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Did A "Fast and Furious" Gun Kill Jaime Zapata?----Borderland Beat

Jaime Zapata killed with a gun from operation fast and furious

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from an El Debate article

Subject Matter: Jaime Zapata, Los Zetas
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Today a Judge in the United States found guilty two members of Los Zetas for the death of the frontier agent.

El Piolin confessed that the assassination of Agent Jamie Zapata was a mistake
This Thursday a Federal Judge found guilty two members of a narco trafficking cartel from Mexico involved in the assassination of an agent in the service of Immigration and Customs in the United States in February of 2011.

A communication from the Prosecutor reported that Jose Emanuel Garcia Sota, 36 years of age, and Jesus Ivan Quezada Pina, 29 years of age, both members of Los Zetas cartel, were declared guilty at a Federal trial in Washington for murder and intent to murder a Federal agent and weapons charges.

They were sentenced for the shootout that occurred on the 15th of February of 2011 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where they killed agent Jaime Zapata and wounded another agent.

The date of sentencing was not announced, but the next appearance before the Judge is programmed for the 29th of August. Both face life sentences. The authorities reported that another five Mexican nationals who were also extradited, pleaded guilty earlier on Federal charges in the case.

Agent Jaime Zapata
"With the guilty ruling today, a total of seven members of the violent Mexican cartel of Los Zetas have been brought to justice for the ruthless ambush that lead to the death of Zapata and the wounds that could have killed agent Victor Avila", said Channing D Phillips, Prosecutor for the District of Columbia in a statement.

He explained that 22 witnesses, including agent Avila, who survived the attack, testified at a trial that began on July 10th.

"Drug cartels bring death and destruction across the southern border and sell drugs that ruin lives in all of the United States", said the Attorney Jeff Sessions.

"The ruling today against two member of the cartel for the horrific death of agent Jaime Zapata is one step in the efforts of the Department of Justice to dismantle the cartels and bring them to justice", said the official.

"It is considered that the ruling is testimony to the enormous resources dedicated to this case by the institutions of order in the United States and Mexico".

Attorney Phillips said in his statement that researchers presented evidence that Garcia Sota and Quezada Pina were Los Zetas sicarios in the trial, and on the day of the shooting were on a mission to steal vehicles in order to give them to the criminal groups operations.

He explained that both men were in a group of sicarios that fired at the Chevrolet Suburban carrying diplomatic plates, which was being driven by Zapata on a busy highway south of the city of San Luis Potosi.

The criminals used semi-automatic assault weapons including rifles and pistols. Experts found 90 spent cartridge cases at the scene of the shooting.

Original article in Spanish at El Debate


  1. Overall a disaster but what the hell are feds doing on foreign soil ?


    1. There's active US federal agents and Marshals in every country. Especially those in service of Immigration and Customs
    2. Americans on other countries just go there to fack'em up, usually. Kiki Camarena went to do a good Honorable Job in Mexico, and his own government chose to abduct, torture him for 3 days and murder his ass, and still choses to cover it up
  2. Yada yada yada ... “dismantle the cartels and bring them to justice“ ... yada yada yada.

    Keeping drugs illegal kills people WTF do they ecpect?


    1. Legalize drugs and no more cartels? Yeah right!
    2. 3:05 You got it buddy . One simple answer . But wait ! Maybe its not about drugs , maybe its about greed. When the Spanish invaded the Americas and slaughtered thousands upon thousands in the name of god , what was the main thing they were after to take back to Spain ? GOLD ! You think you have a simple answer to a complicated situation . The reality is evil criminals are going to be evil criminals drugs to fight over and sell or not . I am curios though , what the vacuum would create if suddenly drugs were decriminalize .
    3. Well he kind of has a point there
  3. “enormous resources dedicated to this case“ = taxpayer money = government careers and government suppliers pockets


    1. And your point is? That's why Mexico is so screwed up crime wise. Mostly, only the murders of the elite and politicians are brought to light, if you are a nobody your case is swept under the carpet and no one hears about it.
    2. Dude just like the article I'm referring to the US. My point is our government officials and their suppliers love the WoD because it (like all wars) require big governments!
  4. Lamb to be slaughtered.
  5. What about bringing those federal agents who put those "Fast and Furious"guns that killed innocent people to justice?


    1. They have eric holder received millions in severance an pensions!
      Plus health care for life! No Obama fraud for that black dude!
      too funny !!
    2. The govt uses its trump card , no pun intended, "national security"
  6. The guys who supplied the guns (government) are just as guilty. They can act innocent all they want. But they consciously knew they were going to eventually kill someone.
  7. Forgot the fast and furious part. Shouldn't American agents be held responsible somehow too, afterall...the put the guns out there? Wasn't a zeta just sentenced for supplying & transporting weapons for them? Why not American agents then whenever they discover one of their guns has come back to haunt them? Isn't that supplying too??? American soldiers aren't that jnnicent...what goes on down there, happens to a different degree here too, just perspective on how it's told.


    1. Don't Mexico have a extradition treaty with the USA . Why don't Mexico put charges against those responsible here in the USA and demand extradition to mexico ? It was very much a illegal act on both sides of the border .
    2. Don't blame the agents .Blame Obama’s US attorney general who was in charge.NO, he was protected by Obama and the US media ignored the whole story.
  8. Killed by his own government should be the headline. These is just one among other crimes that the US does, like corrupt BP agents becoming informants to cartel members for bribes or their dirty deals with the CDS to capture its rivals and turning a blind eye.
  9. ADX Florence in Colorado awaits...
  10. Too much money and power for the governments to allow drugs to be legal. This is all just part of the game played by both countries on their people. Make all drugs legal and tax the hell out of them. Let the weak minded use all they want. The problem will solve itself. Right now this is just a game being run by both governments for money and power.


    1. 3:55 taxing the hell out of drugs does not "solve" anything, more sales are required and soon the people are living on the street, homeless, jobless and unemployable, legal drug trafficking creates problems all the taxes in the world will not fix, ask the chinese. Legalization is a trap to fack up the US.
  11. After the Z filled the vehicle with 90 round what good would it be to anyone?
    'Hey z40 look we brought you a Swiss cheese SUV.' "Way to go boys!"


    1. Funniest comment ive seen on BB in awhile

  12. Good story but don't forget to tell us what the punishment will be after they are sentenced. Death penalty for capital murder I hope. Oh wait, I forgot Mexican nationals are exempt from the death penalty due to Mexico's constitution.
  13. Undertrained and over worked
    This guy had 2 years in service and was sent abroad
    Might have Hispanic surnames but the agents had no clue what they were getting Into they
    Had never been to mexico


    1. Andaban de perros goliendole la cola a los mexicanos hasta que se les apareció la mano pachona, andele güey.
  14. At least they don't supply weapons to isis and lkda! That's hilarious!


    1. 4:43 th US supplied ISIS AND REBELS, sometimes by mistakenly delivering supplies by parachute othr times because ISIS POSED as "Rebels from los Angeles against Assad"

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