Friday, July 8, 2016

"The (Political) Death of a Salesman" by Mike Hernandez III

Car Leaser Mike Hernandez III
(Photo by Brownsville Herald"s 
Miguel Roberts)
Mike Hernandez III did not get to be car salesman extraordinaire by taking "no" for an answer.  He will be back, Brownsville, despite getting his hiney kicked every which way in the Texas Southmost College and Brownsville Navigation District elections this past spring. Hernandez of OP 10.33 is still trying to claim "victory," since he spread his money on both sides of several elections, hedging his bets.

My three year foray into sales in the mid-70's was not a total loss.  I learned I could sell, but that I didn't really enjoy selling.  My first sales manager, a spitfire named Gary, tried to tell us to either get a sale or make the customer mad.  

"If the customer is not mad and didn't buy, you didn't do your job.  We're not out there to make friends," Gary pontificated back in the day.

Gary burnt out in six months and I replaced him as sales manager.  The company owner was not totally supportive in announcing at a sales meeting that I'd replaced Gary:  "Jim is different from Gary. He believes in proving our product's superiority and sells based on need.  That's not my way of selling, but he's been successful.  I don't care if you sell like Gary or sell like Jim, just get out there and sell this shit."

Mike Hernandez III sells like Gary. He has half of Brownsville mad at him because of his clumsy interloping in local elections. He pretended to fight corruption, but quickly got into bed with Brownsville's most notoriously corrupt.  He feigned taking the higher moral road, then lied through his teeth.  

The writer of the OP 10.33 Facebook page seems to love platitudes, cliches and generalizations.  Let us add this one to his repertoire:  


  1. Can't we get rid of them? I'm tired of the signs and ridiculous posts that are associated with that organization. They been charged, tried and found guilty. The End.

  2. They're liars. Erasing peoples comments like Zeke calling OP1033 out on saying they funded Alex's campaign when it was a lie!

    1. They actually did give a substantial amount of money and Dominguez claims he didn't cash the who's really lying ?

  3. I am so tired of seeing these sign around town, maybe this crap will work in McAllen but not in CAMERON COUNTY....

  4. Okay let's see beyond what they want us to see. A millionaire from another city comes to CC and declares he wants to rid it of corruption just because its the right thing to do? He starts throwing thousands at different candidates and no one sees this Robin Hood image they want people to believe is bull crap? I don't like many of the politicians in office but I know OP1033 is a disguise for a hidden agenda. They think we're stupid. Making schools? A culinary school was planned? Up yours with that. There are enough schools.And they will bring no jobs. Why don't they throw that money away to feed the homeless or hungry like Jessica Tetreau? Oh no they go straight to the candidates. Up yours op1033 you reek crap.



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