Saturday, August 15, 2015

Brownsville's Biggest Crybaby Wants A Raise!

County Commissioner Dan Sanchez,
Working Up A Sweat Over Salary
Fat County Commissioner Dan Sanchez' game is thinly veiled.  He wants a raise himself and raises for other influential politicos, hoping they will remember the large man who put money in their pocket when it comes time to support someone for County Judge or some other taxpayer-supported position.

Having current grand jury participants(citizens, voters, taxpayers) rule on raises for politicians, who knew the salary of their office before running, does not sit well with Sanchez.

Sanchez suggested in July that taxpayers should not be bothered to sit on the board that hears wage grievances by politicos who can't make ends meet.  Sanchez wants his fellow politicians to make up the grievance board so that there could be more "collaboration." Lol!  I told you Sanchez argument was thinly veiled. 

We attended the September 27, 2013 hearing at which time Constable Abel Gomez asked for a raise of $7,314, Justice of the Peace Sally Gonzalez wanted a $9,152 increase and Sheriff Omar Lucio asked for $25,000 more.  All requests were denied by the citizen board with a vote of 8-1 against.

Sheriff Lucio and JP Gonzalez
Before the Hearing
Mingling before the hearing with Lucio and Gonzalez, Lucio told the JP:  "You may not like the story this guy writes, but it will be a good story."  Then, Lucio proceeded to sit next to Nena and I during the hearing.

Sally Gonzalez, sitting directly behind us could be heard singing a Carly Simon song:  "An-tic-a-pa-tion."  Was she that confident? 

Recently, the County Commissioners voted to continue the current arrangement of selecting a salary grievance board from grand jury members. Sanchez proposal to use politicians, seconded by County Commissioner Alex Dominguez, was rejected.  Cameron County politicos, including Dan Sanchez, may simply have to tighten their belts.


  1. It is not only Dam that wants the raise Jimbo....Sophie Benavidez wants it....david garza wants it...alex Dominguez wants it......just wait...they will say that their compensation has to match that of what Hidalgo County pays their thieves...I mean commissioners.....bola de RATAS.

  2. As bosses (tax payers) do we give raises to employee's that cost the county tax payer's twenty-two million dollars in a law suit settlement? Is that what bosses do... reward egregious decisions?

    Do we allow property taxes raised to cover the expense of law suits and tax-abatements for billion dollar liability limited corporations? Or do we say.. "Hell No!"

    Do we accept the risk of LNG in our port sacrificing our quality of life for a handful of jobs when all is said and done? Once the construction jobs are gone, then what? What is OUR benefit? There is NONE.

    Will they close Hwy 48 and relocate the Zapata boat ramp in fear of a terrorist strike?

    Attend the County Commissioner's Meeting this Thursday morning August 20, 2015. Stand united against this foolishness.

  3. No fishing and boating and kayaking from Zapata boat ramp which will be closed most of the time because of the daily tanker traffic which need a blast clearance radius of two miles (some experts argue 4 miles for serious burns to humans) in case of an explosion. In other words, we're fracked.

  4. Yes but they don't have money to give county staff a raise... Ninja turtle Dominguez and Sanchez Pansa are CLOWNS.

  5. Why are JP Gonzalez's eyebrows not the in the same county as the rest of her face?

  6. When Cameron County has the same economy as Hidalgo, then they can be paid the same salary.

  7. Evil people prosper, when good people stand idly by.

  8. Great picture of Dan Sanchez. He looks like a Sumo wrestler. His man-breasts are larger than Caitlyn Jenner's and he has to squat over a mirror to see his man parts. He hasn't seen his feet or genitals for many years. His girth likely costs the county a great deal of money to find a "Fat Man's" chair, to buy an entire row of seats when he travel and he, based on the picture above the have to call a food truck to fill his obese belly.

  9. Sanchez has what's known as the "dickie-do" disease: his stomach sticks out more than his dickie do.

  10. Dan Sanchez is a pig, a swine, in every sense of the word. Come election day, all of the commissioners must be eliminated. Socialist have a saying, "Socialism is for the people, not the socialists". These pigs, that includes all the commissioners, do not care if taxes are raised because they will vote themselves a raise to offset any pain it may cause them.