Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tobias Harris, Ed Rivera: Two Very Different Approaches to Commitment

Tobias Harris, 23, was traded Tuesday from the Orlando Magic to the Detroit Pistons.  That happens in the NBA. Noteworthy, though, was the fact that, despite being traded to another team, young Tobias honored a commitment to speak to a youth group in Orlando. Dressed in street clothes, as he could no longer represent the Magic, Tobias fulfilled his promise to the kids.

In a bit of contrast, Ed Rivera, was widely accepted on the local scene as someone committed to community service.  A native of Brownsville with a fabulous education and work resume',  Ed committed himself to service on the Airport Advisory Board as well as serving as a TSC trustee.  

Ed Rivera with Brownsville Observer Publisher
In short order, Ed begged off of the Airport Advisory, and eventually chose not to run again as TSC trustee. Like a college student, constantly changing his major, Ed decided to run instead for the Brownsville Navigational District, first for one position, then another, finally hitching a ride on the proverbial Titanic of OP 10.33, a slate of candidates supported monetarily by an out-of-town car salesman.  Ed lost badly as did all of the slate of candidates supported by Mike Hernandez III.(Trey Mendez also received money from the car dealer, after Hernandez was informed his original candidate, Beatriz Hockaday had no chance against Mendez.)

Unlike young NBA player Tobias Harris, Ed has not even honored his commitment to the students of TSC.  He was a no show for this evening's TSC board meeting and the swearing in of Trey Mendez and new trustee Ruben Herrera.

We expected more from Ed.


  1. Jim, I believe we have the same thing all over again. Please try to connect the dots, this is a bit more sophisticated game, however, the players are the same, plus a few local "leaders" are also in.
    Keep up the good work you and Nena do.