

"Oh, I drove myself," I answered.  

"You need to wear these sunglasses," the commandant explained.

"I have sunglasses," I responded.

"Yes, but this is our gift to you," the kid responded.  "The box includes another eye patch that you need to where at least at night."

"What pharmacy do you use?  I'm going to order you some anti-inflammatory eye drops,"stated the young dictator.

"Walmart on 802 is my pharmacy," I responded.

"I don't see that address," he answered.  Are you talking about the one on Alton Gloor?"

"Well, actually, some people call the street Ruben Torres.  I always refer to it as 802.  It's not the original FM 802.  That one is now called Jaime Zapata.  Well, it was Coffee Port before that.  But, it has an 802 Cafe still.  802 used to be 511, but now they made a new 511 farther north," I explained.

"Wow, you sure know your streets," the eye man stated.  " The doctor will be in to see you shortly."

It was not Dr. Sudarshan, but a younger man with "Dr. Larsen" on his white lab coat.

In short order I found out Dr. Larsen was from Casper, Wyoming and had been in Brownsville 2-1/2 years.

"Years ago I drove from Casper to Drummond on Highway 80.  I remember the poles along the side of the road to measure the height of snowdrifts and another sign to say the road was closed to vehicles between November 1 and June 1."

Dr. Larsen looked puzzled.  He knew that some roads were closed, but didn't recall a Highway 80."

"Oh, you must have lived there after the Interstate system was completed."

I felt like an old fart that knew about streets that no longer existed. Next time, I will keep my streets to myself. 


  1. There’s something out there having to do with Russians and money and Russians and sex. Money laundering? Illegal loans? Offshore payments on which he hasn’t paid tax? Hot and cold running hookers? Peepee parties? Whatever it is, Trump is afraid of it coming out not only because it will cost him the presidency, it will cost him his identity, his manhood. It will cost him who he is.

    1. Nah. His identity isn't in question. He's a sex crazed narcissist jumping from woman to woman to pre-teen upskirt to prostitute pee party. It's only the shallow facade of a humble Christian, Bible-reading (lol) leader that his followers have built around him that is likely to shatter.... quite soon. As for his manhood, it's never been more than a 1/2 inch mushroom button at best. His straying wives, tiny hands and obsession with towers attests to that sad fact.



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