Monday, June 19, 2017

Update from John and Barbara of Save RGV from LNG on Valley Crossing Pipeline

From the editor:  John and Barbara of Save RGV from LNG have sent us an update delineating the progress of Valley Crossing Pipeline to construct a 168 42" pipeline from the Agua Dulce Hub to the Port of Brownsville.  Valley Crossing Pipeline is represented by Eddie Lucio III.


  1. The explosions and incidents that you fear are caused by radical environmental terrorist. Terrorist groups like earth first, earth liberation front , animal liberation front,sea Sheppard, etc. have been convicted of sabotaging pipelines and industries they oppose. These groups are supported by rogue anti government employees within the EPA and sub groups like the dangerous Sierra Club. FACT, look it up. I am sure the Federal Government, Secret Service, FBI, ATF, are watching the Save the rgv/LNG protesters. If anything goes down, it will probably come from them.

    1. The dangerous Sierra Club? What ate they gonna do, hug a tree to death? And stop telling lies. Those gas lines blow up all the time for lots of reasons. Look it up.

    2. They are to old and feeble to cause any serious vandalism to the pipelines. To stupid to know they lost the fight. Nobody supports their cause. ITS ABOUT JOBS Crybaby libtards!

    3. The EPA is being defunded. It's sub groups who do the dirty work like the Sierra club will dry up also. On a local level here in the valley, the Sierra club can't raise a dime and attendance at their anti jobs meetings is dismal. Ever noticed how grumpy and rude these LNG protesters are? They are just sour, lying, nasty codgers.

  2. Valley Crossing is already marking where it will be crossing North Sam Houston (Hwy 345) east of Harlingen and San Benito and is already laying pipe in the Port of Brownsville/Hwy 48 area. Two Los Fresnos schools are within the pipeline's 1/4 mile Blast Zone radius (1/2 mile across). And this pipeline will open the door for other, even more dangerous pipelines to follow the same path across Cameron County to our Port, under our ship channel, under our South Bay, and into our Gulf waters headed for Mexico. Visit saveRGVfromLNG on Facebook at


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