Monday, May 22, 2017

Was Donald Trump in My First Grade Class at Highland Park Elementary?

Highland Park Elementary, Renton, Washington
Mrs. Crutchfield taught first grade at Highland Park Elementary in 1954.  She was already an old lady back then. My estimate as a 6 year old was that she was at least 100 years old. Actually, she was likely younger than I am today.

I walked the two miles or so to school, passing the bus stop and a gravel pit that went straight down so steeply you could actually slide to the bottom. I crossed the street in front of the school once, not at the crosswalk, and was taken by my ear to the principal.  The teacher/security guard accused me of j-walking.  I told the principal I was merely "k-walking."  I was dismissed back to Mrs. Crutchfield.

A boy in our class, "Jimmy," not me, came into class chewing gum.  Mrs. Crutchfield asked Jimmy if he had enough gum for the entire class. Of course, he didn't and she made him stick the gum on the end of his nose and stand in the corner. The other kids chuckled.

The next day, Jimmy came into the classroom with gum already attached to his nose.  Mrs. Crutchfield asked Jimmy why he had gum on the end of his nose.

"Mrs. Crutchfield.  I just caught myself chewing gum and so I put it on the end of my nose."

I haven't seen Jimmy in over 60 years, but I've noticed some of "Jimmy" in Donald Trump.

Donald was caught sharing classified info to the Russkies a few days ago. When he got to Israel, he blurted out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "I never mentioned the word or the name Israel."

"They're all saying I did," he said, pointing to reporters. "So you have another story wrong. Never mentioned the word Israel."

Donald is "Jimmy."

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  1. Everything makes perfect sense once we acknowledge we elected a total dumbass as president.



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