Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Historic Texas Southmost College Board Meeting Terminates Tercero, Moves to Salvage Nursing Program

The bottom line for Dr. Lily Tercero is that she's been given notice of termination and dismissal and has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the results of a dismissal hearing.

No one views Lily as some sort of dragon lady. She jumped into her TSC assignment with gusto, but work ethic is no substitute for vision.  Faculty, unaccustomed to being monitored, actually micromanaged by a lesser intellect, moved on. Maintaining faculty is a priority of any administration.  Good teachers, professors do not actually grow on trees.

While some described Tercero's tenure as chaos, it was more likely characterized by procrastination. She waited until the windstorm protection contract
was within two weeks of expiration, and, then decided it was too late to involve the Board of Trustees as mandated.  That was a bad move to be sure, suicidal.

The demise of TSC's nursing program has to be the final nail in Dr. Tercero's employment coffin. When the number of TSC's nursing students passing the state test dipped to below 40%, the state put TSC's nursing program on hold.  That disappointment, sadness is not negated when we learn that a state agency will re-examine TSC's nursing program during September 2016.

Our followup story will detail last night's TSC Board meeting which gave us a glimpse at the personality of the revamped board.


  1. Corrective action was taken and of the students that graduated this May that have take the test there is 92% passing rate.

  2. Close the whole thing already. Painful to watch.



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