Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Whopping 23 Appointments to City Boards Scheduled Tonight

Tonight's City Commission agenda includes multiple appointments to four city boards,  23 regular appointments along with 7 alternates for a total of 30.  

Apparently, two new city boards have been created, needing appointees:  The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and The Historic Preservation and Design Review Board.  The bicycle boards sets itself up for gridlock with only 6 members, whereas the new historic board may be a bit cumbersome with 11 members and 7 alternates.  It won't be a surprise if not all the scheduled appointments get made tonight as these agenda items are frequently tabled.

Carlos Marin
Two of the affected boards control approximately $9,000,000 in taxpayer monies annually, the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation and the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation.  These two boards receive 1/4 cents from each tax dollar for "economic development" and "quality of life" projects.  The GBIC entertains recommendations from the Brownsville Economic Development Council, an entity strongly influenced by Carlos Marin.  Tonight's new appointees to the GBIC board should expect an immediate lunch invitation from the Matamoros millionaire.


6. Consideration and ACTION to appoint two (2) members to the Greater Brownsville Incentive Corporation (GBIC) Board. (Commissioners C. de Leon/R. Longoria, Jr.)

7. Consideration and ACTION to appoint four (4) members to the Brownsville Community
Improvement Corporation (BCIC) Board. (Rebeca Castillo - BCIC)

8. Consideration and ACTION to appoint six (6) members to the Bicycle and Pedestrian
Advisory Committee. (Constanza Miner – Interim Planning Director)

9. Consideration and ACTION to appoint eleven (11) and seven (7) alternate members to the Historic Preservation and Design Review Board. (Constanza Miner – Interim Planning

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  1. More corrupt bums trying to get a piece of the pie . .....the losers , as always , will be the taxpayers . .Ugh !



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