Sunday, August 23, 2015

SPI Chamber of Commerce President Roxanne Genzel: "I Lie Because It's My Job to Lie!"

SPI Chamber of Commerce President Roxanne Genzel
For those expecting SPI Chamber of Commerce President Roxanne Genzel to recant, restate, re-evaluate or even apologize for her lie about Excelon's safety and environmental record at the August 11 Pro-LNG pep rally, her comments published in today's Brownsville Herald will disappoint.

Despite reading published evidence to the contrary, Genzel does not back off her August 11 lying boast about Excelon, the parent company of Annova LNG "Excelon has proven to us that they have a good track record with safety and environmental stewardship."

In a recent blog article, we shared a Chicago Tribune report damning Excelon for numerous safety violations;  failure to respond to 22 leaks of hazardous material, a $1,000,000 fine for leaking radioactive tritium into groundwater, a $11,500,000 settlement to rebuild the water supply for a village near one of its plants, etc.  

While Genzel could have simply said she did not have all the facts, or that Excelon has learned from its mistakes, she went another route in her words reported by business reporter Steve Clark:

“It is what it is. I’m paid to be the spokesperson for the chamber. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Holy smokestacks, Genzel!  There is absolutely something you can do about it.  You can choose not to lie about the safety track record of prospective LNG companies wanting to do business in our region.  


  1. See lies for the members of her board......a bunch of greedy assholes.

  2. Jim, what's with all the lose dogs in Browntown? A drive around poor neighborhoods suggests the city has a long way to go to finish what it started a few years back. In Las Prietas, 74-year-old Angie Manriquez says there are so many aggressive dogs that many parents won’t let their children play on the swings and slides. In Cameron Park, Vince Vela, 57, a lifelong resident of the community, said menacing strays prevent him from taking his pets for a walk. Loose dogs occasionally fight in the street, he said, and often tear through people’s trash. In Southmost, 49-year-old John Jimenez frequently sees bone-thin animals skulking around neighborhood stores, hoping for a handout. And in his neighborhood near N. Paredes Line Road and E. Price Road, where a group of pit bulls roams free, parents carry a large stick when they walk their children to the bus in the morning.

    Let's do something about it!

    1. Instead of going to all the blogs with your wild story, why don't you complain to the animal control department ?

  3. She says she's not thrilled about it, but a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do. Not really guilty, just following orders. Isn't that the same defense used at Nuremberg?

  4. I always look forward to Nena's portraits.

  5. Local chambers of commerce all pay dues to the national chamber of commerce. The national chamber of commerce is a right-wing lobby organization. If your business supports the chamber of commerce you support a right-wing organization. They contribute money to support candidates they support. For example, they have mounted full court press campaigns against judges that they felt were to plaintiff friendly in product liability cases. Why is anybody surprised they should support LNG production. In this case they are making decisions that will not benefit their local members in Port Isabel and on the Island but they are answering a greater god.... big industry. Follow the money.

  6. Hello, I bet dime to a dollar she was not raised in the Port Isabel/So. Padre Island area..where generations of family of shrimpers/bay fishermen have made their livelihood. Therefore she dont care nor the chamber must not care for the families and communities..she probably sold out..greedy for her own benefit..