Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rome Gives Trump Warm Welcome!!!!!


  1. This is easier than actually reporting something. You are really slowing down as old age has began to take hold of you. I relish in the fact that your hatred of President Trump is driving you further into insanity . Your last 8 years will be miserable. I sip on your liberal anti-American tears. Who really cares what European and American defeatist think about Trump? He is winning. Kicking your asses everyday.

  2. Actually, the pictures DO tell a story. They illustrate that citizens of other countries recognize democratic principles better than our president and have little use for a lying oligarch. It's not insane to note this, document it. What's insane is to eat all of the contaminated pablum of Fox and Breitbart News without spitting all over your bib.

  3. Barton is not a writer. He was a salesman all of his boring fucking life. Let the old fuck take his pictures, willya!

    1. This sounds like the irrelevant troll, Duardo, who recently "covered" the Brownsville city elections from afar. His "journalistic" offerings were all of high school caliber, filled with innuendo, guesswork, but no facts.

      Anyone referring to Ben Neece as a "novice," but John Villarreal as a "seasoned veteran" is simply out of touch with this community, an irrelevant outsider. The fact that no one will talk to him adds to the void of material.

      Piggybacking on Jerry helped little.

      Duardo simply can't write in a way that generates any interest, which may explain why he can't get a job in the field of journalism.

      He has some of the tricks of the trade. He uses pseudonyms, makes fake comments, seems to know how to upload pictures. His efforts just don't seem to add up to anything remotely resembling journalism.

    2. Is this the same guy that's always attacking you and Nena?

  4. "Is this the same guy that's always attacking you and Nena?

    Yes. In 2015, 10 of the top 12 stories of his now-defunct blog attacked Nena, our son and me. When I pointed this out to Google, they removed his blog within the hour.

    For the next year, my blog received 30 to 50 obscene comments daily, directed at Nena.

    Yes, absolutely, the guy is an obsessed, no-talent, insanely jealous piece of shit.



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