Sunday, August 14, 2016

BISD Opens for Education August 22. Will The Taxpayers Get Their $550,000,000 Worth?

Brownsville kids are just as smart as other kids.  If you need proof, Google Brownsville's chess championships.  IQ, the so-called intelligence quotient, measuring the ability to learn, would prove that kids in Brownsville have the capacity to learn as much as kids in Seattle.

Yet, when BISD students move on to Texas Southmost College or the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, they need beau-coups of remedial courses before taking their legitimate college instruction. In other words, they need to be brought up to speed on things they should have learned in high school.

BISD has to get an "F" for actual performance.


English language unfamiliarity?  I don't buy that excuse.  My wife, Nena, spoke only Spanish when she entered first grade in Brownsville in 1949. She spent a year learning English.  BISD now enrolls kids as young as 3 into Pre-K for that very reason.

Vietnamese immigrants won the Arkansas state spelling bee 12 straight years.  

Racism does play a role in qualifying for Pre-K in Brownsville.  Both of my grandsons are mixed race and speak English.  The grandson appearing more Anglo was not allowed into Pre-K.  The grandson with more obvious Hispanic features, despite speaking English, made the cut.

No problemo.  Both kids will torch BISD.  The one now entering first grade reads my blog to me daily without hesitation.

What if you sent a dozen BISD students to a Montana one-room school house for 1-12?  Would they need remedial courses at TSC?  Doubt it.

What if we gave Idea Schools $550,000,000 annually to educate our kids?  Could they do the job better than BISD?  Based on performance, the answer is "Yes!"

BISD is a wreck.  


  1. Admission to PK has to meet state requirements, not because you are brown, Among those requirements is a survey, testing, and income.

    1. That's not actual practice. Yes, I'm aware of the requirements: no proficiency in English, or, in the foster care system, disadvantaged, etc.. In actual practice, many of my Hispanic friends have no difficulty sending their kids to pre-k in Cameron County, although they speak English. I'm not torn up about it. I understand my grandchildren did not need pre-k and probably not kindergarten.

    2. Your friend lied, once caught, they will have to pay back the funds used on their behalf. Some one will talk, I hope they [your so called friends} get a taste of being dishonest, what they teach their children, because this will be in the pupil's permanent folder.

  2. Please look up Lucio House Bill regarding three year graduates and funding for universal prek. BISD was supposed to have offered it this year. Sounds like they didn't.



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