Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"I Have An MBA. I Know Marketing. This Is Good." Commissioner John Villarreal

Commissioner John Villarreal
Logogate, as one local quipster referred to the City Commission/Hahn Communications fiasco, took an odd turn Tuesday night when timid City Commissioner John Villarreal actually spoke at a city commission meeting.

"I have an MBA.  I know marketing.  This is good," testified Commissioner John Villarreal during consideration of Agenda Item #10, a Public Hearing for "Possible Action" on approval of a new logo for the City of Brownsville.

Snake Oil Salesman Ron Oliveira
What John was referring to as "good" was the new city logo created by Hahn Communications for $90,000. Former Harlingen news anchor Ron Oliveira had just spent 30 minutes vociferously selling the logo, implying that for the money the city not only gets a new, "modern" logo, but his services as town cheerleader.  Yes, folks, snake oil and magic elixir is still being sold, marketed.

Marketing involves research.  What do customers want?  What do they need?  Hahn Communications was on the right track when they conducted an online survey with Brownsville citizens asking for input on the proposed new city logo.  But, then, they proceeded to ignore their own research as if it was irrelevant.  They had created a new logo, albeit a mediocre one, not well received and they were going ahead with it come Hell or high water.

Here is the complete online survey about the new logo included in the City Commissioner's information packet for the 9/15/15 City Commission meeting:

First, the numbers:  "I love it"       15.36%  (104)
                                "I like it"          5.91%  (40)
                                "I'm not sure"   6.50%  (44)
                                "I don't like it" 72.23% (489)

Now, the online comments:

"It reflects Brownsville's new position."

" 'By the sea' is a slogan that attracts tourists.  Due to the violence, "on the border' repels tourists.  What about a slogan that reflects the city's past, present and future?"

"I'm concerned it is too much like ignite energy corp, which is currently being sued as being a pyramid scheme.  I don't want the city involved in law suits."

"It does not mention the JEWELS the city has to offer.  We are focusing on one item only."

"90K for that from an out of town company?  My child came up with something better for the price of chicken nuggets."

"This does not represent our community or city in any way."

"It depicts nothing of what Brownsville is.  And in all truth looks simple and plain."

"It is way overpriced and generic."

"The design is not coherent.  It is ugly and weak."

"Too busy.  Colors are awful."

"Not unique.  Pretty average."

"Just look at it."

"Use the $90,000 to fix our drainage, potholes and beautify our city.  Let the people of Brownsville, Tx vote if our logo should be changed.  Mr. Hahn is not even from here.  He is from Austin, Tx and he wants change for our city that is ridiculous.  The only thing he wants from our city is the money.  Please don't change our logo and use the money wisely.  Thanks! 'By the border by the sea should stay!' "

"Our present logo is great!"

City Commissioner Debbie Portillo Voted FOR
the new $90,000 City of Brownsville Logo 
Why do market research if you ignore the results?  80% of those responding to the online survey said they didn't like or weren't sure of the new logo. Typically, that should mean "back to the drawing board."

Please know that all of the commissioners received the results of this survey the Friday BEFORE voting on the item at the City Commission meeting.  What does that say about their actual desire to represent the people?


  1. Much like most of our city leaders, it has no snap. It looks like something the marketing company threw together a day or two before they had to make their presentation. I can't help but wonder why they surveyed Brownsville residents. If it was designed to attract people from out of the area shouldn't that have been their survey population? I don't have an MBA so I don't know. Upon reflection though, they probably were not as worried about convincing people and business to come down here as they were about convincing the city to shell out the money. By that criteria they were very successful. Was this the only proposal they had?

  2. John Villarreal knows tortillas. That's it. Werko inutil.

    1. He feeds them all to Erin!

    2. John is a fucking idiot.

  3. Who voted for and who voted against logo?

  4. Who voted for and against the logo?

  5. The only thing the new logo does is identify the location of Texas's asshole, don't it? Kind of like proclaiming Brownsville as "El Culo de Tejas".

  6. John Villarreal proves we are EASY CULOS, Jim! No doubt about it, Jack! Mexicans are impressed with anything from outta town, Austin especially!!!


  7. I don't have an MBA, but I worked for two industrial companies marketing their products having worked up the career ladder over twenty years. At one such company I was the Marcom Specialist managing three different product lines along with their marketing budgets and product launches. I can tell you, not once would I have proposed to either company president that we pay any company ninety-thousand dollars for a mere logo and survey. My job was to ensure the company got the most bang for their marketing bucks while targeting the right audiences. Having a college degree does not always equate the graduate will make the right decisions. Being conscientious of spending money wisely that does not belong to you personally is primary.

    1. Nobody cares. You sound just as ridicuous as john Villarreal. Asshole.

  8. George W. Bush has a Bachelors degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard University!

    Enough said!

  9. Check out Diego Garcia's rendering of a new logo on Facebook. He offered it to the city for FREE. Not impressed with the new logo and wonder why the commissioners didn't take into account the feelings of the community. A waste of money!

  10. Your TSC degree is worthless . Only good for work at the city of Brownsville, bisd, or one of the crap local hospitals.

  11. Why is John Villareal wearing that shirt for a commissioner meeting? MBA meaning

    Baboso que



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