Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Only One Write-In Candidate for Tax Assessor, Randy Gonzalez, Still Actively Campaigning

Back in June, Tad Hasse invited prospective write-in candidates for Cameron County Tax Assessor to the Brownsville Public Library for a candidate forum.

Three candidates showed up to share their resume's and acumen with the public, Jessica Puente-Bradshaw, Leo Lopez and Randy Gonzales. Only one of the three is still actively campaigning for the position, Randy Gonzales.  We are told that Jessica Puente-Bradshaw never actually filed for the position.  We haven't heard hide nor hair from Leo Lopez since that June meeting.

Randy Gonzales, on the other hand, continues to work, holding chicken plate fundraisers, and now announcing a meet and greet at Cobbleheads September 8.

As you may recall, incumbent Tony Yzaguirre received 11,528 votes in the primary, illustrating the lack of information among Cameron County voters.  IF Yzaguirre wins in November and is indicted on any of the 14 counts he's been charged with, then selection of the next tax assessor is taken out of the voter's hands.  In that case, the Cameron County Commissioner's Court will make the selection.  Reports indicate, the commissioners may already have a plan in place to name one of their cronies to the position.

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