Monday, March 27, 2017

A Book About Kids Who Fall Through the Cracks at School

An Illustration from "Through the Cracks"

Today, Jack and I read together "Through the Cracks," a book by Carolyn Sollman about children who cannot find meaning and interest in school.  Jack identified with a character in the story, Christopher, a smart kid, but bored, falling through the cracks after first shrinking enough that his body fit between the flooring of school.

Jack, like Christopher, was totally bored, unmotivated at BISD.  He was not too smart for BISD, just a bad fit, isolated.(Jack's dad asked me to homeschool Jack 1/17 and the kid's been flourishing since.)

As we finished the 60 page book, Jack said:  "I wish the book was a little longer."

That told me he'd enjoyed it.

Then, we went and explained it all to grandma.


  1. Enjoyed this, but you are way too human to be a political blogger. Oh, yeah, fuck that anony at 6:07.


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