Sunday, July 31, 2016

Texas Southmost College Official About Dr. Lily Tercero: "We Hired the Wrong Person!"

The decision in May by Laredo Community College NOT to include Lily Tercero among the finalists for president of that institution may end up costing Texas Southmost College a small fortune.

Mischievously, many at TSC wished Laredo had actually hired the obviously incompetent Tercero, saving TSC from having to terminate her, while paying her ample salary, hiring an interim, then launching an expensive nationwide search for a replacement.  Simple arithmetic indicates those moves could cost hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

All of this is compounded by the inexplicable, recent decision by the Board of Trustees to, not only extend Tercero's contract for three more years, but to give her a raise.  That decision is dumb on so many levels. What was the hurry, the rush to add salary to someone not doing a good job?  Who was the board bidding against?

It literally blows my mind that Kiko Rendon, Ed Rivera and Trey Mendez would vote for this, along with Art Rendon and Dr. Rey Garcia.  

Of course, replacing Tercero is not the college's current top priority.  Saving the school is.

Tercero knows that her performance has not impressed the CURRENT Board of Trustees.  Her job application at Laredo Community College shows she saw the writing on the proverbial wall. Her mishandling of the windstorm insurance policy, financial gaffes and the horrible decline of the school's nursing program are clearly nails on her employment coffin.

Being terminated for cause is an option that could protect taxpayer assets.  It could easily be argued that correcting Tercero's mishandling of the windstorm insurance will cost a bundle, but, more than that, reports indicate that Tercero has failed to apply for grants that could have meant hundreds of thousands of dollars for TSC. 

Addendum:  Dr. Lily Tercero was due for extension consideration on June 30, 2016. Since former Chairman Kiko Rendon and Board Trustee Ed Rivera were leaving before that date,  they, along with Dr. Rey Garcia, Art Rendon and Trey Mendez voted Tercero the extension a couple months early as they knew that the next board would not favor such an move.  There was no raise.  Tercero's current salary stands at $228,000.  I still have not received an explanation as to WHY it was so urgent to extend Tercero for three years.  No other schools were trying to hire her away and she was not doing a good job.


  1. Fire her Ass!!! Incompetency is just as bad as CORRUPTION, if not worse!!!

    1. Spoken like a true racist Anglo. YOU go fuck yourself!

  2. Dr. Tercero,

    Thank you for your hard work for TSC, but I'm certain things are not going as well as you'd like. The nursing program was the school's pride and joy, but is now in shambles. The awarding of contracts without board approval is inexcusable. Someone also failed to apply for key grants, much needed grants.

    As you must know, these factors fall at your feet, as president and the board must act for the good of the institution, the students and the region.

    We wish you well in your future endeavors.

    Your Fellow Administrator

  3. Jim you are being used as a pawn. The board wants to make the president that got their crappy college accredited look bad so they can terminate her just because they need to get her out so they can give the insurance contract to Adela's friend Dino Chavez.

    1. Unlawfully awarding a contract without the bidding process, bypassing the board benefits no one but the vendor getting the contract illegally. Can we assume you're making this comment anonymously because of your association with that firm?

      But, that was only one issue leading to Tercero's termination. Certainly, the decline in the once proud nursing program was huge, along with the attrition of faculty, complaints of micromanagement and losing grant monies because of not applying.

      Your narrow view of matters is simply incorrect.

  4. They are bidding the contract but they are going to come up with some bullshit rating system where Dino Chavez's company is recommended as the best option. It is rigged and will be more expensive than what is in place now. Just wait and see. Adela will get Dino Chavez in.