Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Is Mark Sossi On the Way Out At the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation?

Mark Sossi Caricature
Mark Sossi may soon have more time to work on the ethics code he was commissioned to compose five years ago. Here is our report from 2012:

Back on April 19, 2011 at the UTB/TSC Mayor Candidates Forum, Tony Martinez clearly identified the drafting of a new ethics code as the "top priority" of a Martinez administration. Since Tony said so little of substance during the campaign, I jotted that down. Assuming a strong work ethic, coupled with a desire to get our city functioning efficiently and ethically, some of us fully expected Tony to be a man of his word. Literally dozens of model city ethics codes exist on the internet and from other sources that could be tweaked to fit our city. Certainly other Texas cities have codes that could be tailored for Brownsville. We reported in August: 'City Attorney Mark Sossi was handpicked by Mayor Martinez to initiate the process. Sossi reported to the commission 7/19/11 concerning the research, thought process and focus so far which amounted essentially to having read the San Antonio and Dallas codes, a 20 minute effort at best. Later in that meeting Mayor Martinez expressed his desire to be included in the committee to draft the code. My recollection is that City Manager Charlie Cabler would be included in that committee along with a commissioner or two.'"

Finally, Sossi may find the time to finish his ethics code assignment.  A knowledgeable source has indicated that the city attorney may lose his job as the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation's legal advisor, a part-time position that currently pays Sossi $5,000 per month.  The thought process explained to us is that Sossi is not able to perform all his duties for the City of Brownsville and needs to relinquish this additional part-time gig.

Meanwhile, a settlement in the Sossi vs Montoya defamation case has been reported.  Likely, confidentiality agreements prevent the release of the settlement's details, but, the next time I see Montoya, I'm hitting him up for a Bud Light.


  1. Estela Chavez-Vasquez was assigned the ethics code and never finished it.

    1. Like that comes as some huge suprise!


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  3. Tony Martinez and Jessica Tetreu was at Carlos Elizondo party saying they were going to fire someone. I did not hear who but I think it is this.



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