Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Judge Rene De Coss Denies Attorney Ernesto Gamez' Motion to Dismiss Charges Against Marisa Govea Hernandez in Hit-and-Run Case

Attorney Ernesto Gamez, on the Right
In a 50 minute hearing before the 445th District Court, Attorney Ernesto Gamez approached the bench of Judge Rene De Coss for a hearing associated with the State of Texas vs. Marisa Govea Hernandez, the driver of the car that struck Mary Tipton February 28, 2015.

Judge Rene De Coss
Attorney Gamez and Judge De Coss essentially played ping pong, as Gamez weakly served across the bench, only to have his services slammed back by the judge.

Gamez made a 3914 motion to dismiss the charges against his client, that is, being responsible for an accident causing death.  His initial contention that certain court orders had never actually been signed by Judge De Coss was met with firm words:  "I've signed everything!"

Marisa Govea Hernandez
When Gamez seemed to fumble for proof of something unsigned, De Coss interrupted, asking the lead prosecutor for the DA's office, Oscar Guzman, if any orders proved to be unsigned, would he be comfortable if the judge simply signed them.  Both defense and DA's office agreed to that and De Coss moved on.

Gamez moved to his next point, involving a warehouse security video showing the accident, originally 3 days in length, but, while in Brownsville Police Department custody, inexplicably reduced to 30 seconds.  The attorney, representing Marisa Govea Hernandez, claimed that the portion of videotape erased while under BPD custody would show an officer driving slowly later in the night after the accident with his "cop lights" shining on the east and west sides of FM 803. That missing tape evidence would show, in Gamez view, that the 911 call by Hernandez' son, a Cameron County sheriff's deputy, had resulted in an attempt to search for an animal or body.  That, in Gamez' view, would was "mitigating evidence" that would have reduced his client's eventual sentence or even caused her not to be indicted as it could eliminate the aspect of "failure to render aid."

Brownsville Police Detective
Thomas Clipper
Another problem caused by missing video is that such footage would have enabled Attorney Gamez to confront BPD Officer Thomas Clipper about his reported change in testimony.  According to some reports, Clipper first substantiated the claim that an officer used lights sometime in the night after the accident to search for an animal or possible body. Clipper now apparently claims otherwise. Gamez says he needed the lost videotape evidence to confront and impeach Clipper on his changing testimony.

After Gamez motion to dismiss was denied, he asked Judge De Coss to tell Ralph Tipton, the accident victim's husband, to stay out of his office. 

"I find him rude and he puts fear into my staff," Gamez claimed, mumbling something also about urine.

Gamez claimed the District Attorney's office felt the same way.

De Coss replied:  "Mr Gamez, you're an attorney and you know the legal remedy if you don't want Mr. Tipton in your office," obviously referring to a protective order.

At this  point, lead prosecutor Oscar Guzman, from the District Attorney's office stood up: "Judge, no one is barred from the District Attorney's office."

Attorney Gamez' motion to dismiss the charges against his client, Marisa Govea Hernandez, was denied.


  1. I would have loved to see SLICK Gamez put in his place. I bet Gamez was shocked !!

  2. I really hope gamez looses this case and justice is served

  3. Thank goodness for Judge De Coss. We need honest people like him in office. It's a shame that people vote straight ticket because they'll be voting for crooks and liars instead of for the people on the ballot. Thank you for seeing justice done sir!

    1. Agree Judge De Coss knows what he is doing, ha has experience


    3. Morgan's right by saying that Cameron Republicans better focus on the local candidates instead of send money to Trump. That focusing on elections that are national and sending them money when they don't to the locals is why they keep loosing. I'll bet you some were round to vote for Abe Lincoln.

  4. Gamez is a corrup MF !!! He represented my ex on a case against me, and he Lied looking at my eyes about something was not true!!! Hope he losses his case !!!
    I am glad Brownsville is finally hiring honest people .good job Judge Coss....

  5. It was originally 3 days long

  6. Knows more than he is letting on. Depute chipper didn't allege that an officer, (Hernandez son), was driving patrol car using "LIGHTS" . He claimed and officer, (Hernandez), used lights, could have been flashlight. Gamez either viewed the video himself and wouldn't put it pass that he arranged for parts of it to be erased himself. This is my opinion. Remember that Gamez was convicted Conrado Cantu's attorney. He was mentioned in the Armando Villalobos corruption. Gamez has been around for a long time and knows a lot of judges. Doesn't conflict of interest apply to officer Hernandez and his mother. Is he immune for that? Again this is my opinion

  7. Vote "DeCoss " this November to keep justice in the court system.

  8. I hope they shove sometime up Gamez's his own finger...probably smells like beans.......

  9. Thats the man for!! mind he was an amazing lawyer so he knows how its peeing my pants laughing at poor gamez

  10. Finally a great start for the new coming of a new phase for the Rio Grand Valley.

    Divine justice and karma will prevail.

    After the fall equinox changes will happen all over the world. Changes like this one. Where Christ Consciousness will be seen in the hearts of many like in the heart of Judge De Coss. To do what is right, the meaning of real justice and not evil such as corruption.

    For those of you that are walking the negative path, you can have a change of heart. If not... Your karma is what is coming for you and their will be no way to escape it.

    We all must live in harmony and joy. With great acceptance of everyone in general all races matter, because in the end we are only ONE human race. Don't ever for get that. Whether you're a bisexual , homosexual, or heterosexual don't ever doubt neither for get that GOD loves every single one of us. It doesn't matter what color or preference, gender or trans gender. He loves us all. Those that practice hate in their theological movement must remember that it is them who speak for them selves and not for God. It is them that kill for them selves, their own ego, and definitely not God.

    The end of modern and old religion will come.

    These words have been spoken. The time will come. Be ready. Love and cherish your family and friends. Be honest, be kind. Live with out fear of judgement, its only in you to make and be this choice.

    1. Anonymous at 4:17. Please take your meds and stay off the blogs.

    2. tas bien pendejo are probably a pillow-biter....and no, God does not love everybody. He does not love you are Eduardo Paz Martinez. PENDEJO!

  11. Like Gamez should be talking...he is a rude and arrogant man! He thinks everyone should bow down to him!



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