Tuesday, December 1, 2015

City Commission Hires Lobbyist to Protect Extraterritorial Jurisdiction At New Causeway

Sossi Let It Slip

City Attorney Mark Sossi
City Attorney Mark Sossi stepped up to the podium at the City Commission December 1, 2015, pushing for the hiring of a lobbyist to represent Brownsville at Austin, introducing Agenda Item #18:

Consideration and ACTION to award a term contract for Legislative Consulting Services for the City of Brownsville.

"As a member of the review committee, I can say that the firm we found to be the best was also the cheapest," Sossi said reassuringly. 

"The rate will be $6,000 per month plus expenses," Sossi continued, explaining the good deal the city's hardworking taxpayers would be getting.

Just when I was thinking:  "Isn't that what we have Representative Rene Oliveira and Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. for, to represent us in Austin?"  Then, Sossi let it slip.

"We will be having a lot of issues facing the city like extraterritorial jurisdiction and the spaceport in coming years."

So, damn!  That's it.  The City of Brownsville, not supported by Oliveira and Lucio in their fight to retain lucrative strips of property on their tax rolls near future high-dollar development, especially along the proposed second causeway to South Padre Island, are hiring their own lobbyist.  

Sossi didn't take the time to include the search committee's findings in the binder.  That's sloppy, Mark!  Did he say the winning bidder was Martinez and Martinez in Austin? 

Of course, the next legislative session in Austin doesn't start until January 2017.  If we start paying our $6,000 per month immediately, we have at least spent $78,000 before the session even starts. Oh, I forgot he said "plus expenses."  How much will that be?  


  1. You are correct, there is no "Binder12-01-2015.pdf" on the city web page as is customary by the city secretary to post the binder.

    If you click on the link, it is just a link to the Agenda.

    You don't think they are hiding anything, do you? Not in Brownsville!

    Is this what they mean by "Igniting the Future of Texas"; by burning tax payer money?

  2. That new city secretary is an assclown.



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