Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mailing List Letter from Governor Greg Abbott Promises to Secure the Border, Asks for Contribution

"Greg Abbott Drops in to Check on Border"
by Diego Lee Rot

Texans are sick and tired of the federal government abandoning its responsibility to secure the border. In the absence of federal action, Texas is stepping up to get the job done.

Consider a contribution to my campaign today if you agree we need a fully-secure Southern border.
During the campaign I introduced my "Securing Texans" plan and I'm proud to say I kept my promise by recently signing into law the toughest border security plan in the nation. It will add 250 Texas Department of Public Safety officers to the border, more planes in the air, boats in the water and enhanced technology. Texas' DPS has just taken one of the first steps toward that goal with the recent graduation of more troopers.

While the Obama Administration continues its willful ignorance of an unsecured border, Texas has more to do.

Texas now has the toughest border security plan of any state in the history of our nation. We are sending a message to the drug cartels: Stop messing with Texas.

Help me continue my fight to secure the border. Contribute to my campaign today!
Let's secure our Texas families and communities.


Greg Abbott


  1. The only way to secure the border is open it like the European Union has done so successfully. Free and open travel from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska. AMERICAN UNION And, one currency, the "Pedo", to ease commerce.

  2. Go Trump. Give the Valley back to Mexico!!! Understand that Jeb Bush is going nowhere He is actually the black sheep of the family, having married a Mexican woman & who's children are referred to as the "little brown ones" by their grandparents (George H.W. & Barbara). The national GOP base are completely turned off by this Hispanic Bush family connection & they especially hate that Jeb is fluent in Spanish & uses this fact to court Hispanic voters. That's because the national GOP base hates minorities & wants nothing to do with them, much less attempt to suck up to them for support. Most were likely unaware of Jeb's Mexican wife, who, you'll notice, has been kept completely out of sight. Once Jeb began conducting interviews & giving speeches in Spanish, the national GOP base was outraged & turned off, no matter what the polls say. George W's amnesty proposal for illegals was also a big lead balloon, & was a major reason the base turned on him towards the end of his presidency. Courting the Hispanic vote is important for GOP success in Florida, but nowhere else. Notice that Rubio rarely speaks Spanish publicly. Trumps blatant racism is the reason for his popularity.



"Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?  then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil." ...