Sunday, June 18, 2017

McAllen Blogger Berates Brownsville Citizens As "Losers." "Laggards," and "Fools"

From the editor:  An online blogger, Eduardo Martinez, who claims to be a native of McAllen, attempts to blog about Brownsville; it's citizens, public officials, school district, etc.  Brownsville residents, he claims, are losers, easily manipulated, lazy, uneducated, on the lower "socio-political" rung.

Whether or not you agree with Mr. Martinez' opinions about Brownsville, it's healthy to at least examine criticism and see if it has merit.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Lately, we have been
Eduardo(Duardo) Martinez
criticized for not residing here. It’s the constant refrain we largely ignore, but will address. Pssst, pssssssst: The Republic is really based in an abandoned spaceship hangar somewhere in the outer reaches of the universe. We are interested in studying the people of Brownsville for the purpose of creating a video game all in our advanced community can play. Losers can be studied and quickly defined. Losers can be manipulated, see. They are the most malleable and best-understood species. Brownsville is a motherlode of losers.

So, cut the back-biting and let us get on with our work of putting all that happens here in context. For every up, well, there must be a down. For the rich to say they are rich, well, there must be the poor. For the handsome and attractive, well, there must be the ugly. Welly, welly, welly, welly, well, well. Of course, the lower-rung of that socio-political equation is easily found in Brownsville. This is the city that has been fucked, and has stayed fucked.

The Republic only lifts the mirror, so that it can see itself.

That some pendejos complain is to be expected. Who wants to be identified as a “loser” and a pox on the universe? These are the worst people in this world, a collection of lugubrious losers easily tamed and colored. We understand them profoundly to the point that we are now grokked. Imagine that, critics. Ha ha, Ho ho and Hee hee.

You can throw anything and everything at us, you poor, ugly slugs. We are undeterred. Really, who would fear the fearful?

The bathetic does not play here.

Look elsewhere. Look to your own laggards. Look around. Look hard. Look until the picture comes clear. Look again. And again, and again. Look, dammit! Look at the shit around you, at the shithole you call home. Look in the mirror and see the problem.

Go away? Why should we go away? There is sociological work to be done, like a mountain of it. Go? Go, you say, you scream. YOU GO, YOU STUPID FOOLS! You go make things better for yourselves, not that it is even possible at this point. You have fucked it up and you have no idea how to get things back in order. You have tried. You have tried mightily. You have tried mightily and longingly. You have failed.

That’s what we write about here: Your continuing failure.


  1. This guy is so bitter and self loathing.

  2. Jim,
    Why are you republishing this deadbeat's bullshit?

  3. Thanks for taking the high road, Jim. Muchas gracias!

    1. You posted my silly comment! LOL And my article is dead-on. Ha ha ha Fleas, all fleas!!!!!!!

  4. The putz should be ignored. I've kicked his wrinkled ass so many times, he has nightmares about my Justin's.

  5. This guy is a stooge. McAllen has nothing on Brownsville, except the money factor of being 149 mile from Monterrey, Mexico, a prosperous city of 5 million. McAllen is the shortest trip to buy American goods. There is a actually an affluent part of McAllen made of of Monterrey people.

    Brownsville has many more assets; a historical downtown area, access to the beach, a better climate. As for locals being lazy and dumb, that's just foolish. No one is dumb enough to write an article like the one posted above.

  6. Martinez doesn't look like he's done anything with his life except eat pan dulce.

  7. If someone living in McAllen is trying to be a blogger in Brownsville, it means no one respects them in their home town.

  8. Who is this old lady?

  9. You must have needed comments, Jim. Everyone is free to blog, bro.

  10. The typing monkey's explanation for that red tint you see in his hair. This post by him which I would not let through was in my response me noting he has a white bead and seemingly a red tint in his hair and no white hairs. These are his words to explain a white beard but not a one on his head.
    /DP-M has left a new comment on your post " MY ROOMMATE INSPIRED ME TO IGNORE THE PAIN The ar...":

    FYI: I don't use hair dye. My girlfriend bought me Henna shampoo after last Christmas. It doesn't color hair, just gives it a soft-reddish glow. The photos you see are taken by way of my laptop camera and I'm sitting under one of my paintings, which has dominant red acrylic paint. Just so you know and don't have to keep writing silliness.



  11. Let's play grammar police, putz!

    He writes, "It’s the constant refrain we largely ignore, but will address."

    Using a comma before the "but" is grammatically unacceptable, Pooh-toe.

    Can anyone else spot desgraciado grammar errors? I know I can.

    Sgt. Pimiento

  12. The cycle of life in Brownsville is so abvious and so sad indeed. Only the strong survive Some of us were able to pull out and away from it long time ago. i remember walking to Canales Elementry with very old shoes and so eager to go work after school at a store near by. The owner had errands for me to do in the afternoon. Some of my friends were playing little league baseball while i was working sweeping and mopping the store. Anyway, i grew up fast and work even harder saving my money and investing it in Real estate. Thank God im ok now. i havent work for anybody since 2001 and doing better all the time. i believe Hard work, Attitude and discipline have never kill anyone in Brownsville.

  13. It's time we stop looking for a way to ignore irresponsibility.

  14. Here we go again. Fuck me once shame on you blah blah blah. Jim, I am starting to believe that you, like McHale, are DPM crack hoes, addicted to the words and thoughts of this brownsville-shaming idiot whose only saving grace is that he knows how to write in complete sentences, something an orangutan can do with an Ipad. Like trailer trash, you call the cops when he beats you up then you decline to press charges cause you love the way he writes. So Jim don't ever bitch again about this Orange Julius attacking your family when it is you who give this self published writer the life-giving attention in your blog that he craves.

  15. I am new to blogging, I really do not know who is with who, but this guy Duardo looks like an old lady.....and he does paint his hair....probably with Tang. He has many feminine being taking selfies of himself....dead give away that you are a pillow biter. The guy is also a lonely person....he is a troll and lives behind a computer writing about others....probably gets a kick out of it because it is his only social outlet. He is also a candidate for being a cross dresser and has experimented with know, lipstick and lingerie while he attacks from behind the keyboard. Poor old lady looking guy......I bet he wakes up every morning and picks up the paper to read the obituaries to see if he has made the list. He makes it a point to mention any chance he gets that Nena is aging......has he taken a look at himself?! The red dye he uses on his hair is seeping to his brain!

  16. Identify yourself, new blogger.

  17. [AnonymousJune 18, 2017 at 9:44 PM
    If someone living in McAllen is trying to be a blogger in Brownsville, it means no one respects them in their home town.]

    That's not what it means. It means he doesn't crap where he eats. He doesnt trash his hometown because then he wouldn't have a place to go back to. He's done nothing in McAllen for people to respect him or not. He wont blog negative crap about his hometown because his friends and family will catch on to his shit real quick and they will tar and feather him and THEN put him on a bus to Whogivesafuckville.