Saturday, June 3, 2017

Could There Possibly Be Four City Commissioner Votes to Restore the Broadcast of Public Comment?

City Commissioner Ben Neece
What if I told you that every word spoken at city commission meetings by the mayor and city commissioners, including jocular banter, boring mayor's reports and mind-numbing "Employee of the Month" awards executed by overpaid City Manager Charlie Cabler were broadcast on the local public TV channel, but the millisecond a taxpayer stood up to offer a public comment, that broadcast went into a sort of test pattern, reminiscent of 50's TV?  Are you serious, Jim?

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. No, not an onrushing freight train! Newly elected City Commissioner Ben Neece has sponsored an agenda item to restore the broadcast of public comment.  Commissioner Cesar de Leon is co-sponsor.

City Attorney Mark Sossi
Many of us remember City Attorney Mark Sossi's childish power point arguing against the broadcast of public comments.  His high school caliber presentation said nothing about city liability or even freedom of speech issues.  The Tony Martinez lackey claimed that blocking the broadcast of public comment created a greater "diversity" of commenters, a totally dumbass lie.

But, can Neece get the votes to pass this critically symbolic agenda item is this democratically-challenged city?  He will certainly vote for his agenda item.  One vote!

Ok, Cesar is on board.  Two votes!

Jessica Tetreau has been a commissioner of the people!  Three votes!

Commissioner Rose Gowen has been financially and otherwise supported by Mayor Martinez.  She will likely vote against democratic principles.  

Rick Longoria?  Rick has no core values.  He likes to talk, but always acquiesces to the mayor.  He is the mayor's boy.  Two "no" votes!

City Commissioner Joe Munguia
It comes down to Joe Munguia, State Farm Insurance agent and newly installed city commissioner. Will he support democrat principles or cow down to the mayor?



  1. Munguia with his vote will show his true colors

  2. Cesar will never go against the Mayor......too much of a chicken-shit.

  3. Hopefully this vote will pass!! If not, the one's who voted against can kiss this voters ASS!!