Friday, June 23, 2017

Eddie Lucio III Tells News Center 23 Reporter He's "Withdrawing" As Pipeline Attorney

Representative Eddie Lucio III
In carefully chosen words, Representative Eddie Lucio III explained to News Center 23 reporter, Marlane Rodriquez, that he is withdrawing as attorney for Valley Crossing Pipeline:

“I don't represent LNG there was a pipeline company completely unaffiliated with LNG that is just moving natural gas to Mexico,” Lucio stated. 

“We have withdrawn as counsel, we heard some concerns from environmentalists.”

Of course, this blog did not claim Lucio worked for LNG, just the "pipeline giant," Valley Crossing Pipeline.  The two industries are different, but symbiotic.  

The pipeline companies transport natural gas via 42" or 48" diameter pipes, while the Liquefied Natural Gas plants compress natural gas to 1/600th of its original volume to make it economically viable to ship.  That process is, not only labor intensive, but requires the release of an enormous amount of contaminants into the atmosphere and millions of gallons of heated effluent daily into the estuaries.

Lucio also stated that concern from environmentalists had motivated him to sever his connection to the pipeline outfit:

“I'll go ahead and withdraw so I filed my motion to withdraw as counsel.”

“Because I do want to continue to have a great relationship with the Sierra Club and other groups that I've worked with over the past,” the representative said.

When will this happen?

 “Well since it takes some time… It will be finalized I hope this afternoon.”

John Hancock of Save RGV from LNG cautioned fellow environmentalists on Facebook from getting too giddy about Lucio's public statement:

"This is the danger of grouping everything involved with natural gas as LNG, it is not. Lucio took this as an opportunity to make it look like the opposition was misinformed and over reacting. He will simply assign the legal work to an associate law firm and take a finders fee or commission now."


  1. Channel 23 reported this? Didn't think they had it in them.

  2. The only person that can look worse than Mark "Ethics" Sossi is Eddie "Sucio" Lucio the turd.

  3. Is Eddie returning or refunding the money they paid him?

  4. It's a ploy. He's still with LNG.

  5. He is not withdrawing, he's just not signing motions anymore....

  6. To little to late Eddie your in it up to your big ears election time coming for you and Oliveira time for mew blood.

  7. The 06-26-2017 Monday morning "We Demand Responsible Representation" rally is still on for 8:30 to 10:30 am at Lucio's law office on FM 803 in Brownsville. See the Facebook event page at

    The Valley Crossing Pipeline is still under construction and headed our way. We need to make sure the eminent domain laws are reformed. We still need to reform the Texas Railroad Commission and Texas Commission For Environmental Quality make sure they do a better job protecting our health, safety, and quality of life. We still need for our elected representatives to keep us informed about such projects coming our way. We still need town hall meetings to provide us with the information we need (such as Blast Zones) and to give us some real say about what we want and don't want, will and won't allow, here where we live, breathe, and raise our families.

    1. WAAAAAAAAHHHHH !!! You big cry baby.

  8. Every time the "Lucio" names is mentioned in big organizations its almost a certain that they are set up for big payback for their corrupt support. Examples the Brownsville Navigation District Bridge to nowhere, Lucio made sure to get rid of Brown and Root engineering comp. with many years experience and replaced with Dannenbaum, an engineering comp. with no experience in making railroad bridges. Look at Dannenbaum now . Another example the Private Prisons. Now if Cameron county chooses to stay and play the stupid card go for these idiots. They will take you "NOWHERE" but keep you in a third world mentalilty. They will not bring in new jobs, they have to hire the Chinese that they brought in from the East railroad bridge.