Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton~The Unnecessary Lie

Hillary Clinton Interviewed by Charlie Rose on CBS
The lie that's always intrigued me is the unnecessary one, the untruth that serves no purpose, gains nothing and is easily exposed.  

The Charlie Rose interview with Hillary Clinton focused primarily on Clinton's handling of emails, classified and otherwise, including the testimony of FBI Director James Comey before the U.S. House of Representatives concerning his investigation into Clinton's handling of emails.

Rose asked Clinton if Director Comey had characterized her handling of emails as "sloppy." Clinton said he did not.  CBS  later showed excerpts from Comey's testimony that contradicted Clinton.  Below is an excerpt from CBS rendering of the Rose-Clinton interview:

"Let me go to what he said. He said, 'careless,'" Rose pointed out.

"Well, I would hope that you, like many others, would also look at what he said when he testified before Congress. Because when he did, he clarified much of what he had said in his press conference," Clinton said. "And I appreciated that."

"But he said it was sloppy," Rose said.

"No, he did not," Clinton said.

"Correct me if I'm wrong. ... Someone said, 'What's the definition of careless?' And he said, 'Real sloppiness,'" Rose said.

"Well, let me say this: There were three at-- probably at least 300 people on those emails, the vast majority of whom are experienced professionals in handling sensitive material. ... And I have no reason to have second-guessed their decision to send or forward me information," Clinton said. "Do I wish I hadn't done it? Of course. Was it a mistake? Yes."
"Was it wrong?" Rose asked.

"Well, it was wrong because -- look at what it has generated," Clinton said.

"But was it careless?" Rose asked.

"Well, I think you would have to say 300 people who communicated with me on email are among the most careful people I've ever had the privilege of working with," Clinton said.

"Do you think it contributed and became a controversy because it fed trust issues?" Rose asked.

"Well, I'm sure it didn't help. Yes, I am sure it didn't help," Clinton said. "But I'll tell you this, I am the last person you will ever have to worry about, ever -- not being 100 percent as specific and precise as I can be so that nobody ever raises any questions like that ever again."


  1. "I promise that when elected I will be far more clever as to never be caught lying again."

  2. Republicans are not people; they are animals.

    1. Exactly why you will lose this election. The party of race-baiting and hate. How about some back? Eat shit at die, you filthy Democrat! Like that any better?

  3. Jim, I am a democrat who will be voting for trump. I am tired of the corrupt democrats who steel from us. Especially the ones in cameron county. i am voting for trump because I think it is time to give a business man a chance at running our country. Let's try someone who has experience in creating jobs instead of a career politician.

    1. You write this while knowing that you'll be among the first Mexicans he deports? Mind-numbing comment.

    2. This is what Donald Trump is all about. If Trump is elected president, we are literally SCREWED.

      The only allies the USA will have are the Russian dictator Putin and all other dictators around the world.

      All Trump cares about is "Trump himself"!!!!!!

      You can take that to the bank!

    3. In reply to Anonymous July 21, 2016 at 8:47 AM:
      The stupidity of your observation knows no bounds. To borrow heavily from Browning: "How are thee a dumb-shit, let me count the ways..."

  4. All Mexicans are rapists! MEXICO is sending us its worst people.

  5. We need to get rid of every person involved in politics who has never held a job--like Hillary and Bill--so they can't just suck the taxpayers' teats for money until they get enough to start scamming corporations (like the Clinton Foundation). Trump will bust up the system and remove the political class. Heck, some of you may even enjoy a tax cut with the money going into your pockets instead of being handled by someone you don't know in government who has never had a job and has credit card debt of her/his own up to his/her limits.

    1. And what job has Donald Trump had? I mean, since he inherited those millions. If you think the rich will help you, well, you're in for a big surprise.

    2. Mexicans don't know how good they have it under Democrats. All those medicare/medicaid clinics up and down the valley would shut down under Trump, as would the food stamps office, as would pretty much every social service agency getting federal dollars. If your granny is not well, vote Hillary.

    3. Bullshit fear tactics. Using the poor as slaves to your politics as usual. The corruption down here is all thanks to......the Texas Democratic Party and their hounds locally. Crooks. And you want them to stay in office and keep exploiting the People. Go fuck yourself!



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