Saturday, July 30, 2016

Local Blogger Threatened by Dallas Car Salesman Mike Hernandez III

The onslaught of  car dealer Mike Hernandez III of Colleyville, TX continues.  After a bumbling, misguided effort to influence the Port of Brownsville and Texas Southmost College elections this past spring, the car dealer/leaser is now subtly threatening the free speech of local blogger, Jerry McHale.

A cover letter to McHale from an Arlington, Texas law firm claims that an article the MCHALE REPORT defamed Hernandez.

What did McHale actually say about Hernandez? Did he accuse Hernandez and his entourage of "bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people?" Had Jerry used such inflammatory language, Hernandez might have had justification in retaining the services of Attorney Frank Hill. 

Read McHale's words and Hill's letter for yourself. Here is the link to Jerry's blog, containing the threatening legal letter and the language Hernandez claims he found defamatory:

Our January 5, 2016 Brownsville Observer article identified Hernandez as the renter of cryptic signs throughout Cameron County promoting something called OP 10.33.

This blog and local bloggers Juan Montoya, Jerry McHale and, eventually, Bobby Wightman-Cervantes ALL found objectionable and offensive elements in the techniques, style and methodology employed by Mike Hernandez III and OP 10.33. Proposing to give a $2,000,000 stipend to United Brownsville, that unelected, elitist entity that attempts to shadow and usurp local government? What the hell? 

Carlos Marin
Knowledgeable Brownsville citizens were also alarmed when Hernandez hired Carlos Marin as a sort of guru for his OP 10.33 posse.  Marin is well known locally for manipulating local boards, politicos, especially those entrusted with dispersing 4A tax dollars for the "economic development" of his company, Ambiotec, Inc.

Mike Hernandez III foray into Brownsville politics has been a learning curve, an expensive one, largely because he simply didn't do his homework.  Will he choose to dive into a local lawsuit involving 1st Amendment rights similarly unprepared?  


  1. Not a big fan of McHale, but this Hernandez guy seems like a pompous ass.

  2. This guy is now getting a slate together for the BISD elections. Anyone he supports will not get my vote.

  3. I really hope Jerry let's this thing go to lawsuit. It would give a birds eye view of how Hernandez and Marin operate, which candidates actually got money and when. It will be interesting to see how much Lucio and Kiko are paid as consultants, not to mentioned furnished vehicles.

    BTW, Jerry should file a countersuit.

  4. Didn't we run this carpetbagger off once?


  6. A law suit would expose Hernandez which he does not want. I despise Brownsville politicians. Especially those associated with OP 33.