Friday, August 4, 2017

Viagra Fails Representative Rene Oliveira

Hapless State Representative Rene Oliveira
His erectile dysfunction is legendary, his affinity for the bottle, well known.  None of that matters to Brownsville, Cameron County, whose voters value name recognition above actual performance, giving the inept Oliveira 33 years to screw, if not satisfy, his district.

Oliveira's real employer, Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson, LLP, assessed him as a drunken little pawn that could generate more income for the statewide tax recovery law firm. Oliveira, in a brief moment of sobriety, orchestrated a single bill through the Texas House of Representatives, increasing Linebarger's take on the collection of delinquent taxes by 2.5%.  

"Damn, Rene!  You're good!" stated Linebarger on the way to the bank.

"Oh, but Representative Oliveira has done so much for Brownsville," an elderly lady with the same surname interjects.

"Yes.  You are correct.  We must not forget Oliveira's treacherous attempt to effectively nullify the 4-3 vote to preserve Texas Southmost College. Rene totally misrepresented the will of the people, trying to overturn that vote with a house bill essentially for unification."

History shows Rene has tried to screw Brownsville, screw TSC.  He just can't get it up.   


  1. I don't know about not getting it up but he sure looks bloated. Voters say the same about commissioners and they don't do a damn thing. That's why numnuts over there is still in office.

  2. The most salacious allegation against Triump and is Russian escapades, of course, was that Russian authorities had obtained sweet, sweet kompromat on Trump in the form of a video that showed Trump, who stayed in a hotel room in Moscow that the Obamas had previously stayed in, “defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a ‘golden showers’ (urination) show on him.” For the record, there is no evidence (thus far) that the pee tape actually exists. But it may.

  3. Does anyone see that this saber rattling by the president is downright diabolical and evil. There is only one madman in NK and a country of innocents. Folks who are brainwashed and truly isolated in every sense from the world at large. To kill these innocents because you need Americans scared and rallying around the President to improve his approval ratings is beyond the pale of immorality.
    When Christ came, he said throw out what you have been taught and see the "Father" in Me. The old rules and commands are out. "I give you but two commands."
    Both of those commands were about Love. John the revealator saw everything Christ, his preaching ,his Passion and the beginnings of the Christian church and the persecution thereof. The lasts words out of his mouth were about God being love.
    It's evil to kill innocents for a rise in your popularity poll.
    Furthermore, for the so-called conservative Christian party to endorse such diabolical madness makes them equally culpable as Trump.



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