Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hearing Concerning Alleged Hit-and-Run of Mary Tipton Before Judge René De Coss in 445th Judicial District Court Wednesday @ 1:30 PM

                                  Judge René De Coss
District Court Judge René De Coss has scheduled the continuation of a hearing for Wednesday, August 31 @ 1:30 PM in the matter of Marisa Govea Hernandez, whose vehicle allegedly struck Mary Tipton February 28, 2015 on FM 803.

The Hernandez vehicle did not stop, nor was aid rendered to the victim, who was discovered three days later laying facedown in a ditch by a contruction worker walking along FM 803.  


  1. Govea Hernandez, knew damn well she didn't hit a skunk !! This Dickens me to think that Mary Tipton was left on the side of the road like an animal. Why would a person call their sons, a deputy and a paramedic, because they hit an animal ? Because she knew good damn and well she struck a person. Living with what she did and had her children do must be a living HELL !! I hope this incident drives her insane !! I hope this judge puts a stop to the tactics that are being used in this case and that a trial for this hit and run driver will happen soon do that Mr. Tipton can have some type of closure !!

  2. Thank God it's in Judge René DeCoss's court. He is fair and won't collude with any of the corrupt. He's all about justice and has been for years as many of us who have appeared before him for anything from traffic tickets to more serious stuff will know.

    Unfortunately his opponent Gloria Rincones is a vindictive bitch and if she beats him she will use the bench to punish anybody who didn't support her. She's already said she will. Mrs. Tipton and many others will never see justice because Gloria's bread is buttered by people who will never want to see it done if Rincones succeeds.

  3. Agree Judge De Coss is a fair person

  4. Hopefully the the corrupt law enforcement individuals involved with this and other cover ups will be held accountable

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