Monday, August 24, 2015

"Save RGV from LNG" Graphic Courtesy of Gilbert Velasquez


  1. Jim, what is your email address. Have info on LNG for you.

    1. Office email being checked. R U up for a personal meeting so I can show you LNG stuff?

  2. Where did teh picture come from?

  3. right - what are they thinking, indeed - thanks!

  4. the Port Isabel City Commission last night voted to oppose LNG in the Port of Brownsville 3 (against) to 2 (abstained)

  5. Director has told us not to say anything about this in regards to the LNG plants.

    - Emits carbon dioxide when burned
    - Contains 80-95% methane, a potent greenhouse gas
    - Explosive, potentially dangerous
    - Concentrated sources require long distance transmission and transportation
    - Energy penalties at every stage of production and distribution
    - Requires extensive pipelines to transport over land
    - Stored and distributed under high pressure
    - Requires turbine-generators to produce electricity
    - Liquefied form (LNG) used to transport over water, in tanker ships is potentially very dangerous
    - Energy use competes with use for chemicals and fertilizers

  6. Director has reprimanded staffer who she says talked with the Blogs. Threatened firing! we're scared.

  7. URGENT! This Saturday & Sunday, August 29 & 30: saveRGVfromLNG has reserved table 2128 at the 77 Flea Market this , 5559 North US Hwy 77 (also called Expressway 77), Brownsville, 546-5586. Come find out what's going on and help us spread the word. Spanish speakers especially needed. The 77 Flea Market has a Facebook page at Our table is right next to the people selling shrimp there, so we can talk them up about the shrimp problem [see below]! Maybe they'll even help us out! See our Facebook 77 Flea Market Event Page at

  8. On 08-25-2014, the Port Isabel City Commission voted to oppose LNG. David Robledo videotaped the meeting [see it on our saveRGVfromLNG Facebook page].

    Also, on 08-26-2016, the South Padre Island Business Owners Association voted to oppose LNG. the board of directors of SPI Business Owners Association, after polling its membership, voted to issue a resolution and send a letter voicing their opposition to the LNG plants being planned for the Brownsville Ship Channel [as reported on our saveRGVfromLNG Facebook page].

    And don't forget that

    > On 08-07-2015 the Laguna Madre Water District voted against LNG!

    > On 08-17-2015 a Laguna Vista City Council member wrote a letter to FERC opposing Texas LNG! []

    > Around 08-17-2015 the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge was approved money for land and conservation easements in and around the refuge!

    > On 08-18-2015 the South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation rejected a Texas LNG request for a Letter of Support!

    > On 08-24-2015 Texas Parks & Wildlife submitted a three page comment to FERC listing 26 concerns about the LNG proposals! [See the full comment at]


  9. This Coming Monday Evening 08-31-2015, 6 to 9 pm

    Community Meeting In McAllen: What Impact Will Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminals Have On The RGV?

    At the Historic Cine El Rey Theatre, 311 S 17th St.

    See event Facebook page at

    Also see announcement at

    Agenda: 6:00 - 6:30 - Mixer/Social ; 6:30 - 8:00 - Presentation ; 8:00 - 9:00 - Discussion & Wrap Up

  10. Noble effort, but for nothing .'s a done deal . Notice the silence from the Brownsville officials , the port of brownsville , Congressman Vela, Senator Sucio Lucio etc....they will all benefit from this in a dirty way.



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