Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Blog, The Uncertainty of Life, Pageviews, Starting First Grade

We, Nena and I, appear misleadingly weak in the picture to the left. Yes, I'm holding a cane, but it's because I wrecked my Volkswagen, breaking the femur bone in my leg and twisting my knee to shit.  I've recovered now, ready to run a marathon or write an irrelevant blog.

Nena looks good, doesn't she, despite three strokes in the last year and a half?  She has some memory and vision loss, but still manages what's left of our household with an iron fist.

Our motivation to continue struggling with life is our grandson, Jack.  We lose him to the first grade in a week. I'm not sure what BISD will do with him.  He told me yesterday that a certain character in Minecraft only drops its prey 5% of the time.  Whatever.  He can read anything.  "Just try to behave and do what the teacher tells you to do," were my instructions.

This past week three stories reached individually over 25,000 pageviews.  That's so weird.  It's not that they were that well written.  They must have simply struck a cord.  Juan Montoya of El Rrun Rrun has likely experienced those same surges in readership at times, unexplainably.

The Brownsville Herald is deposited at the foot of my steps every morning at 6:00 AM.  The Herald studies the blogs, covers stories we've been covering and now emphasizes pics by Miguel Roberts and Jason Hoekema.  The Herald is learning from us.  No biggie.

Recently, I've tossed in a few graphics from Diego Lee Rot, our 44 year old son.  Nena's creativity is in his DNA, revealed in art and music.



  1. Your grandson is such a cutie! I'm sure he'll do great once school starts. Just make sure you tell him not to take crap from anyone. Your wife looks great and you all are such a beautiful family. Hope you recover soon! -A

  2. Jim, good luck to you and your family, I have enjoyed your blog for the last three years. Thank you for your service.

  3. Hey Jim, I read your blog from time to time and it's definitely informative and I can tell you a lot of people read it on a daily basis. Erasmo Castro copies/paste your articles on a daily basis on his facebook page but doesn't link directly so that basically he keeps all the shares to himself ... if he did then you would have 10x the pageviews. Anyway keep up the good work!



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