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Will County Judge Eddie Trevino Deliver on his Promise to Block the West Trail Road?

Diego, Felix, Jack with Doberman Boo in Lead
On a warm Spring Sunday, I followed my 45 year old son, Diego Lee Rot, grandsons Jack and Felix, down the former Union Pacific Railway easement, devoid of tracks. 

It was a sublime afternoon with little Felix frolicking on and off the old track space, Jack philosophizing and Diego parenting.  Mangy neighborhood dogs came out barking, but, when lead dog, Doberman Boo, wanted to meet them, they whimpered back home.

"Stop the Road!" signs are scattered throughout West Brownsville, based on opposition to turning the Union Pacific easement into a road, proposed to start at the B & M Bridge, connecting to I-69 close to the Hwy 77 Flea Market.  5,000 signed a petition to block that road, but no absolute assurance has ever come from the Texas Department of Transportation that it will not happen.

Then County Judge Carlos Cascos told me in 2011 that funds had been allocated for a West Rail toll road and that politicians rarely return monies already designated for projects.  The idiocy of a West Brownsville toll road concept is that no one is the area would pay to go to the flea market or connect to I-69 for money when they could already go free by traveling on existing roads. The claim that truck traffic would foot the bill was also not factual since the B & M Bridge is not certified as truck worthy.

Proponents of the West Rail Road have since shifted gears, now calling for a "promenade," similar to Palm Boulevard, acting as a grand entrance into downtown.

Diego Lee Rot and I measured the current easement of West Rail between property fences at 100 feet.  We measured Palm Boulevard's width at 58 feet.  That allows for a road similar to Palm Boulevard, leaving another 42 feet for a bike trail and landscaping.

Homes along the easement are dissimilar to homes along Palm Boulevard, however.  Would a tall, wooden fence be necessary to shield visitors from viewing the dilapidated houses
currently along the easement?  

Most of the country are not aware that housing like this, common in the third world, exists in the U.S. Brownsville, though, is not like the "rest of the U.S."  It is the seat of the poorest county in the entire U.S.; Cameron, Texas.

County Judge Eddie Trevino
Eddie Trevino, at several town meetings in 2016, promised West Brownsville residents he would not back any attempt to turn the former Union Pacific West Rail easement into anything but a landscaped bike trail.

Will Trevino deliver on his promise?


Art by Diego Lee Rot

Special to the Brownsville Observer by KURV 710 NEWS TALK

Brownsville City Commissioner Ben Neece is confirming that a handgun used in two recent robberies in the city had been stolen in a burglary of his vehicle. Neece says early Monday morning, two suspects burglarized his vehicle which was parked in front of his home. He adds his surveillance cameras got footage of the suspects and he turned the video over to Brownsville police.

Police have issued arrest warrants for 19-year-old Edxion Gonzalez and 22-year-old Hector Zarate who are accused of committing two robberies with the stolen gun. Neece tells the Brownsville Herald he has a concealed handgun permit, and keeps a gun in his car and in his home for protection.


Grandson Jack and Diego Lee Rot in January
Last January, Diego Lee Rot and grandson Jack went to the mouth of the Rio Grande River(Boca Chica), taking spectacular overhead pics of the river, surf and beach.  Some speculated that Diego flew over the region in an airplane or used a drone, but, instead he had tied a tiny Chinese camera to the string of a kite.  Here is a link to those Boca Chica pics:

Yesterday, grandma and I followed the kitefliers to an open field behind the Brownsville & Matamoros Bridge.  We are publishing 24 pictures, most including unique views of Brownsville's actual sister city, from near the old bridge.

You will recognize the customs area, the river and bridge, Garcia's in Matamoros, businesses along Mexico Blvd. and overviews of the city across the river.(Several pics are cut by a vertical red line, the kite string that held the camera.)

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You are more likely to win the lottery than see a crime solved in Mexico

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Impunity, inefficiency, Mexican Justice System
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Patricia Davila

The insufficiency's and inefficiencies of the criminal investigations are the heart of impunity in Mexico, above all in crimes of major impact, signalled a study of the incompetence of prosecutors offices of the country, carried out by the investigator Guillermo Zepeda Lecuona.

In a press conference, Federico Reyes Heroles, president of the organization Zero Impunity, told of the study" State Indices of unemployment of Prosecutors Offices", whose result is that in Mexico it is more probable to get a double win in the National Lottery than solve a crime, which currently stands at a rate of 1 to 0.9 % respectively.

According to the study, only 9.7% of the crimes committed are reported in the country. Of these, only 65% are investigated. This means that only 6.4% of the crimes committed in the country are investigated. According to these numbers, the un-investigated figure, for authorities is 93.6%.

Therefore, the effectiveness of investigations based on the parameters of determining whether or not there is an offence to be prosecuted, and if there is a probable perpetrator, or some other form of resolution is 14.1%.

The figure distributed is 10.2% in the traditional system, and 18.1% in the new criminal justice system.

The study " State Performance Index" concludes that, just a few months after the deadline for the implementation of the new criminal justice system in the whole country, the capacity for criminal investigation has deteriorated, this means that 15 years ago, 23% of the cases and today only 14%.

The States of Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato and Baja California are the only ones in which professionalization and management models are applied with greater efficiency.

According to the study, only nine out of every 20 arrest warrants issued by local judges result in the arrest of the probable perpetrator. In addition, only one in ten Mexicans actually trust a lot in the local public ministry.

A disturbing fact is that, in the accusatory system, one in three cases in which it is determined that there is no crime to pursue, is done without having carried out an investigation, explained Reyes Heroles.

In addition, he informed that, before the criminal reform, in Mexico, the victims pardon was resolved between 8% and 10.5% of the preliminary inquiries.

With the new system, the are solved by alternative mechanisms in the country, on average 6.4% of cases are resolved with the research files.

All this, despite the training and certification of the facilitators, such as public ministries and Judges.

Borderland Beat Reporter Otis B Fly-Wheel Posted at 7:42 AM

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My Pal DPM

Such a nice man. So happy he is my friend.  DPM has a room in my palace in Brownsville any time for however long he wants.  DPM #1. He is the only blogger I will buy STEAKS AND SEAFOOD FOR.  Amanda tells me, “He seems so interesting Rob,  I want to meet him and chit chat with him.”  You know what,  I want him to chit chat with Amanda MacDonald.  If any two humans can solve the World’s problems, it is these two.  Trust me.  I know these two brains. Anyway, I have friendship for women clients here cleaning palace like Mr Clean wants it clean.  Holiday season is here and I will help some so they can have cash for the Turkey and mashed potatoes. Once again I get happy.  DPM now can stay at Mr Clean’s Palace and enjoy it more.  We need rhetoric and laughter people.  DPM come over to Palace .  The Lobster is served Admiral Paz.

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Please, Give A Big Brownsville Welcome to Our Newest Writer!

From the editor:  We've retained a new reporter on a probationary, audition basis; Eduardo Paws-Marteenez, a self-described "big-time Journalist,"(his capitalization, not ours).

Mr. Marteenez submitted an extensive resume' that has not been verified.

Ed's first effort, largely autobiographical, is published below.


by Ed Paws-Marteenez

Eduardo "Chango" Paws-Marteenez
The City of Palms, McAllen, is my hometown and the roots go deep.  Air-conditioning made the city almost livable, while radio, namely KRIO, brought in rock n roll.  

Growing up, two magnetic forces tugged at me.  It was, as if, the orbits of two cities intersected, Monterrey and Brownsville, and I was caught in the middle, McAllen.(Remember that hit by Stealer's Wheel, Stuck in the Middle with You?)

Some days I envied the regios coming from Monterrey, 149 miles west of McAllen, driving Town Cars, Benzes and Caddies, going to the head of the line at the post office, parking in front of the H.E.B. entrance.  But, they were snooty, ill-tempered and thought of themselves as Euros.  

Suffice to say, women from Monterrey pumped money into our malls and their rich esposos deposited in our banks.  Without the money from regiomontanos, McAllen would be Del Rio.

In contrast, people from Brownsville, 60 miles east of McAllen,  looked poor, but happy.  I watched some scruffy looking boys from Brownsville steal onions from a field.  They were laughing, singing and biting into yellow 1015's as if they were huge red delicious apples.  I longed to join them.

One weekend my sophomore year, I got a ride to Los Fresnos for the Elvis Festival at Little Graceland.  I couldn't believe the guys singing and looking EXACTLY like The King!  

One impersonator told me Elvis liked peanut butter/banana sandwiches.  

My mom thought I was crazy, but she still made me a peanut butter/banana sandwich every day for lunch at MAC High.  Some of the popular kids at another lunch table would come over to me and ask me to open my sandwich.

"See, I told you!" one popular kid would say to another.

Whenever I go to Brownsville, I always eat at Cobblestones Bar and Grill.  The owner, Joe McKinney is a close friend.  I always ask the waiter to sit me near "the water."

Last time there, I dropped a Jackson on the table for a tip.

"Thank you, Senor!" said the waiter as he took the bill to the kitchen to show it off.  It was no big thing. That's just the way I roll.

I'm sort of anxious for another major hurricane or tragedy, so I can write the Salvation Army a check for $500.  I may just send the check anyway, specifying "for the next major hurricane to hit the continental United States."  Like I said; that's how I roll.

I'm writing this from a high end coffee bistro owned by Magic Johnson.  Magic and I got tight during the Showtime years when I was working for the LA Times or was it the Daily News?  I wish I could have stayed till the finals, but I got a better offer.

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Cesar de Leon, A BrownsvilleTragedy!

Cesar De Leon, flanked by his parents
Brownsville has languished, suffered through corruption, watching hard-earned tax monies squandered by the likes of Ernie Hernandez, Gilberto Hinojosa and Tony(Antonio) Martinez.

"We need young, educated, honest Hispanics to take us from compadrismo to progress" has been the battle cry.

Honestly, young Cesar de Leon, based on his parents' careful and thoughtful mentoring, seemed like a vehicle to propel Brownsville out of the suffocating, dumbass mordida mentality.

But, things are not always as they seem.  

Carlos Elizondo, a clever politico, recorded young Cesar's racist, misogynist comments, thus transferring him from "part of the solution," to a clear factor of "the problem."

Brownsville's "beautiful boy" betrays himself as a Gilberto Hinojosa/Ernie Hernandez/Tony Martinez clone.

Cesar's parents are saddened. 

Brownsville, historical and modern, loses. 

Cliff Notes on November 7 City Commission Meeting

During the Commissioners' Activity Update, Commissioner Tetreau-Kalifa reiterated that she wanted her vote for a GBIC board member, made at the October 3 meeting, counted.

The chairman, Mayor Tony Martinez, did not even acknowledge her request, simply moving on the the first agenda item.

Commissioners Rose Gowen and Rick Longoria were absent, but Commissioners Cesar de Leon and Ben Neece came with their bells on, both having read the binder and able to comment on minutiae.

Neece wanted "dispute" changed to "disputed" in the October 3 minutes.  

Both Neece and De Leon questioned Airport Director Bryant Walker, wearing his first Charro Days beard, about changes in the square footage and cost of the proposed new airport terminal.

Erasmo Castro
Erasmo Castro, during Public Comment, called once again for Commissioner Cesar de Leon to resign, citing "racist and misogynistic remarks."

"You may smirk and you may smile, but that changes nothing," stated Castro during his 3-minute comment.

Commissioner Munguia
Rookie Commissioner Joe Munguia announced that the Brownsville Police Department had monitored grooming requirements to allow full beards in support of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

There was no mention by the in-house search committees on progress in finding a new City Manager and City Attorney.

Former City Manager Charlie Cabler left his post hastily under a serious cloud of suspicion, pocketing a hefty $219,000 severance, golden parachute  or "my lips are sealed" goodbye pay.

A national recruiter to find a qualified replacement could have been hired for a quarter of that money gifted to Cabler.  The local committees could set the criteria, then allow the recruiter to find a half dozen to pick from.

Allison Bastain
It will be interesting to see if the city decides on a male attorney with less experience than current Assistant City Attorney Allison Bastain.



Reunited, and it feels so good

Reunited 'cause we understood

There's one perfect fit

And, sugar, this one is it

We both are so excited 'cause we're reunited, hey, hey

Peaches & Herb

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Just because he's nuts or eccentric (same thing, one has money) doesn't mean that Captain Bob is an idiot or retarded or stupid. 

He's the proverbial hare who is so far ahead of Brownsville pack o' turtles that the fleet o' foot (a star quarterback according to legend), driven by boredom and maybe a parasite lodged deep inside his brain, finally stops pretending he gives a shit and tells the local rat race to fuck off and he goes relaxing by the shade of a tree to hang out with Veronica Lake and smoke some locoweed and watch the clouds roll by. 


Though his fortunes have waned due to a slacking off on the ambition thing, he's still a rich guy by Brownsville standards. 

While most of us are still driven by illusions of power, pussy or money, or even a free meal, Captain Bob is indifferent... been there, fucked that. 

He has evolved from petty materialistic to spiritually materialistic, a 4-20 slacker who likes Trump. Figure that one out. 

So big deal the captain doesn't want to get sweaty on a Saturday morning picking up trash. Like Trump, he'll send a driver to collect the shit and take it to the dump. 

Unlike D/PM, Capt. Bob won't stiff the driver.

Without seeking too much praise, he gives away more free meals than HEB at Thanksgiving. 

I don't think it's fair to criticize The Krazy Kaptain for donating money instead of sweat. I wouldn't be surprised if one day he tells trash-picking volunteers to stop by for a free meal at Captain Bob's. 

Either way, it's a lot more than most parasitic bloggers do, with the exception of Barton who did the CASA thing for awhile and the respected x-lawyer B/WC, the pro-boner Jesuit who's a walking telenovela. 

In his eyes, Montoya and McHale, once trusted allies, are on his shitlist because they won't write down his midnight confessions when he tells all the world about you know who. 

As everyone in the village knows by now, Captain Bob is obsessed with dongtime legislator Rene "Mister Goodbar" Oliveira for screwing his life and, depending on the lunar tides, hates most bloggers except for Da Pet Monkey who is showing the captain how to navigate the internet reefs without getting sued once again. 

I enjoy reading goofy Captain Bob because he's untethered and alive. 

Like Baudelaire and Picasso, Capt. Bob sees life through the eyes of a child, showing awe and appreciation for fishtail palms, white pelicans and the cool autumn winds that blew by recently.

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Rand Paul, Landscape Terrorist
Tackled by Local Hero
Landscape terrorism, notoriously under-reported worldwide, is a serious menace, especially in gated, planned communities.

It can start by thoughtlessly failing to replace a divot on the third fairway, but progress into more serious violations; leaf blowing across property lines and uncontrolled composting.

Homeowner's associations are notoriously slow on enforcement, navigating the maze of politics, influence and affluence.  

Dr. Rene Boucher
At least Dr. Rene Boucher, a neighbor for 17 years to Senator Rand Paul, did something about it, exercising his assumed right of a citizen's arrest, tackling the senator, who was taunting Boucher by mowing the edge of his property with a Toro riding mower while listening to convervative guitarist Ted Nugent on his headphones.

Rand was hospitalized briefly, suffering 5 broken ribs and facial lacerations.  

Boucher posted a $7,500 bond.

Both men resume the good life in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Robert Sanchez AKA "Captain Bob"

Robert Sanchez, mentored by McAllen blogger, Duardo Paz-Martinez, writes a near daily blog, The Captain's Table.

Today's story, featured a reprint of an article by Gilberto Salinas, detailing the arrest of Representative Rene Oliveira for attempting to bring a 38 caliber fire arm onto a plane at the Harlingen airport.

Nice catch, Captain Bob, but that story is from March 2000, over seventeen years ago!

The good captain, pissed because of his ex-wife's romantic connection to Representative Oliveira, likely has a Google alert in place for any news, good or bad, about the politico.  Just check the date next time Robert.


Commissioner Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa
A perplexing conundrum presents itself for the November 7 City Commission meeting.  On the agenda is approval of two meetings' worth of minutes:

ITEMS No. “a” through “i” 
a) Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 3, 2017. 
b) Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 17, 2017.

The minutes of the October 3 meeting have already been "corrected" by City Secretary Griselda Rosas, after being presented a sworn, notorized affidavit by Tetreau-Kalifa.  That "correction" would mean that Esteben Guerra was appointed by majority vote to the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation Board, a very influential entity controlling over $5,000,000 tax dollars annually earmarked for economic development.

Commissioner Ben Neece
At the subsequent October 17 City Commission meeting, Mayor Martinez and Commissioner Ben Neece angrily denounced the "correcting" of the October 3 minutes, with Neece threatening to file a report with the Chief of Police, charging Tetreau-Kalifa with perjury.

Tetreau-Kalifa responded by intimating that the commissioners to her left and right, Cesar de Leon and Rick Longoria could testify that she had indeed voted.

Mayor Tony Martinez
Yet, when Commissioner Longoria tried to speak, he was shut down, first by Neece, then by Mayor Martinez, both actions in clear violation of Robert's Rules of Order.

After the smoke settled at the October 17 meeting, the commission once again considered an appointment to the GBIC board, this time appointing Nurith Galonsky, the daughter of Abraham Galonsky.

Tony and Ben's close relationship with Galonsky and a subsequent desire to have his daughter appointed to the GBIC may have indeed fueled their inordinate anger at the "correcting" of the October 3 minutes.

Galonsky's La Casa del Nylon, purchased by the city in 2012,
but never used.  Today, it sits, decaying, off the tax rolls, used
only by a man and his dog, who've slept under the awning
for the last five years.
It was Tony Martinez, after all, who orchestrated the purchase of La Casa del Nylon building from Abraham Galonsky for $2,300,000, triple its appraised value, in a deal "negotiated" by Tony's law partner, Horacio Barrera.  

How much of a commission Barrera received and how that money was dispersed within the Martinez-Barrera Law firm, was never disclosed.  Certainly, the $2,300,000 purchase price, for an unrenovated downtown building with an unfinished second floor, used only as an attic, would allow a generous commission for someone.

It was even reported that Abraham Galonsky was unethically permitted to sit in on an Executive Session, where property purchases were being considered.(Tony Martinez, seemingly, has little appreciation or respect for ethics, or even the appearance of impropriety.)

Nurith Galonsky
As mentioned in our previous article, Ben Neece, prior to election as a city commissioner, routinely shared "power breakfasts" with Galonsky.  His current nightclub, The Spanish Moon, may very well be in a building owned, either by Abraham Galonsky or his daughter Nurith.

In any event, tomorrow's city commission meeting should be interesting.